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Living by Faith (Vol 07) - Pathway to Greatness!

Sunday English Service - 26 AUG 18


Hebrews chapter 11 verses1 to 3.Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.For by it the elders obtained a good report.Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God,so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear. Been studying about faith for the last few weeks.We first looked at the definition of faith which is there in the first verse, there are two parts to it. The first part says, Faith is the substance or confidence of the things hoped for. So we talked about our hope, and how hope is a starting point of faith.And then we talked about the second part of the definition which says, it's the evidence of things not seen and we began to talk about how faith has to do with things not seen. In that connection, verse three also is very important because it says, through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God so that the things which are seen were not made by things which do appear.That is, the things that you see in this world were not made with the things that you see.Everything came from an unseen world through an unseen force called faith through the word of God.

Now, we began to talk about this whole thing about the unseen world and faith has to do with the unseen things. I showed you that there is a unseen world, just like we have a seen world. In the seen world, we see everything very plainly, and we don't have to describe it, we know what is there.The unseen world is more difficult to understand but without understanding the unseen world, and the reality of the unseen world, it is very difficult to operate by faith. So I showed you the unseen world consists of first of all God who is unseen being, and the angels of God who are unseen. And we showed you how sometimes God did open the natural eyes of men, so that they may see the unseen forces of angels and so on. That men opened these eyes and saw physically the angels of God, and so on. But before they saw the unseen world was there, the angels were there already. So even though the unseen world is not seen, it doesn't mean that it does not exist. I would even say that it is more real than the seen world, more sure than the seen world. The fact that you are seated here, and I'm preaching here is true because we can see it. But even more true is the fact that God ishere, that the angels of God are in encamped round us. Sometimes it's very difficult to fathom that and just understand that that is as real as this. It may not seem as real because it is unseen but it is real. The unseen world is very realbecause God is real.

Now, last week I showed you two more important things from the unseen world. Human beings, we have an unseen part in us.We also, in a way, belong to the unseen world.Just like God is a spirit, we are indeed a spirit and we live in a body, we have a soul, which is the mind.We are not the body. Oftentimes we think we are the body because that's the part we can see, that is just the face we see. And we think that we are what we see.We are not what we see.You have not seen me, I have not seen you, we have just seen each other's faces, just the physical appearance outside.We are spirits living in a tabernacle, the Bible calls this body, in a house. So this body is a house in which I live, you can't show my house and say, this is SamChelladurai, people will laugh at you.That is just the house. The person living inside is Sam Chelladurai, right? So in the same way, I can't point to you and say that you, you are a person who live inside this tabernacle that we see on the outside.

Sothere is the spirit of man. I talked about the whole idea of the spirit of man, which expression is found very often in the scriptures.The spirit of man is different from the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God. The spirit of man is that man is a spirit and it's referring to that man.Another name for the spirit of man is inner man.In the New Testament, you find that a lot, the reference to inner man.A third name for the spirit of man is the heart. And so I went to Proverbs chapter 4 verse 23, where the book of Proverbs says, Guard your heart with all diligence for out of it are the springs of life. I like the translation, for out of it are the issues of life.One translation says, For out of it are the boundaries of your life. How far you'll go, what you'll become,how much you're going to accomplish, how successful you're going to be, what your life is going to be like, how large it's going to be, what an impact you're going to make, is based on the condition of your heart. That is why the heart must be guarded with all diligence.It's not talking about the physical organ that we call heart, it is talking about the spiritual you, that is the inner man, the spirit man. It's talking about you, the spirit man.Heart is a reference to that.

So, that is part of the unseen world. It's amazing that we have to deal with that. We need to understand ourselves. Paul says, I do not see any man according to the flesh anymore.How does he see them then? He says, "If any man be in Christ he is a new creature, old things have passed away, all things have become new." What is he talking about? Nothing has become new here on the outside. He's talking about the inner man, the spirit of man, inside how a person is born again, made new, old things have passed away, all things have become new. "I only see the inside," he says.The inside of man, the inner man, the heart of man, the spirit of man is so real to Paul.So, even Jesus was like that.He saw what is inside man. What's going on inside that man, in the real man that's on the inside.The Bible talks about the inner man, the heart so much.

The other thing that we mentioned, that is part of the unseen world, is the word of God. Why do we say the word of God is something that belongs to the unseen world? When I say word of God you say, "Well, the Bible is there. I can hear you preach, and we can hear the word of God. We hold the word of God in our hands, the written word."But really, it comes from God. That is why heaven and earth shall pass away but God's word will not pass away. It has eternal nature. It is not like the things of the world, they are temporal.Things that are seen are temporal, things that are unseen are eternal. The word God is described as eternal, because it proceeds from the heart and the mouth of God. It comes from that world.It is delivered to us here, we can hear it, we can know it, and so on. Butit belongs to the unseen world. God who belongs in the unseen world speaks His word, and it comes down to us and reaches us here, but it's still part of the unseen world. That is why in verse 3 we read,through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God.The world was created by the unseen things, that is the word of God. The seen world was created by the word of God, which is unseen.

