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Living by Faith (Vol 50) - Moses' Faith: Deliverance #1

Sunday English Service - 11 AUG 19


Let's read Hebrews chapter 11 verse 29. By faith they passed through the Red Sea as by dry land, whereas the Egyptians, attempting to do so, were drowned.

We’ve been teaching from Hebrews chapter 11, this great chapter about faith. Teaching about living by faith, a life of faith is what we've been teaching about. Now, for the last several weeks, we've been looking at Moses’ faith. We looked at Abraham's faith, then Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph and so on. Now, we're on to Moses’ faith. And Moses is given a great importance here in this chapter since he is a major personality among the Jews. And the author is writing to the Christians who have come from a Jewish background. That's why it's called the book of Hebrews. Therefore, he makes use of Moses in teaching faith. And I showed you that he divides this teaching on Moses’ faith into five sections. The first one is, how that Moses was preserved at his birth itself by faith. It was by faith that Moses survived the times and the order of the king to kill all male children among the Jews. Secondly, we talked about how Moses when he grew up, refused to be called the son of Pharaoh's daughter and identified himself with the people of God. That is a very important thing, identification. Moses identified himself with the people of God.

Thirdly, we talked about a separated life. Even though he lived in Egypt, even though he lived in the palace, even though he had the privilege to enjoy everything that is there, including the pleasures of sin, and all that is not right, Moses kept away from it because he identified himself with Abraham's children, with God's people. Therefore, in his life, he was different. In his thoughts he was different, in his life he was different. He lived what we Christians today call as separated life. And I talked a few weeks on separated life and what it means and how we live separated life by faith. Then we talked about salvation, how Moses’ faith saved him and the people of Israel. That they observed the Passover on the day they left Egypt, and the Lord brought them out of the Egyptian bondage.

Now, today, we're going to talk about the people of Israel facing the Red Sea, standing before the Red Sea and then crossing the Red Sea. This is a crisis moment in their life. A terrible crisis. In front was the Red Sea, in the back Pharaoh and his army are chasing after them. They have no place to turn, nowhere to go. In strength in power, they have nothing to match what Pharaoh had. So, this was a moment when everybody will think that they will perish. But Moses by exercising faith and leading the people there, he brings them out and we see a great deliverance so that they never see the Egyptians anymore after that. Completely delivered from the bondage of Egypt and Pharaoh.

So, this is a great event. And I'm going to take you to the book of Exodus chapter 14, there itself and show you what happened there. But this verse 29, is about that - how they passed through the Red Sea as by dry land, whereas the Egyptians attempting do so were drowned in the same sea. Now, before we get into that, let me just say to you that whenever God does something, all things done by God are done with only one motivation and that is, God wants His glory to be manifested. He cannot have any lesser aim. God cannot even act for the good of His creation, because that will be a lesser aim. God is greater and God is greater than anything. Therefore, whenever God acts, whenever God does something, He always does it with that high motivation. Motivation on His level, in His size. He is God; therefore, God must be glorified, His glory must be manifested. So, that is the motivation behind God doing anything.

Now, we're going to see the story of how He brings them out of Egypt, crossing the Red Sea. Why did God do such a great miracle? It was all so that He can manifest His glory. That is why I mentioned this at this point. Now, in manifesting His glory to men, there is a problem because men are fallen, sinful men, ever since Adam. We have a sinful nature and that means that it becomes very difficult to manifest God's glory to men, because men are interested only in their glory and their honor. They have no eyes to see God's glory. They don't want to look at God's honor. They don't want to look at how great God is. Man has a different orientation, now. He thinks He's great. He thinks He is something. He thinks that his glory is the most important, his honor is the most important thing. So, man is always interested in his own honor. And therefore, he's not qualified to behold the glory of his God.

We're always prone to put a high estimate upon what we are, and what may be, and so on. So, that stands out as the most important thing for man. So, when man runs into difficulties and problems, when man comes to the end of his resources, end of his strength, end of his wisdom, end of his ability, end of everything that he knows, he has exhausted all his resources, and comes to the end of what he can do for himself, that is when it becomes easy for God to reveal His glory. If you understand that, you will understand why many times God waits until he comes to that level. That is why God brings them to a place where there is a sea in the front and Pharaoh just chasing in the back. Can't move forward, can't run backwards, can't run sideways, nowhere to run. The power of Pharaoh is something that they cannot match ever, with their own strength. They are not an army, they’re ordinary people with men, women and children, with cattle. And here is Pharaoh chasing with his chariots and army.

