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Living by Faith (Vol 06) - Our Heart and God's word

Sunday English Service - 19 AUG 18


Please turn with me to Hebrews chapter 11. Let me read to you the first three verses, verses one to three.Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.For by it the elders obtained a good testimony.By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible.We've beenstudying about faith, we have titled this series as living by faith. We're going to teach it based on Hebrews 11th chapter, which is the famous chapter on faith, talking about the heroes of faith.We're going to use it as a launching pad and go all kinds of places from here because it raises so many issues about faith.

Now, we already talked about the first verse where there is a definition of faith.What is faith? Hebrews 11:1 says, faith is the substance of things hoped for. We talked about hope, and how faith is a substance of that hope and better word is confidence, concerning that hope. So faith is a confident expectation of the things that we hope for. So the good that we are hoping for. It's a confident expectation of those things. Secondly, it says faith is the evidence of things not seen. We're talking about that right now. And that connection, verse three also is very important because it's talking about the seen world and the unseen world, and how the seen worldcame into being created by the unseen world.So this verse has a lot to say about the seen and the unseen. So we've been talking, we talked last week about faith and the unseen.How that faith has to do with the unseen. Today, I want to continue that. I want to take this a little further.

Last week, I told you that there is an unseen world.Seen world we all understand, we see.The unseen world is difficult to understand, because we cannot see.But there is an unseen world.Just because you cannot see it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. And I told you that the unseen world is even more real than the seen world.And the unseen world is eternal, the seen world is temporal. The unseen world has a lot of things in it. One is - God is there, He's an unseen God, He's a spirit, He's an unseen God. We don't see God yet we worship Him. 1 Peter chapter 3, I'll read it sometime in the days to come. A wonderful passage where Peter talks about how we have not seen Him, yet have believed in Him, and rejoice with joy unspeakable, full of glory.You've never seen Him. But look at the way you sang today. Look at the way you simply lost yourself as you sang and worshipped the Lord.You enjoyedHis presence, you sang and worshipped Him. Unseen but yet you enjoy Him, unseen yet you rejoice in Him with joy unspeakable, full of glory.

So we worship God, we believe in God, we walk with God every day. We talk, later on some verses are there we'll talk about a man who walked with God.This unseen God, you can have a real relationship with this unseen God.He can be with you, you can talk to Him,He can talk to you, you can walk with Him.That's the way the Bible presents Him.Nothing wrong with that.Some people think you're crazy. You can't see who you believe. Who said that the things that are not seen are non-existent?That is foolishness. There are airwaves right now passing through this place, if we had a radio or television we can catch those signals, and there you will get the video and the audio and all that. So there is an unseen realm, unseen world, all kinds of things are going on, and God is there in unseen world.Unseen God is there.Angels of God are in that part of that unseen world. Remember the story of Elisha that I gave last week, where the servant of Elisha could notsee that the fiery chariotsand horses were there on behalf of Elisha.He only saw the enemy's army surrounding the city to catch the prophet.Comes and reports to the prophet saying, "Alas, master, what shall we do?"And theprophet coolly says,"They that are with us is far greater than they that are with them."

Now, a typical statement very much like that is there in the New Testament, John says that,"He that is in us is greater than he that is in the world." Now, how do they say these things? Have they seen this greater person? It's an unseen person. How did Elisha say that there was more with us than with the enemy.The servant couldn't see it, he could only count up to two but the prophet says,"There's more with us."He could not see. He is handicapped in that way. If you cannot relate to the unseen realm in this worldas you live your life, I'll tell you, you will be really handicapped. I don't want to be handicapped in this world. I don't want to live at a disadvantage. I want to have the advantage of seeing the unseen world and knowing the unseen realm and seeing what is happening there. It's a terrible thing not to know what is happening in the unseen world.Just see the difference between Elisha and the servant that he had, he could not see the unseen realm, he could not see the heavenly army that is there for them much more powerful,one angel can deal with the whole army, but yet there's a wholebattalion of them with fiery chariots and horses. Just imagine how the servant would have felt andhow Elisha would have felt. Elisha would have been at total rest, peace, because he knows that everything is all right, because he's aware of the unseen realm, the servant would have been totally restless,heart beating faster than ever, confused, worried,fearing.That is what theservant would have been like. Now, that is exactly what we are likewhen we are not able to relate to the unseen world.We need to be able to understand and relate to the unseen world. And faith has to do with this unseen world.