Alright, so wehave the heartof man, the inner man and the word of God that are two important aspects of the unseen world. And these two are very important becausefaith is of the heart. Romanschapter 10 verse 9 says, if you confess with your mouth, the Lord Jesus, and believe in your heartthat God has raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved. So where do you believe?You believe in your heart. You don't believe with your mind or body, believing is something that happens in the heart.Faith is an activity that takes place in the inner man. Verse 10 says, Romans 10:10, the very next verse says, For with the heart, man believeth unto righteousness. It is with the heart man believes. So believing, or faith is something that happens in the heart of man.

Today, I want to continue a little further and talk about how when your heart is changed, your future is changed, you're everything is changed. When something happensin your heart, something happens on the outside as a result.All progress, all victories, all success that happens in our life, in God's way, happens through the heart. It begins with the heart, and then we can see it on the outside. That's the point we tried to make and today, I want to go to an example and show you how this is so true. That when a heart is changedthe man is changed, his life is changed and his world is changed.

That's why you need to understand that Genesis 1 is again and again referred to in the Bible in so many ways, because Genesis 1 is not scientific information about how God created the world. If you're looking at it scientifically, you won't find much there.It is spiritual information. It is written deliberately in that way.How did God make the world?Said, in the beginning, God made the heaven and earth, no explanations. And then the very next thing it says, the world was without form, void, and darkness filled the place.So there is chaos, emptiness, and darkness. And then God says, "Let there be light," and one after the otherGod does things by speaking into that world. And in the end, the world turns into a wonderful place where birds and animals and fish and even plants can live and man also can live in the world. It's a place which yields so many different kinds of trees and crops, and good things are there.The world becomes a useful and a meaningful place when God spoke and changed the world and literally framed the world as the English translation says it in Hebrews chapter 11.By faithwe understand that the worlds were framed bythe word of God.From the unseen world, the framing happened, how it ought to be.What the world ought to bewas framed bythe words of God. God's word framed, designed, made the world that we see today, everything that isin the world today.

Now, why does Hebrews talk about it, when it's talking about faith? Not just to inform us that we haven't seen God speaking into the world and making the world but we believe it because we have faith. It's not just that. It's not to just tell us that by faith we believethat God created the world by His word.It is to also tell ussomething about the unseen and how from the unseen, the seen came.And therefore, in our lives today, the unseen frames the seen, even today.Whatever you do not seeand you want to see in your life, whatever is missing in your life, you want to see and change in your life, the things that are unseenyet today, are framed by the unseen word of God. Whatever you want todayin this life,whatever it is, is framed by the word of God.Just like God spoke into the world which was chaotic, empty, and full of darkness, God speaks into our heart.When God speaks into our heart His word, the sinful heart becomes a new heart.New birth happens there, something happens in the heart, word comes to the heart.

Now, I quoted Romans chapter 10 verse 9 and 10where we quoted that we confess with our mouth the Lord Jesus, believe in our heart that God raised Him from the dead. But if you read one verse before that it says, it's the word of faith which is preached that goes into our heart.The word goes into our heart. And therefore we confess with our mouth, and we believe in our heart. So this is how God works. So if God wants to produce a wonderful life for you, and you want to produce a wonderful life, it happens by something happening in the unseen realm, where the word of God is spoken in your heart.Both the word of God and the heart is part of the unseen realm. That is why the reference to chapter 1 keeps occurring again and again in the Bible, because it teaches a great spiritual truth.

So, today let's go to an example quickly. I just want to just spend this time talking about this wonderful exampleof David. I likeDavid because David was a man, very young, just taking care of a few sheep. If you turn with me toPsalm 18 taking care of a few sheep. Now even in taking care of sheep, there was no big status for him. It's not like he had 300 sheep or something like that,and had two assistants or something. This guy had a few sheep. That's what the Bible says.He was taking care.His family did not think much of him. He was very young also, considered the youngest and therefore left alonejust to take care of the sheep.His brothers were in the army, they are much more mature and grown up, and so on. So here's a young man who's just taking care a few sheep,had nothing big in his life. But while he's taking care of few sheep, he had a lot of time in hand, because you don't have to do much. You just have to be with the sheep and guard the sheep and take them to some places where they can get some food. And he had a lot of time in his hand. I think he spent all of his time meditating upon God's word, beginning to love God, beginning to write songs and sing songs, and praise and worship. I know that because you read his Psalms.Most of the Psalms were written by him. If you read the Psalms you can see David speaking forth the things about the word of God. He says, "Blessed is the man who meditates upon the word of the Lord day and night,"the very first Psalm."He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, whose leaf shall not wither, will yield his fruit in seasonand whatever he doesshall prosper." He seems to be so attached to the word of God, understands the value, thepower of God's word,appreciates God's word.