God wants to see them at the end of their resources. God wants them to be in a place where they will see that they have no power now, that their ability will not save them. That their cleverness, their wisdom is not enough now to save them. And they become conscious of their own inability and their weakness. And only at that point, because we are sinful creatures, only when we come to that point, we become well fitted to behold the majesty of God and the glory of God. Isn’t that something? Sin has really messed us up. We can't really see the glory of God until we come to that point. When we are brought to the point where all our resources are over, all our power, all our wisdom, all our ability seem to us as nothing compared to the problem that we face, and it is at that point, there is a self-emptying that happens. You realize that you are powerless before your problems. And then only you become qualified and fit to see the glory of God and the power of God.

Now, this will answer many people's question about why God sometimes waits until we come to that level. Because until then we were not qualified to see the power of God. We're not able to see the glory of God because of our fallenness, because of our unbelief, because of our inability to believe, because of the darkness that clouds our understanding. And so, a man whose life goes very smooth, and he faces no impossible problems, or challenges, will see very little of the glory of God because he only has a very few occasions of this kind of self-emptying, of this kind of coming to a place where you see that your ability will not work and your power will not work. You need God's ability and God's power. It's like this. That is why when you are always traveling in a boat, in little rivers and streams and creeks, you can learn very little about the tempests, practically learn nothing about tempests, cyclones and waves and wind and all of that because you're a small-time traveler. You're just traveling by the creeks and streams and so on, in a boat. But when you travel on the sea, when you go from shore to shore in the sea, one country to another and do business, when you get into that, there you see the great waves, there you see the storms, there you see all the things that can happen to drown you there. And facing all of those challenges, you learn a lot more about the power of God, and so on.

So, this is such a situation. God brings the people of God to a particular place. Right after he gets them out of Egypt, He wants to manifest to them His glory and His power. They've had very little revelation about God's glory and power. Recently, 10 different plagues showed them something. But still, they're basically unbelievers. Still, they're sinners. Still, they're not fit to see the glory of God. Still, they’re murmurers. And God wants to show them forth His glory. So, this story is about two things. One, it shows us a picture of what our attitude must be as believers, when we are faced with great problems and challenges, impossibilities in our life. What a believer’s attitude must be and how a believer must approach and how a believer must exercise faith and win the victory in the midst of great challenges and difficulties and impossibilities. That's the thing we’re going to look at first. And then, I think it's also a picture of the position of the sinner who's under sin, unable to deliver himself from its power, and how it is only God who can deliver.

These two things, the author wants to show. One, he wants to show that you need not be afraid about big problems. Big problems are big opportunities for God to show forth His big power. He wants to impress upon their heart, “Don't be scared about the big problems, look at them as opportunities for God to show Himself in a big way.” If you have faith, you will approach your problems in a different way. He wants to show them that greatest problem of man is sin. It’s an impossibility. Man cannot deliver himself from the power of sin and from the power of the devil. And God delivers man from the power of sin and the devil. And this story is a typological way of telling the truth. All right.

Let's look at the first one, how as believers face problems with faith and overcome problems and impossibilities. Now, turn with me to Exodus chapter 14, because we just read in Hebrews 11:29, that they crossed over as if by dry land, whereas Egyptians tried to do the same but drowned. But the actual story happens in Exodus chapter 14. And you have great details there. So, I'm going to take you to that passage there and read just one verse today. Want to spend more than one week on this verse. But let's turn to Exodus chapter 14 and let me read to you verse 13. And Moses said to the people, “Do not be afraid.” Now, they are facing the sea, and Pharaoh’s chasing in the back. They have come out of Egypt and now it’s a crisis point. In front of them is the Red Sea and the back is Pharaoh. And people are murmuring. If you read verse 12, they're saying, “We told you, Moses, to leave us alone. That we wanted to stay in Egypt and work there. We told you to leave us alone so that we may serve the Egyptians. For it would have been better for us to serve the Egyptians than that we should die in the wilderness.”

See, they have no faith at all. When faced with problems, they've not even an ounce of faith, it looks like. They have a defeatist mentality. Their orientation is like that as slaves, they've lived so many years now they think like that. Said, “You should have left us there. We could have been in chains, and we could have just survived there. It’s better than that way. At least we got a little food and place to stay. Yeah, we got beaten and we were treated like dirt but never mind, at least we could live. It's not like this. You have brought us to the sea and Pharaoh’s chasing us. When he gets a hold of us, he’s going to slaughter us. We're going to die in the wilderness. What is this?” they're saying? And Moses says to the people, “Do not be afraid.” Look at faith talking. I like that. “Do not be afraid. Stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord.” This is what I want to talk about today. “Do not be afraid. Stand still and see the salvation of Lord, which He will accomplish for you today. For the Egyptians whom you see today, you shall see again no more forever.”