Now today, let me talk about two more things that are unseen. One is the word of God. How do I know the word of God is unseen? From verse 3 I know that.It says, By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, it's talking about the world we see,were framed by the word of God,so that the things which are seen were not made by the things which are visible. So by saying this, by saying that the worlds that we see were made by things that are not visible, and then saying that the worlds were framed by the word of God,he considers the word of God as part of the invisible realm, part of the unseen realm. The word of God is part of the unseen realm. And I can show you all kinds of verses for it. For example, the word of God is spoken of as eternal. In the Bible itself we read that. Your word is eternal. In Psalm 119 you read it. Jesus Himself said, "Heaven, and earth shall passaway, but Your word, but God's word will not pass away." So the word of God has the same quality as God, because God is eternal, the word is also eternal.And since God is unseen, the word of God is also part of the unseen world, and has the power and the ability of the unseen world which is always greater than the power and ability of the seen world.If the unseen created the seen, which is greater?Which is more powerful?If the seen world were created by the unseen, then the unseen is immensely more powerful than the seen world.

So the word of God is part of the unseen realm.Another thing that is part of the unseen realmis a part of us, can you believe this?People say, "I don't believe in the unseen," butyou are yourself a spiritbeing. God is a Spirit. And the Bible talks about the spirit of a man,that you must always distinguish between the spirit of a man and the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit refers to the third person of the Trinity. God, the Spirit of God, we say.The spiritof man is another expression you will find in the Bible and that refers to man, one part of man.Man is spirit, soul, and body.Just like God is spirit, man is spirit.He has a soul, which is mind, and he lives in a body, that's what we're all made of. We are made of spirit, soul, and body.The body can be seen, but the spirit and soul cannot be seen.

So we have an unseen part that belongs to us.We have to deal with this unseen. If you don't understand the unseen, you won't understand yourself.The most important part, the realyou is unseen. I have not seen you, you've not seen me, you're only looking at my face which is a part of my body. So you have not really known me,because I am a spirit. I live inside this body and looking out through these two windows that God has given me, the eyes, looking at you, and you are doing the same when you're looking at me. So we have to deal with the unseen world and unseen world, not only has God and angels and so on, the unseen world has the word of God, it has the power of the unseen world, the superior power of the unseen world, and we have the spirit of man.If the word of God is superior in power than everything that is in the seen realm, then the spirit of man also is much superior than the body of man, and all of these things. The spirit of man is immensely powerful. I want to show you today. I want to show you how when you understand these things, you're able to live by faith.

Living by faith is not living in the weakest way possible. Back in the days when I was growing up, they used to say, mainly, I thought preachers were living by faith. I thought, they've resigned their jobs and come to ministry, and they're living by faith. They're the ones that gave the idea to me, they said,"That man works in the government, gets a good salary, but I am living by faith.That means I don't have much, he has everything." So by saying that, they've been saying to me, living by faith is the lowest way that you can live. So I decided when I was young, whatever you're going to do, never live by faith. Because if you live by faith, that's the lowest kind of living. That's what I thought. If a man said, "I'm living by faith." I thought, "My God. God help him." The guy is a poor thing.That's what I thought. But when I grew upto study the Bible and came into the ministry, I began to understand that every one of us ought to live by faith, that living by faith is the highest kind of life. Whether you're working for multinational, getting a fat salary, or you're in ministry and so on, whatever you're doing, every single person has to live by faith.

Living by faithmeans that you have resources beyond what can be seen, you have reinforcements beyond what can be seen in these eyes. Living by faith means that you have heaven's resources, you know how to withdraw them.Living by faith means that there's so much stored up for you in the unseen realm, and you are aware of it, and you are able to deal with it and receive from it. Hello, are you there? So that's living by faith. So there's two things, word of God and the spirit of man. And there is another wordthat is often used for the spirit of man, and that is the inner man.You will read about it in the Bible. The Bible says in 2nd Corinthians 4:16, for example, though our outward man perishes, outward man refers to the body, the seen part of ourselves. Though our outward man perishes, our inward man is renewed day by day. So likethis, the inner man is again and again referred inward man. Our inward man is referred to in the Bible. That's one other name for the spirit of man, the man that you cannot see, the man who's a spirit.