If you read Psalm 119, that's a one good reading, if you want to read about the word of God. Psalm 119 is all about the word of God.He talks about thewonderful word there. How it is eternal, how it is so sweet, so good, so good for the heart, so good for his life;by meditating on it, by obeying what the word says that his life is blessed that and so on.Againand again, hundreds of times he says that.The whole chapter, which is the longest chapter in the Bible is about the word of God. So David had a special connection with God's word.He loved God's word, he received a lot from God's word, he had a lot to say about it. He is the one that said that God has exalted His word even above His name.Such things are coming out of his mouth.He knows what the word of God is, what the word can do.

Now,from being a very small shepherd who had just afew sheep, he became a great king. That's why I like him because you want to learn something from him.Go to a fellow like this, don't go to some guy on this earth who doesn't believe in anything, doesn't believe in success like this. I like David. I want to hear what he says because he's got something to say. He knows how to go from the bottomto the top. He knowshow to find significance in life. He knows what it means to be changed totally and completely in his life. He knows the value of God's word. I love the psalmist.That is why the Psalms have a great value for us today. That is why in Christian homes we read the book of Psalms again and again for our devotions because it's so valuable. I like the psalmist David. I want to learn from him howto go from the bottom to the top, how our life can be changed and become significant, meaningful, worthwhile, fruitful, productive. So at one point in his life where he has seen victory overall enemies, all enemies were defeated,he's totally safe, he's had a lot of problems no doubt, but he's overcome them all. God has been with them, protected him, blessedhim, gave him victory over everybody.And now he talks aboutit.

You read about it in 2nd Samuel also, the same passage comes in 2nd Samuel, but I'm going to read it in Psalm 18.In 2nd Samuelwhen you read it, you see him singing songsto the Lord, praising the Lord for the victory, for the great success he has had, his successful life that he's had.He thinks back of the old days when he's just a young boy,spending time with the sheep, but enjoying God's presence and God's fellowship.How it shaped him and formed him, gave him a heart like none else. See, that is why he could go to the camp where Goliath was challenging the Israelites. The entire Israeli army was there, nobody responded to the challenge of Goliath. Everyone is hiding.Everyone was looking at how tall Goliath was, how mighty he was.Everyone was meditating on the accomplishments of this great soldier, talking about how great experience he's had, what kind of weapons he has,look at his arms, look at his legs, look how tall he is, that's the kind of talk that's going on. Nobody is going back and challenging him. And there he stands and insults the living God, the God of Israel. David goes there to take some food for his brothers to see how they're doing, just a 16/17-year-old boy and he goes there and he sees this man insulting the God of Israel. Something risesup within him. It is not something that happened instantly on that occasion.He has been loving God, he's been serving God, he's had some wonderful experience. He himself says, "I killed a lion once,"he says. He's seen the hand of God in his life. He said, "I killed a bear once.Just with my bare hands I killed a bear once and a lion once," he says.

So he knows who he is. He knows that God is with him. He loves God. The word of God going into his heart has shaped his heart in such a way.He's got a very enlarged, had a big heart. Heart that believes that all things are possible. Otherwise, how could a young man walk intothe army camp whereall the soldiers are hiding and no one wants to come forward to fight Goliath and he sees this man insulting the God of Israel and he says, "Who is this uncircumcised Philistine? I will cut his head off and feed his head to the birds of the air,"he says. Where did he get that from? What kind of heart is that?It's a bold, courageous heart.Heart that wants to stand up for the truth, stand up for the living God.Heart that believes that all things are possible. If God is with you, you can do it. Amazing. It's been some time, his heart has been shaped, he's got a heart that is different from most of the Israelites. It's amazing.

See, God is preparing a king so he's preparing the heart.And here is a man being prepared for greatness. Greatnessdid not happen as an accident in his life. A lot of people in this world believe that it just happens almost like accident."Well, we just went there, brother. Somebody just gave it to us." It's like jackpot, it happens, they think. No, it doesn't happen like jackpot.Sorry to disappoint you.When God wants to do something, use you in a great way and fulfill some purpose through your life, He sends forth His Word, prepares your heart for the task ahead, prepares you at the heart. Unless you become great in your heart, you cannot become great outside.Greatness is something that must happen on the inside firstthen only it can come outside. This is the Christian teaching.Everybody wants greatness because we are made for greatness. I believe that. God made man like that.

Psalm 8, the psalmist is astonished.Meditating on man he says, "I look at the stars and the sun, moon and the stars,Thy wonderful works," he says."It looks very impressive but when I look at manI'm even more astonished," he says, "because You have made himin a very special way.You have crowned him with glory and honor. You've put everything under his feet, you've made him a lord and ruler over everything." How God has made man is somethingthat you need to see from here. Don't look at people here in this earth because what we have in this earth is fallen man,not manas God first made him. You will see here people that are afraid, people that have such small minds, people that have such petty minds and ideas, people that are on a different level. The fallen man is a terrible thing to see. It's like a ruined building. Have you seen a great palace ruined? That's what a fallen manis like. Once upon a timehewas great but now he's gone completely.Any day he just crush and crash literally.When you want to see who man is and what God wanted for man, you need to go back to the word of God, then only you get the right picture. The word of God gives the picture. If you go to first two chapters, it gives the picture of what man is.