God tells them what is to be done. That is one thing. What is to be done, faced with a big problem, faced with an impossibility? They're wondering what to do. And God says through the man of God, “Stand still.” That means, don't be nervous, don't be running up and down. Don't be screaming and crying and rolling. Don't fret. “Stand still,” He says. And that is what they should do. What they should see? They should see the salvation which the Lord will bring about. So, they're supposed to do something and they're supposed to see something. What they're supposed to do is stand still and what they're supposed to see is the salvation which the Lord will bring for them. When you live without God, when you don't know anything about faith, and faith life, when you live without God, live in your own strength, which is how most people in this world live - they live by their own strength. They have some knowledge; they have some wisdom of the world. They have some education; they have some abilities. So, they don't think about God. They say, “Why do I need God?”

I remember I was talking to a European one time. And he asked me what I was doing and I said preacher. “So, what do you preach?” I said preach Christ. He said, “Well, maybe in India, you need it, in our country we don't need it.” I said, “Why?” “Because we have a nice government. You will never go hungry; you'll never be sick and left alone. Fine hospitals are there, they'll take care of us. If you don't have any work, if you've never worked in your life, they'll give you an apartment, they'll give you a cable connection free. They'll give you money for food. Everything is given. It's a very peaceful life. You don't have to lack anything. You can never come to the street. Nothing bad is going to happen to you. You’re going to do all right. So, we don't need God, we got everything. Sickness is not going to kill us. There's no situation that's going to be very difficult for us. We're all fine. We don't need God,” he says. “Maybe in your country, a lot of people are suffering and maybe they need God. In our country, we don't need God.” So, they’ve put God out of the country. Very difficult to preach there because they have this perspective about their life. They know; they've got some power; they've got some ability; they've got everything in order. They've got all the resources; they have programs and social programs that takes care of every need of every person in the country. So, they think they don't need God.

Now, when you live without God, you will see the need of God only when you run into impossible situations. You will see the need for God when the doctor tells you got three months to live and there is no hospital in the whole world that can help you. You will see the need for God when you realize that you can use all the money that you have, and you cannot even buy one day more of life in this earth. You will realize that there are some things that money could not buy, and people don't realize that. That is why God is so important in our lives. I remember many years ago when I was preaching on faith and all, he said, “Well, I don't care about faith and all.” But I said, “Wait till you get sick. You’ll believe in faith. Wait till the doctor tells you you're going to die. Boy, you'll be ready to believe. Jesus asked the one fellow, He said, “Do you believe I can do this for you?” The fellow said, “Yeah, yeah. You can heal, man.” Who doesn’t want to believe? If you want to get healed, everybody believes. So, because everything is going well, he doesn't believe in faith now.

Some people glibly say, “I don't believe in healing.” Well, wait till you get sick, you’ll believe in healing. Some people say, “Well, I don't believe in God's blessings and prosperity and all that.” Well, wait till you don't have any money to buy your food next meal, then you'll start believing in a God who provides your needs. So, people without God, they don't understand the need for God and they don't know how to live in the midst of impossibilities. They have nothing to do. See, just imagine a person without the knowledge of God, without faith, faced with the impossibilities. I remember when I first went on Tamil television in 2006, in Podhighai. I think that was the first few days of my program on Podhighai. I was very interested to know what the response was. And I was sitting here. After the program was over, some calls were coming in. One lady called and she said, “I just came back from work. I was determined today. Because of my terrible problems that I've been facing for some time in my life, I saw no answer, no end to this. I saw no deliverance possible in this situation. Therefore, I decided to kill myself. So today, coming back from work, I got everything needed to hang myself. When I came into the house, I wanted to keep the television loud,” she said. So, I turned the television on and there you are. Your program is on. You’re preaching. So, I thought I'll hear this. And your program just got over, sir. And now I have decided I will not die, I’ll live.”

That's the difference God can make. That's the difference faith can make. Without God, without faith, you want to die because you see no answer in sight, no solution in sight. There will be situations in life, you will find that all your resources are not enough, nothing can meet the challenge. You will find that everything that you have is not enough. And then, only thing that you can resort to is despair. Just despair, just cry and weep. And then that leads to total despair where you try to die. It's amazing. I hope she's living today. I'm sure she'll be living today.

Another time. When I first started even long before this happened, I just came and started ministry and I had a youth meeting here. At that time, I was also a youth. So, I had a big youth meeting. I used to go and preach in schools and colleges. In those days, it was all allowed. And so, I invited all the young people from the schools and colleges. We had a full house youth meeting on Independence Day. This was something like in ‘85 or ’86. People were gathered. All young people came, school children and college kids came. There was a girl sitting over here in this section. While I was preaching, she all of a sudden ran out of this door. And somebody found her vomiting there. So, they called my wife to attend to her. So, my wife went and talked to her on what's happening. She said, “When I came to church, I already drank poison and came to church.” She is a school girl that went to a local school here, nearby.