There is another word, much simpler word and that is the word heart. If you come across the word heart in the New Testament as well as in the Old Testament, many times, it does not refer to this physical organ in your body that pumps blood.Many times, it refers to the spirit of man, that part ofman that is unseen, that is spiritual, that cannot be seen but it's real. Just as God is real, the spirit of man is real.And there is a real work going on in the spirit of man. The Bible talks about strengthening the spirit of man, being strengthened in your spirit by the Holy Spirit, and so on. So you can be strengthened in your spirit and become mightyspiritually. And when you have a mighty spiritually, then the things in the natural world are subjected to you.You can take authority over themand power over them because spiritual power is greater than theearthly powers or seen powers.The unseen is greater than the seen.

So the spirit of man is the inner man or the heart. Now the Bible says that faith is of the heart. Faith works in the heart, meaning faith works in the inner man. Faith works in the spirit of man. Faith is a spiritual force, it belongs to the inner man.This unseen power.Just because it's unseen, immediately you can understand that it's much superior to any earthly force, tremendous force. That's why Jesus said, "Whosoever shall say to this mountain, 'Be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea, and shall not doubt in his heart, but believes that whatever he says will come to pass,he shall have whatever he says'." Look at the power of the spiritual force called faith.It belongs to the spirit of man, it is a spiritual force. It's not just in our body, it's in the spiritand when it's in the spirit... Let me first show you a verse that shows that it's in the spirit.Turn to Romans chapter 10verse 9 and 10.Here it's talking about how people get saved. Paul is talking about how a man who's a sinner can be saved. He says, that if you confess with your mouth, the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart, that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.For with the heart one believes unto righteousness.Twice, the word heart is mentioned here, both times it's referring to this heart that is not the physical organ, but the heart which is the spirit of man, the inner man the unseen part of us.

How is a person saved?If you confess with your mouth and believe in your heart. See, believing is something that happens in the heart, in your inner man, in the unseen realm, inside of you,where you cannot see. For with the heartone believes unto righteousness. That means that when a person believes like that when a sinner believes in his heart, sinner becomes righteous. This unworthy sinner that cannot come and appear before God, all of a sudden, is given the righteousness of Christ because he believes in his heart that He, Jesus died for the sins on the cross of Calvary in his place. He receives the righteousness of God. The sinner becomes a saint simply by believing in the heart. So believing is not an ordinary thing. It produces salvation. Salvation is the biggest miracle in the world.To take a man whois plunged into sin,and under the power of Satan, to bring him out and set him free and make him the righteousness of Godis the most difficult thing, is the greatest miracle that can happen - to take a sinner and make him a child of God. And that happens by faithworking in the heart. Faith, therefore, works in the heart, it's not at the mind.Faith if it has to work,it must penetrate beyond the conscious mind into the inner center and source of life, which is the heart. This is where everything comes from.

Okay, so we know now one of the most important unseen things is the spirit man, the inner man that we have, and the word of God is another thing. Now, let's talk about these two and how it functions.Our world is framed verse 3in Hebrews chapter 11 we read,by faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God. So the seen world was framed by the word of God.Our life,and what we shall be, is framed by the word of God also.The God who framed the world by His word has given us the word so that you can use it to frame your world or your life. That is why God has given to us His word. Now, God spoke into the nothingness, in the beginningthere was nothing and God spoke.His word went forth and created everything.Now, God wants us to do something very similar. He wants us to take the word and speak His word.It doesn't matter that it is going from your mouth, it's the word of God going forth out of your mouth. So when you speak the word andit goes into your heart,that is what produces salvation, that is why confess with your mouth, believe in your heart, and you will be saved.