So man is made for greatness but he fell into sin but stillhe's made for greatness. Therefore, he will be unhappy until heattains that greatness, that is the unhappiness of man. That is why it becomes so easy to preach the gospel to people, for me, because unless and until they rise up and become what God hascreated them to be theycan never be happy. They'd be frustrated.This frustration, this restlessness is the thing that we address as we preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.Because man is meant to be something far different from what he is today. Man was meant for greatness, today he's fallen. He's a ruined structure. And not only is he made for greatness, Godis known as a God who makespeople great.Like I said, greatness comes from inside.By changing the heart, He makes ordinary peoplegreat people. He can take any man, ordinary man, and take him and make him a great man. Look at the apostles of Jesus Christ. Look at Peter, John, James, all the others. Some of them were just fishermen. They didn't think too much of these guys those days. But God took them and made them great. They were born for greatness. God can take and work with people, work with their heart, and shape them and form them for greatness.

Look at a person like Matthew, the tax collector. Tax collectors they were synonyms for sinners.If you said sinner it meant tax collector, if you said tax collector it meant sinner, because I think they collected more... what they say is they collected more tax than they ought to. One thing because they wanted togo beyond the target that the Roman government has set in collecting taxes and please their lords by collecting more taxes than they are supposed to. Plus, they probably pocketed some. So people hated them. The Jewishpeople particularly living under the Roman government despised them.They considered them, if you're a tax collector automatically you are considered sinner. That's the way it were. But God chooses a man like that, and makes him a wonderfulpreacher to reach the world.

Take a man like Paul, who persecuted the church, shut down churches, killed the people.He saidhe was more zealous than his elders in the Jewish religion. When he says zealous, thezealousy resulted in killing people. He felt that for Godhe must kill.Anybody that blasphemes God, speaks in the name of God, claims to be God ought to die,ought to be killed. Anybody that worships a man who claimed to be God ought to be killed. That's the way he thought.Zealous man.Nobody thought that they could change him. In fact, when he was touched by the Lord and changed and the news comes to Jerusalem, people couldn't believe it. They were still afraid of him.They thought he is just acting like he's a Christian now, maybe he'll penetrate the church and then destroy the church. That's the way they thought about Paul.How could he change? How is it possible? But God has taken him and changed him.

Christianity is like this. It is not a religion where you go and join and give your name and join. It's not.You cannot become a Christian like that. You cannot become a Christian just because you want to become a Christian. You become a Christian by Godreaching out to you, getting into your heart, and working on your heart and changing you.That is why nobody can stop that. This is not the kind of conversion that people think about these days. It is not a change of name or change of religion on paper. It is not a membership in a church. It is something that happens in the heart.So God made people for greatness and Godis in the business of taking ordinary people and making them great people. That's why He could take fishermen and make them people that shook the world, could take a man like Paul, who was totally against Christ and the gospel and Christianity, and make him preach Christ and spread the Christian faith everywhere in the world.God is in the business of changing people, and transforming people, and making them great.Making ordinary people great. But how he makes people great, that's the thing.

I like what David says. Please turn to Psalm 18 verse 35, please. At a point in his life, he thinks about all that journey that he has come through in his life, thinks about his early life, the shepherd's life, end up defeating Goliath and then becoming a king, then having so many wars and battles in which he could have been easily killed but God protected him and saved him. He lived to be an old man.The Bible says that he was full of wealth and honor at the end of his life.And here that man is thinking about his life and one time he just started singing and praising God for all that He has done. And part of that is rendered here as a psalm in Psalm 18 verse 35.Thou hast also given me the shield of thy salvation: and thy right hand hathholden me up. The right hand has held me up, he says, sustained me.And thy gentleness has made me great.

Now I'm going to concentrate only on the last sentence. Thy gentleness has made me great.How do you become great?What makes a ordinary man, a shepherda king?What turns an ordinary young fellow into a mighty king throughout all of his life, that even after he dies God promised him that his seed will continue to reign forever. And that Jesus came as the seed of Abraham and seedof David so that even He was on this earth, He is called the son of David,and his throne is forever. David's throne is established forever. Such an honor God gave him. God calls him a man after His own heart.That meansDavid had a heart just like God's heart. Last week, I talked about one man asking for the heart from another manwhen that man diedso that he can return it later.It literally happens in Christianity. Jesus died on the cross of Calvary so that He can remove our heart, perform a surgery, throw away that fallen heart, that useless heart filled with darkness,and install a new heart, His heart and that is why we taught that prayer last week, Ephesians chapter 3.And one of the points in that prayer is that Christ may dwell in our hearts through faith. Are you praying that?That Christ may dwell in our hearts through faith. How can six feet tall Christ come and live in this little heart? It's not a physical thing. It is talking about how Christ's mind, Christ's thoughts, Christ's values, Christ's faith, Christ's power, all of those things how it can come and fill ourhearts and we can literally have His heart. Our heart can be like His heart.