“I drank poison and came. I wanted to kill myself.” My wife took her to the hospital, pumped all the poison out and then we talked to her and then I have to go to her house, met her mother, brother and all that, very sad house. Brother is in drugs, completely off. Whatever you talk, whatever you say, doesn't matter to him. He's in another realm totally. And mother lives her own life, for her own self, doesn't care about the kids and so on. Total disarray. The whole family is a dysfunctional family to the core. Never seen anything like that. So sad. What will a young girl do? She's in school, something like 10 standard or something. And all she could do was kill herself because… despair. “What will I do? Where will I go? Who will watch over me? Who will provide for me? Who's going to take care of me. That's the thing.” So, my wife and I talked to her and continued to minister to her, keep in contact with her. I found out she finished school and went to engineering college, then went and did some higher studies. And today, she lives in another country and is in a top-level official position in the bank there. Still living today.

I'm saying this, because I want you to know there's a difference that God makes in life. Living without God is one thing and living with the knowledge of God is another thing. Living a life of faith is one thing, living without faith is another thing. When you have faith, you can face any problem, any difficulty, you can face all kinds of impossibilities, and you can overcome them. But without faith, even smallest problems will become like a mountain and you despair, and you want to kill yourself and die and give up and so on. That's what life without God, life without faith is all about. That's why I preach faith. That's why I preach about God. That's why I tell people to come to God, know God, live with a relationship with God. Because that is the thing that adds the most essential ingredient to your life. He is the one that you need, that everybody needs. No one here, not even one person here, has been created to live without God. The big question is, can a man live without God? The answer is no. No man ever can live without God. We were not made like that. And if you're trying to live like that, sorry to say, you will not be able to live successfully without God.

With God, you will be able to cross all the mountains, problems, difficulties, situations that are scary, threatening, situations that come against you from all angles. You'll be able to face the Red Sea, the Pharaoh and everything. Still, you'll be able to cross over to the other side, and make it in life with God. That's how much God makes a difference in life and faith makes a difference in life. So, without God, there is only despair left. If it's not despair, then cowardice. You kind of become very timid, weak and the only thing that you know is to retreat, is to go back. The people will tell you, “Why did you believe in this Christ? Why did you give yourself to Him? Just be a sinner. Just go do the things that you've been doing. You've been doing all right. After you believe in Christ, after you follow Christ only, you’re facing all these problems.” The Israelites were ready to go back. They were ready to go back to Egypt. They were ready to take the chains back on them. They were ready to go and live that beggary life, they were ready to go back into slavery, they were ready to go back to that former life which they hated. They're ready to go back because they thought it's better than facing all these problems.

But you know, when you have faith, when God is there in your life, you know what happens? When you face a lot of problems, you will find grace for that situation in your heart. You will find there is a power inside of you, there is divine grace within you that will push you towards doing the right thing, that will constrain you to stand in the ways of God, that will help you to take a stand in the midst of trouble and hold on until the answer comes.

You know what stand means when it says stand still? The English version says “Stand still.” What they were supposed to do is stand still.” What is stand still? Stand still is the posture of a man who believes in God, waiting for God to show him which way he should go in the midst of his problems and difficulties. He's ready to act as God guides him and leads him. When God says stand still it doesn't mean that you become inactive completely. No. It means that he's got his eyes on God. He's waiting for orders from God. He's waiting for direction, guidance from God. And he's ready for action. Expecting God's orders, God's guidance and waiting for God's voice to direct him in the midst of the problem. That is how you stand. Stand doesn't mean that simply you don't think about your problems and just stand there. No. It is putting your faith in God, leaning more upon God, trusting more on Jesus and looking to Him to show you the way where there is no way.

And when you don't have God, when you don't have faith, that's a problem you see. So, when you have faith in your heart, when there is a problem out there, when there is impossibility, the flesh says go back, the flesh says give up, the flesh says you have no other way. Something inside you says, “No, God has some way.” And I've often said that when you totally scan everything that you know and say there is no way, God has a thousand ways. God is able to see ways and means that you are never able to see. God has a thousand ways out of your problem. So, it is either despair or cowardice when you don't have God and you don't have faith. Or sometimes you act rashly when you don't have God, when you don't have faith. Because there's an impossible situation. All you can do is now fret and run here and there, do things without thinking through, without wisdom, you begin to do things. And that itself lands you in big problems.