So God has given us the word of God,and given us a heartwhich receives the word of God, and the word in the heart is the thing that frames our world.What we shall be, what our life will be like,what our future will belike, what the qualityof our life will be like, is determined by our heart. Let me take you to one more verse in Proverbs chapter 4 verse 23. Keep your heart... are you looking at it? It's a very important verse.Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it springthe issues of life.A simpler translation is, keep your heart with all diligence. Be careful with your heart, what goes in there, and so on. Keep it safe from all these bad things. Why? Because that is the life spring. That is whereeverything in your life comes from.If you give the wrong input, then you'll be surprised one day, all kinds of wrong things happening.Immediately, it may not happen. When you give wrong input, when you read the wrong things, look at the wrong thingsand constantly giving input the wrong way into your heart, then out of your heart will flow every evil thing like Jesus said.He mentioned horrible things.He said, "All these evil things come from the heart of man." Heart is the source of life. If a man is producing evil, and it's destroying his family, it's destroying his relationships,it's destroying his peace, it's destroying everything about him, it's destroying his finances, it's destroying all aspects of his life, if it's tearing it up and destroyingthen where does it come from? What is that power?There's something in the heart,something wrong with the heart,that is what is doing it.

Similarly, when a person is turning for the better, beginning to thriveand flourish and prosper anddo well, and beginning to succeed, there is a remarkable change in that person. You know where that comes from? That also comes from the heart. Everything comes from the heart, whether it's evil or good it's coming from the heart. It is the spring of life. It is the source from which life flows. It is the source from which everything comes. So guard yourheart it says.We lock up our house, we lock up our lockers,we lock up even or 50,000 rupees scooters and motorcycles, but we forget to lock up ourheart and shut the doors of our heart to evil things. We constantly allow the inflow of wrong kind of material into our heart.And what happensis not something good, that's going to happen immediately but it's like a seed sown in the field, it's going to bring a harvest later on. The good things also happen in that way. Just because you sow the word of God, it's not going to be an overnight change, but it's going to be a change for sure.You will get a harvest one day of all the good things that you have put in, it's going to come back good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over at you.You're going to reap a harvest 30, 60 and 100 fold. This is how the whole thing works. That is why the Proverbs warns us saying guard your heart with all diligence. Our heart is very important.

Now I want to take you to a new testament passage in 2nd Corinthianschapter 6 where Paul for this reason is pleading with the Corinthian Christiansto open up their heart to what he's teaching.Here is a group of people that are allowing sin to continue in the church. The church is known as a sinful, notorious church,known as a very worldly church. Many things wrong with it and Paul is writing to correct itand he is appealing to them. He says, "Hey, I want you to open up your heartto the things of God. I've come and brought you the things of God, you open upyour heart," he says.Chapter 6 verse 11, 12, and 13.O Corinthians!We have spoken openly to you, our heart is wide open.It's talking about a wide open heart, some translations say, our heart is enlarged. So he says, "Hey, our mouth is open, our heart is open." In other words, he says, "I've come to you with open mouth and open heart. Everything that I have in my heart, I'm going to open my mouth and pour it into you because I want good life for you. I want you to live the successful Christian life. I want you to change. So that's why our heart is open, our mouth is open," he says.

You are not restricted by us, but you are restricted by your own affections.That means, we are not restricting you, you are restricting yourself. There is something wrong with these people. They are not able to hear Paul and give heed to Pauland receive what Paul has brought for them. Now in return for the same (I speakas to children), you also be open. So he's pleading with them. He says, "I'm speaking to you as children." Have you ever seen that some parents beg the children not to do certain things and do certain things because they care about the children?They want them to study well, they want not to get into this and that, and they beg them sometimes, they plead with them and say,"Please." You know why? Because they're so interested in the child's welfare. They know the danger involved in some bad things that the kids get into. So they plead and the children won't listen. They have a closed heart and a closed mind and narrow mind and heart. They think they're right and the parents are wrong.Similar situation spiritually. Paul looks at them as his children. He says, "I'm pleading with you, open your heart. I've come with an open mouth and an open heart. What's happened?You've got a narrow mindedness, you've got your heart narrowed so that you won't receive."

Look at the Message translation.Message is a wonderful translation, I hope you have one of those translations. Otherwise, you can just go to Google and type in 2nd Corinthians 6:11-13 and say, Message translation. You'll get it.What a wonderful world we live in. Verse 11,Dear, dearCorinthians, I can't tell you how much I long for you to enter this wide-open, spacious life. One of the things that happens when your heart is not open to certain truths and things like that, Paul here is trying to reprimand them for what wrong they're doing, their sinfulness and all that. But I think this is something that can be applied to all kinds of situations.In our day, the problem with many good Christians is this, they don't want to open their hearts to certain truths. They havea closed heart, a narrow heart, where the truth cannot enter in. Therefore, they don't flourish, they don't prosper, they don't come up because they have this wrong views of life that they got from somewhere. So I think you can apply to that also.