So psalmist says,Thy gentleness has made me great. So he connects the word gentleness to greatness. It is by gentleness, you become great.Now, what does this mean actually? A lot of people look at it this way. Traditionally, the way it's looked at is this. That's why in the Bibleyou need to be careful to look more deeply because it makes some profound statements. So people look at it and say, "Well, God's gentleness has made me great." In Tamil. It says, kaarunyam that's a wonderful big word.It can mean grace. It can mean God's mercy, it can mean God's love, all of those things can be meant there. So people think that,"God somehow graciously looked upon us and chose to bless us. This is how things happen," they think,"that God looked at me, I was lowly, I had nothing and God chose to take me,pick me up and bless me." Well, in a way that is right.

God always looks at us with love, wants to pick us up and make us great and all of that, but we have a role to play in that. See, in Christianity it's always like that.We're not like a little doll. A little doll you can take it from here and put it here. But you can't take me from here and put me there.I got a mind. God made me with an ability to think, decide, and determine and so on and God honorsthat because He made me.So He never bypasses all that.He doesn't take me by the neck. He didn't take the people of Israel by the neck and drop them in Canaan land. He could have done that becauseone whole generation died in the wilderness. And people often used to say, "Why couldn't He just have picked them up? He opened the Red Sea brother, but He could have just pick them up andthrown them inside the Canaan land there." Well, they would have returned the very next day. That's the kind of mentality they had.You can't do that with people.

So when dealing with people, God knows that they are made in God's image and likeness. They have their own mind.They can think.So God appeals to our will.That's why Bible says, "Behold, I stand at the door and knock, if you'll open I'll comeand sup with you and you with me." Why is God asking our permission? Why is God knocking on our door? Why does He want to enter in? Because He cannot force Himself in. We are human beings.We're made in the image and likeness of God. God always honors that. So Christian teaching always takes that into account. Any teaching that says that everything magically happens is not good Christian teaching. It is something else.We don't believe in magic. You have a mind, you are made in the image and likeness of God. Therefore, God always comes through that. When David says, your gentleness has made me great,he doesn't mean that God is so gentle and nice and gracious and kind, that He, by His grace decided that He'll make me great. No, he doesn't mean that.Even though God is great, and He wants to make me great, and all that, whathe means is,"there is some way in which God,You have given Your gentleness to me.Your gentleness that You have has some way come to me, has been passed on to me, and Your gentleness that has now become mine, this great, wonderful divine quality has made me great."

Now, turn with me toMatthew's gospel chapter 11. There's another place where you see that word used, 28. Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Jesus is talking to all these religious peoplethat are overburdened by religious laws, the Pharisees have made the laws even more difficult.So people have decided this is just a burdensomething to follow this religion. And they are restless religious obligations. Religion can become like that. You know in the medieval days,people worked very little it seems.When I was preaching about work I told you that.People worked very little, only a few hours a week.What were they doing for the rest of the time?It's not that they were lazy. They had so many religious obligations, they had to go on pilgrimages,they had to go anddo penances for their sin.All these things were given to them.That took days and hours and hours. Religion can be very burdensome. These are Jewish people burdened with a burden of religion, unable to fulfill the requirements of the law, restless and Jesus says to them, Come to me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, I'll give you rest. But now look at this. Take my yoke upon you,and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest to your souls.For my yoke is easy, and my burdenis light. Now, this is very interesting.

Jesus says, "Come to me," because now He's going to die on the cross and set them free from their obligation to the law to become righteous.And through Him they can becomequalified to come to God so they can achieve rest and all that. Butthen He says, "Take my yoke upon you." Christian life is not just finding salvation and forgiveness of sin. "Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me," He says.Learn from me. Learn what?He says, for I am meek and lowly.Now meek and lowly was not a verygood thing in the ancient times, because nobody respected the meek and lowly. If you're meek and lowly, you're useless, you're a failure. You got to be assertive, you got to be bombastic.You got to show up and make loud noises, and show your hand and kick your legs and do something to get things done. That's the way things were.Meek and lowly is not the way to go. Meek is considered weakness. But yet the Bible says Moses was the weakest of all men. He led three million people out of Egyptian bondage, delivered them from a superpower, crossed the Red Sea,and helped them to get to the promised land. Delivered them completely.Meekness is not a weakness. There's a tremendous strengthin God's sight. God's values are totally different.