But when you have faith, that means that you will trust in God, you know God, you will go to God, you will pray to God. Waiting for God to guide you is not a problem. You don't have to fret. You don't have to be afraid. Faith does not listen to despair. Faith does not listen to cowardice. It is not rash. It hears God say, “Stand still,” and it waits. Because it knows that God certainly has a way. God will come through. God has a means and method to do things for you. So, there's a big difference between living with God and living without God, living the life of faith and living without faith. If it's not cowardice, if it’s not despair, if it's not rashness, then sometimes when people are faced with big problems, they act in presumption.

Presumption is a very dangerous thing because it can easily deceive you. It looks like faith. That's the problem with presumption. presumption is where you presume, you think this is faith. You think this is how faith acts because it looks like faith, looks like boldness, it looks like confidence. It looks like you're sure about it. But it is not God-given direction, it is not God-given way. And that lands you in many problems. There is faith. Faith is good, faith will bring you victory, presumption will run you to defeat. Presumption is where you think it is faith but it is not faith. Faith comes from a clear word from God, clear direction from God. Faith comes when the will of God is known in any situation.

So, these people are standing right in front of the sea. And Pharaoh and the army is chasing. Here is a man of faith, Moses. The people are not people of faith. They are all people who doubt, they’re murmuring, they’re saying, “Let's go back. You wasted our time, brought us here this way. Look what problem we are facing,” that kind of people. But thank God for a leader who has faith. He had faith. And he stands up there and he waits on God. If you read the passage, you see Moses going to God. Moses asking God what to do. Moses turning to God and asking for direction from God in verse 14. I read to you verse 13 in chapter 14 of Exodus. When God says, “Stand still. See the salvation of the Lord.” Verse 14 says, The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace. You shall hold your peace, I told you last week in Tamil is translated “Neengal summa irupeergal”. That means, God says, “Don't do anything. I'll do everything. I'll take care of everything.”

And then in verse 15, you see, the Lord said to Moses, “Why do you cry to Me? Tell the children of Israel to go forward.” See, Moses turns to God and he cries out to God about that situation. He prays to God. God says, “Tell the people to go forward. I'll tell you exactly what to do. You lift up your rod and you stretch out your hand over the sea, divide the sea, and let the children of Israel go on dry ground through the midst of the sea. And I indeed will harden the hearts of the Egyptians, and they shall follow them. And so, I will gain honor over Pharaoh, and over all his army, his chariots and his horsemen.” So, God clearly shows the way. And when God directs, it is wonderful. And that is how they cross the sea. And in that same sea, the enemy is drowned.

So, stand still. Everybody say, stand still. Next time when you're faced with the biggest problem in your life, remember, stand still. Write in big letters and put it somewhere on the door or somewhere on the wall in your house, ‘Stand still’. What is stand still? Stand still is a man of God who believes in God, waiting for God's direction, waiting for God to show the way. Don't do anything until God directs you. Believe in God, cast yourself upon the Lord. Put your burdens on him, become more and more dependent on him. Look to him for answers. That is what stand still is all about. Everybody say, stand still. Well, that's a thing that every believer has to learn, to stand still, that doesn't come easy. Running here and there comes easy, fretting comes easy, doing something rashly comes easy, doing something with presumption comes easily because we think we must do something. But to stand still it takes faith. Only a man who trusts in God that he is in God's hand, that everything is all right, that is the kind of person that stands still. Amen.

What is he supposed to see? What is to be seen? Two things God says: stand still, see the salvation of the Lord. That is what they're supposed to see. Now, when will you be able to see the salvation of the Lord? You see, our problems, I told you, are opportunities for God to show forth His power and His love, to manifest His power and His love. When will you be able to see God's power and God's love? First of all, even for believers, something has to happen. They have to come to the end of depending on their own self, self-dependence, depending on their own judgment, upon their own ability, that self-dependence is gone, that self is out of the way, that I, I, I , I know enough, that kind of thing is out of the way. And when that is gone, then it's a good thing. You're going to make progress and because that ‘I’ is weaned out and self-dependence is not there, you are now depending upon God.

Another thing happens then. You don't know how God is going to meet that need, how God is going to take care of that problem. So, you say, “I do not see any way that God can do this, I do not see any way out of this.” Well, that shows that in your wisdom you’ve scanned everything, you have searched everywhere, and you don't find any answers. That means you've exhausted your wisdom. You've used everything that you know, and you don't find any answer. And you say, “I don't see how God can deliver me from this.” But that is another good thing. Because now, you've come to the end of leaning on your wisdom. Then another thing happens, it should happen and that is, we come to the end of our power, our own power. Many times, we, human beings are built like that, that we believe in our own power. When we face the big problems, we come to the conclusion, “In my power, I cannot do anything, I'm paralyzed, I cannot even move. I'm not able to do anything about this situation.” And I'll tell you, that is a very good thing. You've come to the end of your self-dependence; you've come to the end of your wisdom. Human wisdom is dead now, you've come to the end of your power.