He says, "I want you to enter this wide-open, spacious life." The world is a big world. God has a big plan. God has greatness planned for you. But a lot of Christians don't think like that. They don'tthink like that.They think we are supposed to be here in this world, and live a meager existence, have as little as possible and just barely get through and go to heaven where everything will be there. That's the way Christians view life.Paul says, "Hey,the world is a big world, there is a spacious life, it's wide-open, open your heart, get the truth, understand the truth." He says, we didn't fence you in.If you're finding yourself limited, restricted, he says we didn't do it. We're not teaching something to restrict you and limit you, we didn't fence you in.The smallness you feel... how wonderful, the Message translation.The smallness you feel comes from within you. You created that smallness, that small-mindedness, he says, because you closed your heart to truths that liberate you to enjoy the blessings of God. He says,the smallness you feel comes from within you.Your lives aren't small, but you're living them in a small way.Your life is not insignificant,it's not that your life doesn't matter butyou are living as though it doesn't matter, that you are a speck in some wide big world. God considers you as very important.You're living them in a small way. I'm speaking as plainly as I can with great affection. Verse 13, Open up your lives.Live openly and expansively! Some translations have it as, enlarge your heart, open your heart wide, receive the word of God, let the word do something in your heart,change your heart, fill your heart so thatyour life can be better.

Weymouth translation, let me just read this, and then we'll go to another passage. Weymouth translation verse 11, O Corinthians, our lips are unsealed to you: our heart isexpanded.Enlarged, in other words.Verse 12, There is no narrowness in our love to you: the narrowness is in your own feelings."You're narrow," he says, "we are not narrow." And in just requital--I speak as to my children--let your hearts expand also. So when God's word comes in,it does something to the heart. God's word is sent to our hearts. Heart is where the word of God goes to. It works in our heart, that's how it produces salvation and that's how it produces everything.So we need to open up our heartsso that God's word can come in and make the difference so that there can be progress and so on.

Now,that is why God has made us a new creation so that He can take us, put His word in us and cause us to grow, that we can grow in an unlimited way spiritually.Like I told you, our physical self is limited, with this body I'm limited. I've only so much strength. I can only do certain things with this body. I have only so much power in this body. But in my spirit, I'm kind of like God, limitless. My spirit is far superior, it is limitless. It's much more powerful. If I get my spirit right I can achieve great things for God even though my body is small. My body is not so powerful. Even though my body is not up to that, my spirit is very important because my spirit is the thing that brings victory and success in my life. My spirit is the thing that causes me to overcome all the problems and challenges and difficulties and win in life. The spirit of man is very important.How you are spiritually mattersand the heartthat you have as a new creation, as a born again person, must have the input of God's word from the unseen realm so thatit can work in your heart and produce results that can be seen.

Let me take you to Ephesians chapter 3.Paul's prayer. That prayer reveals something about the capacityof the heart, how the heart can be enlarged, how the heart of man, the spirit of man has the ability to expand and enlarge endlessly. Ephesians chapter 3. Let me read to you from verse 14. This is Paul's prayer.First let me read it and then let me explain it.For this reason I bow my knees to the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, from whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named,that He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with might through His Spirit in the inner man. See the expression inner man. ThatChrist may dwell in your hearts through faith; that you, being rooted and grounded in love, may be able to comprehend with allsaints what is the width and length and depth and height- to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge; that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.That's his prayer.

Now, I believe that this is the New Testament prayer, properNew Testament prayer.People say, "Well, this man prayed like that, that man prayed like, we have this prayer in the Bible, that prayer in the Bible. So I'm going to pray like this woman, I'm going to pray like that man," and so on. But you want a New Testament prayer. See the New Testament everything has changed. A lot of things have changed. We have a new covenant, we have the blood of Jesus, we have the Holy Spirit in our hearts.And so alotof things have changed.On the cross Jesus said it is finished. That means everything that needed to be done, for the redemption of man is over, finished. There is nothing more that God needs to do. Everything is finished, finished means finished.So in light of the fact that everything is now finishedin Christ Jesus, in light of the finished work of Christ,how should I pray? That is why I believe this is the New Testament prayer. This is more a New Testament prayer than even the Lord's Prayer. I don't demean the Lord's Prayer, I know that it's a prayer that the Lord Jesus taught the disciples to use as a model. Now, if you think that He just told you to simply repeat it every Sunday or every day, then you're terribly mistaken. It's not just a mere repetition that Jesus intended. He said, use this as a model. "Pray in this manner,"He said. It doesn't mean just simply repeat this and that's your prayer in this is it, no more. No, even that is not a New Testament prayer because Jesus has not gone to the cross and died and finished the work that He came to do. So that prayer itself doesn't incorporate those things, the privileges and blessings that are now available to us in redemption. In that way, that prayer is not a New Testament prayer.