Jesus says, "I am meek and lowly." That means humble. Lowly is another word for humble.And He says, "Come and learn from me." Why to learn to be meek and lowly in that culture,in that society, which did not respect the meek and lowly? Jesus says, "Come and take my yoke upon you, and learn." Now the yoke is a very interesting, that's what you put on two cows as you get them ready to plow the field.Now, they say they will always match the new cow with the old one, because the new one doesn't know where to go, what to do. The old one has been doing it for years. So you put a new one along with the old one, the new one doesn't even have to think, just have to just walk along with the old one.Doesn't have to worry. You ask,if the new one had a mouth to say something, it'llsay, "Thank God. I got good help. I don't have to worry about where to go, what to do, how many times to do this and all that."This cow, old one, knows it.Doesn't have to do anything. Just have to go along with the old one. And after a while, automatically it becomes like the old one.He becomes the experienced one and he begins to do his job perfectly. Jesus says, "Take my yoke upon me. I'mexperienced." I tellyou, Jesus says,"Come. You want to be a winner, you want to be successful, you want to live your life on another level,come. Take my yoke upon you,and learn from me, for I am meek and lowly. Learn these qualities." The meek is translated... you may have some other translations sometimes you'll find gentleness. "I am full of gentleness and I'm full of humility.Learn that because that is what is going to put you over, that's what is going to give you success."

So, what David is saying is this, that in his fellowship with God, inmeditating upon God's word, in fellowshippingwith God's word, somehow, God has imparted to him in his heart,this quality of gentleness. Something that can give him great victory, something that prepared hisheart to be a great leader. To be a great leader you should not only be a courageous person, a positive person, a person who can defeat a Goliath and stand up to him and his challenges, you also need to have some other qualities. I will talk about the other courageousness and boldness and big thinking and all of that also in the days to come, how God puts that in our hearts and prepares us for greatness.But greatness is not only about that, it's also about this quality of gentlenesscoming into a person.You don't want to give so much power in the hands of a person and make him greatwhen he is nota person who can control himself. Suppose you are going to give a button to press that can destroy the whole world, you better be careful who you give that to. If you give a lot of power to a man, you better be careful that he's in his right mind, he's mentally fit, emotionally fit and fit in every way that he does not just simply press it just because the sambar was not nice today. That he was mad. Some people will do itjust for some silly reason, because they just have absolutely no control over anything. They just blow up anddo it just because they were mad. And then they are sorry, and that's too late. Everything is gone.

So, the more power you give to a person, the more you want that person to have gentleness. Gentleness is what makes a person great. So great people had gentleness. Jesuscould have scared every atheist and every agnostic in His time. Jesus could havedestroyed every Pharisee who came against Him. Jesus could have destroyed every Roman soldier that nailed Him to the cross, everybody that laughed at Himand mocked Him as He hung on the cross. Jesus couldhave done all that. He had so much power. He raised the dead, walkedon water, fed the 5000 with 5 loaves and 2 fish. That's why people was wondering, "Why is He not using it?"See, all those guys that were saying it, if they only had that kind of power, they would have used itin a second. Before the first nail even went inthey'd have called down fire from heaven.

One time the disciples wanted to call fire down from heaven. Remember, they were coming through Samaria and Samaritans and the Jews had an ethnic problem. They wanted to stay there overnight. They went and asked for a hotel room and they said, "Keep walking. You're not allowed inside or our city," and they were so mad. They were probably saying to one another, "Don't they know who He is? This man walks on water, turned water into wine. How can they ever say that? We need to show some power." They come to Jesus and say, "Well, let's call down fire like Elijah to consume this whole town, Samaritans. Let them learn a big lesson." Jesus said, "What kind of spirit is that?" I mean, what kind of apostles these guys would have been. Instead of becoming that kind of apostles, these guys most of them died as martyrs for Jesus, giving their own lives because Jesus had made them truly great. They were great men that shook the world and lived for God and made a difference in people's lives. They were positively great, not in the worldly way.

So, Jesus had the greatest power, but yet had the greatest gentleness and lowliness about Him. He says, "Come and learn from me." Why learn from me?Because that's the way to greatness. And David says, "Your gentleness has made me great." That gentleness has to be understood in light of this verse here.But let me take you to 1 Samuel chapter 24.I want to show yousomething about David, where you can see the kind of heart this man had, so different from others. You saw that when he went and fought Goliath, the kind of heart he had.Everybody had a heart of fear, unbelief, no courage. But this guy had a heart of boldness, believed in God, believed in great things.That giant can be slain with one stone. Great,but look at the other side,the kindness of his heart.In chapter 24 of 1 Samuel, I don't want to read the whole thing, I want to read from verse 15 later on, but listen to the first part of the story because there may be people that don't know the story of David. Everybody knows David and Goliath. I'm surprised how much the world knows about the Bible. Anytime you hear the news, they're talking about good Samaritanand all that. So I'd say well, that's good, you know the Bible.