And now, another thing I think sometimes happens, and that is you come to the end of your ability. Sometimes you even say, “I'm not even able to believe.” Have you ever been in a situation the problem is so big that you find it even difficult to believe? That you've tried this and that, nothing worked out? So, the more you try this and that the more you become hopeless, and you cannot even believe now. You’re at the end of your faith. Your faith is not working.

You remember that fellow that came to Jesus, and he had a son who was falling into the fire and falling into the water trying to kill himself. Very sad. This man has a young child, young kid that wants to fall into fire and wanted to die. Just imagine having a son like that. That burden of that father, the agony of that father. Comes to Jesus and he tells Jesus, “I took my son to all of your disciples.” So, he's already gone to prayer meetings. He’s gone to Peter's prayer meeting; he’s gone to Matthew’s prayer meeting. He's been to John's prayer meeting. Hello. They're all having prayer meetings. He’s gone everywhere. Nobody could deliver. Now, he comes to Jesus. Jesus asks him, “Do you believe I can do this for you?” Now which father, having a child like that will not want to believe? If I was a father, and had a child like that, I’d want to believe anything, anybody who can heal my son. So, the father says, “Lord, I believe, but help my unbelief.” In other words, he’s saying, “Lord, I believe. But lately, even my faith is not working. Because I've been to so many places, tried everything. I went to your man, Peter. He put his hand, shook it a little bit and nothing happened. So, now I'm finding it difficult.”

The more you go and show your head to so many people, the more faith leaves. That is why I don't recommend that. I always teach people to believe themselves, believe that they should believe, they should go to God directly and they should ask instead of just going everywhere, one after the other. Because what will happen is you go to 10 different places, then people say, “Have you gone there? Have you gone here?” You say, “Yeah, I've gone there.” “Have you gone to that man?” “Yeah, I've gone there. Oh, he touched, he prayed, nothing happened.” The more you go in that direction, you come to a place where things become impossible. Impossible to such an extent that you are not even able to believe anymore.

Because when Peter couldn't heal, that's a very disappointing situation. That will take away your faith. So, he says, “Lord, help my unbelief.” But Jesus didn't say, “Fellow you didn't have any faith, so get out of here. Without faith, I can't do anything.” Jesus says, “I'm going to heal your son.” And He healed him. When you come to the end of yourself, and end of your self-dependence, end of your power, end of your wisdom, and sometimes even to the end of your ability to believe, I'll tell you, “God comes to the rescue in a very real way.” God will quicken faith in you. Faith is something very supernatural, faith is God-given. Unless God gives to you, you will never have it. Unless God quickens into you, you will never be even able to believe it. So, when you are at the end of your faith, when you think, “I can't even believe anymore, I've tried everything in the world, nothing is possible.” God says, “You’ve come to the end of your faith, but I'll give you now the ability to believe. I will help in the middle of your unbelief, quicken faith in you.”

You got to experience these things and see how this thing works. It's amazing. And when that happens, when God supernaturally kicks in that faith in you and helps you to believe and inspires you to believe and takes you to the scriptures and shows you certain things and gives you a revelation of who He is and how good he is and so on, and you begin to believe, then now you're going to see the manifestation of God's power. What will you see? What did the people of Israel see? They saw that all nature and providence even, all nature, everything, the water, the wind, everything is subject to God. And God can even change the way nature functions to help you. That's what they saw. The Bible says that a wind blew all night to divide the sea. And it divided the sea and it resulted in water standing like a big wall on both sides.

Building walls with bricks is not standing nowadays. But water which is not meant to stand like a wall is standing like a solid wall on both sides. And people of Israel are walking through. They must have said, “My God, man, God will even change the way nature functions for me. This is the glory of God’s love. This is how God loves me. This is how God looks at me.” That journey must have been something else. As they stood, saw this great wall on both sides, wall of water standing and the ground which they walked is like a dry ground, they’re just walking through. My goodness, they must have realized that in God's sight they are very important. That God will even work with nature and change nature so that God can help them.

The Bible says that if you need sometimes for this to happen, the Bible says you will go through the fire but it will not burn you. Have you ever read that? You will go through the waters and it will not drown you. Water is supposed to drown you, fire is supposed to burn you but the fire that is supposed to burn will not burn you. Shadrack, Meshack, and Abednego went and stayed in the fire, and when they brought them out, not even the smell of fire was upon them. They looked like they have been sleeping in a hotel room. They came out so clean. Not even a sign of being in the fiery furnace because God has nature under control. They saw that God is the God of the heaven and earth.