The Old Testament, we have tremendous prayers, wonderful prayers we can learn a lot from them.But when you read those prayers, like one fella said, "Abraham addressed God saying, 'I'm nothing but dust.' So that is the way I pray brother, it's in the Bible. I learned it from Abraham." I said, "Did Abraham go to a church? Did he have the Bible? Did he have the redemption? Did he have the blood of Jesus? Did he have the new covenant? Did he have the Holy Spirit? Did he have the revelation that we have?" Just imagine what life of Abraham would have been like.No church to go to, no preacher to preach, no Bible, no Holy Spirit inside. Most unfortunate but yet with whatever he knew, he walked with God and God showed him the way and helped him,but we are in a far better condition to understand things now.We are in a far better position becausewe are in a new covenant, we have been blessed so much under the new covenant. Soyou can't say,"I'll just follow Abraham." What the Bible is saying is Abraham prayed like that.

That may be the right way to pray, that may not be the right way to pray. The Bible's intention in mentioning that prayer is not to say you pray like that.It is only descriptive, not prescriptive. There's a difference between description and prescription. Prescription means that passage is there prescribing to you the way to pray. This is the way you must pray. You cannot take that passage like that.That is not the intention of that passage.It is not prescribing this kind of prayer.It's simply stating that Abraham prayed like that, for whatever reason, he prayed like that, describing that, it's descriptive. But I believe Ephesians 3 prayer of Paul and Ephesians 1 prayer of Paul from verse 16 to the end in chapter 1. These can be interpreted as prescriptive, that means you want to pray, learn your prayer from this, this is God's prescription. How do you pray? He says, listen to this. This is pukka New Testament prayer. Pukka as a word worldwide they don't understand, real New Testament prayer. This is true New Testament prayer. We have our own English, I think. You can't find a more New Testament prayer than this. It incorporates into it everything that is available for us right now. In and through Jesus Christ. That's why it's a New Testament prayer. Other prayers are not New Testament prayers because the finished work of Christ was not available at that time. It doesn't incorporate all the blessings and all the things that are possible.

So look at the prayer. Look at his prayer. I think everyChristian, every preacher, every believer needs to pray this prayer. I hope that you will make this your prayerand I have preached on Ephesians 1 and even this various times, but let me read this to you. Verse 16 onwards. Whatis his prayer?The first prayer request that he has is that God would grant you according to the riches of His glory to be strengthened with might through His Spirit in the inner man. To be strengthened with might through His Spirit in the inner man that's the request.Now consider this, how strong can you become in the inner man?If you take bodily strength,I have a certain amount of strength. I can only go so far.Some guys really grow their muscles and they show it off and so on. I don't have that much. Some people have much more than me and there's difference between one person and the other person. That is body, but no matter how much you have body you can only go so far.You are not almighty in bodily terms.It's not that you can somehow work it up to grow to be a person that in body there is nothing impossible, no,body has a limitation as body.As an earthly entity, it has a limitation.

But the spirit of man, hello?The spiritof man, your inner man,can grow and grow and grow and grow endlesslyand reach stateand condition that is unimaginable. It can become very powerful, spiritually you can become very powerful. I'll say to you that inside of you, in this world itself, inside of you, you can be thousand times more powerful in your inner man than your outer man. Hello? You can be thousand times more powerful in your inner man than your outermanbecause with your inner man you deal with the difficulties and problems, with your inner man you deal with your challenges, with the strength that is available to you in the inner man who's strengthened by the Spirit of God, by that strength a superior strength, you tackle the problems of your life. Are you there?