But this is the thing, in 1 Samuel chapter 24, you pick up the story where David is running and Saul is chasing.You know after he killed Goliath the women sang, "Saul killed 1,000 David killed 10,000," that created a lot of jealousy. Plus, the prophet Samuel announced to Saul that his kingdom is not going to last very long, that God has chosen a man after His own heart, that is David, and he's going to rule and reign because Saul has been disobedient, did not honor God in the way that he should.So Saul has become very insecure, because he's going to lose his power, lose his kingship and all that. And he wants to kill David. He tried one or two time throwinghis spear and all that but it didn't work. And now David is running and Saul is chasing and they come to a point where Saul gets into a cave, in the first 14 verses you read that. Saul gets into a cave to relieve himself. He wants to go to bathroom, simply.Goes inthere, not knowing that David and his men are hiding there.David and his men are there and the men told David, "Look, we've been running long enough. Let's put an end to it today. Here is this man like a sitting duck, God has delivered him into your hands." These are the exact words they said,"God said He will deliver your enemies into your hands so He has done it. Don't be a fool and miss out on this chance.Do as you please. If you want to take out his two hands and two legs, fine, do that. Kill him, do that. Do something.Put an end to this. Let's stop this running. Let's make you king."

But David doesn't do that.David restrains them also.He calms them down. Said,"Nobody lay hands on him. Nobody do anything to him." He goes inand from the shawl that is hanging on Saul's shoulders, he cuts a little pieceand keeps it as proof.And when Saul comes out he meets him outside and he says, he bows before him because he is the king and says,"Why do you believe other people?" All these big people have very petty people with them usually. They feed them wrong information. So somebody's been feeding wrong information to Saul saying,"David is against you, and he's going to do this, he's going to kill you and all this business." That's how the whole thing flared up. "So why do you believe other people that say all this nonsense about me, I'm not your enemy. I could have killed you just now, a few minutes ago. The Lord delivered youinto my hands. You were at my mercy. I could have finished your life right then and there. But look what I did. I cut off a little piecebut didn't do anything to you."

And when he got through saying that, in chapter 24, now let me pick it up from verse 16 and I want to go through to the end. And it came to pass, when David had made an end of speaking, after David said all this, that he did not kill him when he had had a chance to kill him and here is the proof, when he made an end of speaking these words unto Saul, that Saul said,Is this thy voice, my son David?And Saul lifted up his voice, and wept.And he said to David, Thou art more righteous than I: for thou hast rewarded me good, whereas I have rewarded thee evil. And thou hast shewedthis day how that thou hast dealt well with me: forasmuch as when the Lord had delivered me into thine hand, thou killedst me not. For if a man find his enemy, will he let him go well away? wherefore the Lord reward thee good for thatthou hast done unto me this day.That,"The Lord reward you good for what you've done to me this day," he says. So Saul repents of the way he has treated David because he realizes this man could have killed me but look at the kind of man he is.He's very impressed and he weeps and blesses him.And now,behold, I know well that thou shalt surely be king, and the kingdom of Israel shall be established in thine hand.

Saul could see king material in David. Saul could see, hey, this man, this guy, he's a little guy.He's younger, inexperienced, just a shepherd boy but he is worthy to be a king because he's got a heart, a good heart, righteous heart, ajust heart that does the right thing.That's the kind of man that needs to ruleanywhere. Good man with righteousness inside to do the right thing.He says, he's got the humility... Jesus said,"I am gentle and lowly." The word lowly means humility.So here he sees those qualities in David that he has got gentleness, he's got restraint,he's got discipline.He controls himself well, he's got good leadership, he's got humility, he's utterly humble, he respects the king so much, bows before him, all the way to the floor he bowed to the king. He sees there are kingly qualities in this man, a heart that is different. He saw it last time that he had a different heart when he went against Goliath, he had a courageous heart, a bold heart, daring heart that did not fear anything.That's good but this side of the heart is also another important thing. This kind of heart is important.Not only should you be bold and courageous and all that, you should be righteous,just and good, kind, tender-heartedand that David possessed. What a great quality to be a king.

Now, this guy even though he was just a shepherd who shepherded just a few flock, few sheep, this guy had the elements that are required for greatness, all that is required for greatness.So Saul says,"You will be the king and your kingdom will be established," and verse 21 he says,Swear now therefore unto me by the Lord, that thou wilt not cut off my seed after me, that thou wilt not destroy my name out of my father's house.And David swore to Saul.And Saul went home;and David and his men gat them up unto the hold.So he makes him promise that he will not cutoff his name, that his descendants will not be totally cutoff.You know after this Saul and his son Jonathan die in a battle and his family, everybody's gone and Jonathan's son whichis Saul's grandson, there was a little boy that was carried as a child by a woman as she was running for her life. The boy was dropped and he became lame for life and she took him and raised him in a faraway village. And David as soon as he became king;look at the kind of heart he had, he called people and sent word throughout the country, to search everywhere to see if there is anyone left from Saul's house. So they go and search and they find that there is this guy called Mephibosheth. Lame, cannot walk, lost his lands, lost his property, lost his status, everything, he lives like a poor man.