Saturday we were praying based on Psalm 121. And I love that Psalm. It's a Psalm about protection. And Psalm 121, it says, I lift up my eyes to the hills, from whence comes my help. My help comes from the Lord. Which Lord? Who made heaven and earth. You know who your Lord is, who your God is? He is the maker of heaven on earth. Your help and my help come from the Lord, who's the maker of heaven and earth. He’s the creator of Heaven and earth. He has power over everything. Everything is His creation. So, in order to help you, in order to deliver you, in order to protect you, He can change anything He wants. Your help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth. Everybody say, “My help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth.”

There's a verse that says, “No weapon formed against you shall prosper.” A lot of people read only that part, and never read the other things that are said in relation to that right there. He says, “No weapon formed against you shall prosper.” Why it will not prosper? It says, “Don't worry about those weapons, it will not prosper.” He says, “Because the guy who’s making the weapon, I made him,” He says. You read it. Next verse, that's what he says, “I made the guy who made the weapon. So, he's at My mercy,” He says. “If I touch him like this, he will not be able to make the weapon. That weapon instead of killing you will save you. I can turn things around for you. Don't worry about the weapons that are formed against you because I make the guy who makes the weapons.” I tell you, my friend, you meditate on this, that God is the helper, your helper and He is the maker of heaven and earth, that He's got everything under control. Everything is subservient to Him. Everything functions under Him. He can change anything any moment He wants. If necessary, He can change the very nature for you. And the people of Israel experienced it in their life.

What else did they see? See the sea, the ocean. It’s a deadly thing. You don't play with that. It will kill, it will drown. But that ocean became the road to cross over to the other side for them. For them, it became the road. For the Egyptians, it became the drowning sea. What is supposed to kill is protecting you, standing like a wall on both sides. And for them, it comes together and drowns them completely. They saw that. When you begin to see God's manifestation of His power, you see that God is one who sits on the throne, controls and overrules all things. And your heart will praise Him and your heart will extol Him. You will praise Him like never before when you experience God and His power when you see the manifestation of His love.

As soon as they crossed the Red Sea, remember that? In the 15th chapter, as soon as they crossed the Red Sea, they started singing. What did they sing? I will sing unto the Lord for He has triumphed gloriously. The horse and the rider, He has thrown into the sea. We used to sing a song, maybe we'll sing it at the end. “I will sing unto the Lord for He has triumphed gloriously. For the horse and the rider, He has thrown into the sea.” Singing. A lot of places people don't sing because they have not seen the manifestation of God's power. They have not experienced the life of faith. They have not seen what faith can do. They have not seen what the power of God can do. They have not seen the manifestation of God's power. They know very little about God's power. They go to a religious thing, and just participate in a religious thing but do not know the power of God or the love of God, don't have a manifestation of God's love. Therefore, it's very difficult for them to sing. When they came out of the Red Sea, nobody stood up and said, “Song number 259.” No. They started singing.

Nowadays, they'll say, “Hey, wait a minute. We never told you to sing. We haven't even announced the song number from the songbook.” They said, “No. Song is coming from the heart. It's coming from the heart. I will sing unto the Lord for He has triumphed gloriously. The horse and the rider, He has thrown into the sea. The Lord is my strength and my song. He has become my salvation. He is God and I will praise Him.” Very sad to see in churches, many, many places where people don't sing. They’re just waiting for those angels, the choir, to sing and get it over with. They’re waiting for them to sing and finish. They’re just watching. They came to watch. There's no song in their heart. A heart is not coming up with a song. Even clapping their hands is difficult, lifting up their hands is difficult. You got to tell them, “Clap your hands.”

I remember back in those days, we used to have a man standing there and he’ll be standing there and saying, “Podu, podu, podu”. . See, how far I've come in my journey!  You got to push the people to clap their hands. You got to tell the people to lift their hands. And every now and then you have to stop and say, “Everybody say Hallelujah.” They say, “Hallelujah.” “Everybody shake your hands a little bit.” It doesn't come automatically. It doesn't come naturally. “Everybody clap your hands.” And everybody claps their hands. Just a little bit. “Everybody say three hallelujahs.” Exactly three, they will say. No more is coming. “He asked only for three.” We have auctioned off hallelujahs now.