They come and report to him and he sends word and brings Mephibosheth from far.Mephibosheththinks,"My God, I'm finished. I'm the only one left and he's going to kill me." Because in those days new kings destroyed anybody that's a descendant of the old king, because they should not come to claimthe kingdom. Sothey destroyed, made sure they searched then killed in those days. So he thought,"Now the search team has come, they're going to take me."And he comes and falls before Saul and says,"I'm like a little dog," he says,"I'm nothing."Humbles himself, he cries before him because he's afraid he's going to kill him. David says, "No, no, no. I didn't bring you to kill you. I found you because I made a promise to your grandfather and to your father, my friend. I made a promise that I will not hurt your family. I was looking for anyone that's available so I can do good.Searching everywhereto do good. And I've brought you. I'm not going to kill you. You should eat at my table every day," he said,"as a king's grandson you're allowed to eat at my table." And from that day Mephiboshethate at the king's table. Look at the tenderheartedness of David. A heart that forgives, a heartthat is merciful, heart that is kind, and a heart that is qualified to be a king and a great king. No wonder he lived a long time and when he was an old man, he was full of wealth and honor, the Bible says as an old man.

Wealth and honor was no problem because when the heart is good, all those things come. Without the heart being good all those things can be harmful really. Power can be harmful, even money can be harmful. That is what the Bible teaches, you see.When the heart is good... I was preaching on prosperity one time and one fella said, "If you teach prosperity, people will get spoiled. Must keep holiness." I said, "No, not the kind of prosperity I teach. I'm not saying that I'll pray and you put your hand in your pocket and you'll find one lakh rupees. Not that kind of prosperity.That will harm you." If I can pray and produce lakhs of rupees in your pockets, I can bet on it some of you, you're going to go have a party today with that money. You've seen people that earn a little bit more sometimes when little bit more money comes their mind goes berserk.

I used to study in a school where there was a press right next door, a big press where a lot of people worked in those days, maybe 100 people or so. And on the first of the month they used to give salaries.On that day, a lot of women used to stand at the gate and I used to go on a rickshaw, I was just a little boy, I didn't understand what was happening. So I saw this every month happening on the first of the month. I asked a rickshaw guy, I said, "What is this, every first of the month all these women are standing there?" He said,"They are second wives of these guys that are working there. They want to get the salary money before the first wife gets it. So they come at the press and collectthe money. At that time I didn't even know that people had second wives. I was so small and the guy gave me a lesson on that.I was astonished. I said, "My God, these guys are not rich. They'rejust making enough just to eat and live, is bare minimum they're making I'm sure.They're not rich people." But yet if their salary went up a little bit, when the money increased a little bit, the mind went in thousand directions. "Where can I party today?" That's the kind of mind some people have.

How many of you think that it's very dangerous to give money into those hands. Because if you give money into those hands, they'll just go self-destruct with money. Money can become an evil thing for them. We don't teach that kind of prosperity. A prosperity that the Bible teaches is a prosperity of the heart. That is why as the soul prospers, so you prosper.It is prosperity of the heart. When the heart prospers, the heart isnow prepared to handle greatness. The heart is now prepared to handle well-being, the heart is now prepared to handle success. The heart is now prepared to handle money, the heart is now prepared to handle everything that God gives into your hands. So when more comes you're thinking how much more good I can doand not how I can have fun somewhere where nobody is seeing.

I told him,"With this kind of teaching, people will get more holy brother.By the time they get prosperous. We take them through that route, where they'll become very holy before they even become prosperous, because that is the way that God uses." God uses His word and sends it to the hearts of people and prepares the heart and makes it fit for success and fit for greatness.This is how faith works. This is the life of faith. What is the life of faith?Life of faith is the word coming and framing your future. Word of God coming into your heart.You are preparedfor greatness. You are given a great vision, you are given the courage, you are given the boldness, you are given all the confidence that you need, you are given the kindness and the gentleness and the tenderheartedness, you are given all those things that God Himself has, that Christ may dwell in our hearts by faith. That's what it means. Your prayer should be that Christ may dwell in our hearts by faith. When that happens, you can see faith is working in the heart of people.That's living by faith. And that person is going to do great things for God. And that kind of a greatness is for every single person here.

God intends that kind of greatness for all of us, and God can do it in our lives.God can pick you up from where you are, no matter where you are today. And God can send forth His word and frame and design your life, your future by the word of God, and take you in that direction and give you great victory so that you will not live for yourself, but you will accomplish God's purposes for your life. And that is what faith is all about. Faith is not just about accomplishing what we want to accomplish, it is about accomplishing what God wants for our lives, because you and I are here for God, just to do what God wants, not for ourselves. Amen. Shall we all stand together? We'll continue next week.

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