Nothing in the heart. In the heart, there is nothing. In the heart, when there is a manifestation of God's power and God's love, when you experience God, when you see God in operation, when you see what God will do for you, when you experience things in the life of faith, trusting in God, living for God, then I'll tell you singing will not be a problem, lifting up your hands will not be a problem. People that don't experience that it will always be, “Why do you guys clap?” We will clap. Yeah. We feel like clapping. “Why do you guys all lift up your hands?” We will lift up our hands. “Why are you dancing?” Yeah, we'll dance. We feel like dancing, we are dancing. Worship is something that comes as a result of knowing God and experiencing God in a real way. So, there you see that happening. They didn't cross over and then have a meeting and wait for everybody to arrive slowly.

I went to a meeting yesterday. They told them to come at nine o'clock, everybody somehow arrived at 11:45. The meeting started morning, but I was told to come at 12 o'clock. I said Why? Because 12 o’clock only everybody will be there. So, when they got out to the other side of the sea, they didn't have to gather people and all that, they were all there. They just started singing, praising the Lord, clapping their hands, lifting up their hands, dancing to the Lord, because they've experienced something great. All right.

So, when you're faced with impossibilities, you better make sure that you know God and you're living by faith. You know how faith works. Faith works like this. Faith helps you to stand still and expect God to help you and move in that situation for you. You completely trust in God and depend on God to do something in that situation. You don't do anything rashly; you don't do anything in fear. You don't do anything in presumption. You don't do anything in despair. But you wait and stand still and the Lord will show you the way out. That's the way to go by faith. Faith is an amazing thing. Life of faith brings you victory.

Let me just say this in few minutes and just close. The other picture is, it's a picture of people crossing the Red Sea, is a picture of how God delivers people from their sin also. Sin is the biggest problem of human life. The slavery to sin is the biggest thing that people find very difficult to get free from. It is not just very difficult; it is impossible for any man to get free from. So, salvation should not be thought of as some kind of reformation. Some people say, “Well, I'm now beginning to pray more, I’m now beginning to fast more, I'm going to discipline myself more, I'm going to live for God more” and all that. Well, it just won't work. If you're trying to do that, to get saved, if you're trying to do that, to be free from the power of sin and Satan, it's not going to work. Because the power of sin and Satan is greater than all your discipline, than all your knowledge, than all your human abilities and all of that. This is an alien power that has come in that rules every man, every woman in this world, all are under the tight grip of Satan 1 John chapter 5 verse 19 says that all are under the tight grip of Satan. No one is an exemption. Everybody is under the power of the enemy; power of the devil and he rules and reigns in people's lives.

How do you get free? You don't get free by your own self, by your own righteousness, by following the law and all these things. Paul said, you remember? “I'm a Hebrew of the Hebrew, a Pharisee of the Pharisees, from the tribe of Benjamin. And I'm impeccable according to the law,” he says. That means, you can scan me and find no fault according to the law I live impeccably,” he says. But then he came to the conclusion, “When I read the 10th commandment and understood the 10th commandment, I understood that I'm not impeccable, because sin is not whether I've done something bad or not, sin is what I have in my heart. Even though I have not done anything sin, I'm ruled by sin inside. That is why I'm not able to do that which I want to do. That which I know to be good, I'm not able to do. That which I know to be wrong and I don't want to do, that I end up doing. Why? Because sin is resident within me, and it rules within me.” And then he cries out, “Who shall deliver me from this wretchedness?” He says. Then the next verse, he says, “The Lord Jesus Christ. Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ,” he says.

So, nothing that we do, no power on earth, no discipline, no religion, no clean living, no prayer, no fasting, none of these things can deliver a man from the power and the grip of sin and Satan, nothing. You do prayer and fasting after you get saved, that's good for you. But in order to get saved, no spiritual discipline is going to help. No disciplining yourself is going to help of any kind. No following the law is going to help. Then how do you get saved? You get saved exactly like what happened here. God uses a mediator and sends salvation to you. God used Moses there as a mediator. He stretched forth the hand. He stretched forth the rod. He divided the sea so that the people can walk out. Like that, God sent our mediator, Jesus, to lead us. He opened the way for us to come to God. He helped us to cross over to the other side. He helped us to see the enemy no more, sin and Satan no more. He separated us, cut us off from the enemy of sin and Satan. Salvation is an amazing story.

God's salvation works like that. It is not by our power, by our strength, it is by His power. That also the author wants to convey here. So, if you come with big problems today, if you have impossibilities that you face today, I'll tell you something, how are you approaching it? What do you think about it? What is your approach towards it? Are you in a fellowship with God? Do you know God? Do you walk with Him? Do you lean on Him? Do you trust Him? You cast yourself upon Him? Are you waiting for God to do something great? Is there that expectancy in you? Is God with you? Is God guiding you? That is what Christian life is all about. It's not simply just going to church and being a religious person. It is about experiencing God in a real way. And I tell you, every single person here can experience God in that way and enjoy God in the most difficult situation in their life and experience God's deliverance.

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