Soyou're not handicappedlike Elisha's servant who said,"Alas, master. What shall we do?Enemy has surrounded us."He's only seeing death staring at him.He's afraid. He's sure he's going to die, finished. That's what will happen to you when you live without the knowledge of the unseen, without the knowledge of how strong you could be on the inside, how powerful you can be as a spiritual entity, how strong your spirit can be.You will give up very easily because you think I can't handle it but when you understand like Elisha there are more with us than with them, when you understand that I have more strength inwardly than outwardly,then I'll tell you no problem can defeat you, you will stand up to it.

See, we're always measuring ourselves by the outside.When I was in college I read a book about success, worldly book, and I was looking for how do you become successful?Nobody's teaching, church surely doesn't teach. Somebody told me in the world they have a lot of books about how to be a successful person.So I was interested. I don't want to be a useless person, so I wanted to read some of that stuff and I read that.One book said,if they are interviewing you for the top most job in your thing, in their company, or whatever, they say did you notice that the taller guys have a better chancebecause they have better personality, they're six feet tall and they look good and that you have to dress goodand look good and all that.All these things matter.That will make verysuccessful.ImmediatelyI closed the book down. I was very disappointed.I told God,"God you've given so much to me but you forgot to give me some height.And because of this height, I'm going to be a failure.If I had three or four inches.Why didn't you just give me three, four inches more? I'd have done well.My life depends on it. They're going to look at my height and say,'He doesn't have height.'" But later on, I came to understand it's not the height, it's the power on the inside.

There is a big difference, you see, living by faith is living by the awareness of how powerful you can be and how powerful you are on the inside. What is capable for you as a spirit man, how you can be strengthened in your inner man by the Spirit of God. When you are aware of this, you will begin to pay more attention to the inward man than to the outer man. We need to pay some attention to the outer man, we don't want to look like raggedy rags. Butwe need to pay more attention to the inward man. The inward man is precious, the inward man is going to see you through, the inward man is going to fight your battles, the inward man is going to be standing up to the devils of your life, the inward man is going to help you to stand up against all the problems and win against all the problems, the inward man must be strengthened and yourprayer must be,"Lord, help me be strengthened in the inner man."

Amazing, Paul didn't pray for money, Paul didn't pray for houses, Paul didn't pray forvarious things, but Paul prayed that he will be strengthened in the inner manbecause he knew that if you are strengthened in the inner man you can overcome anything and all these other things it will come to you. Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Our Christian teaching is not that you run after money and scrounge for money, no.Our teaching is that you seek after God. Be strengthened in the inner man by the power of the Holy Spirit. Realize who you are on the inside, that you're a new creation. The Spirit of God is forming you and shaping you. You are a mighty and a powerful person on the inside and you can become more and more powerful everyday. And you can take onanything and everything as far as your inner man is concerned. If you get there, I'll tell you all other needswill automatically take care of itself.

I remember many years ago, I learned faith from some of the preachers that taught it and I was in a meeting where one of the most popular preacher was preaching and he said, "I haven't prayed for money in 25 years." When I was hearing that I was praying for money every day because I didn't have the money. My college, when I went there, I went there with such little money and parents cannot send anything there, all these rules were there.So I didn't have any money even to wash my clothes, it was a big problem.So I could carry, you won't believe, if you traveled in Air India you can carry $100 otherwise you can carry only $8.So I couldn't get air India because Air India is always full. They made sure it was full by giving $100 allowance.So I landed with $8 and boy I prayed every time I had need. Every timeI had to wash clothes I had to pray. And every day I was praying for money and I thought,"This is the way I'm going to live for the rest of my life? Now since I've become a preacher, so I'm going to pray for money every day. This is one job you got to do, pray for money." And here I went to this meeting, this guy's teaching about faith. And a lot of these things I learned from this guy and he says, "I haven't prayed for money in 25 years." I said, "My God, man, show me how not to... What do you pray for then?" If youdon't pray for money which is one of the most important things you can't even eat, you can't even wash your clothes, at that time money seemed to be my... if you asked me,"What is your number one need?" I'd say,"Money. Please give me some money.Just small amount, just to get along." And this man says,"I've never prayed for money for the last 25 years. I stopped praying," he said. "What do you pray for?" And he was preaching this, he said,"To be strengthened in the inner man by the Spirit."He's the one that said you can be thousand times bigger on the inside than on the outside. It just hit me like never before that I can be a very powerful person, that I am a spirit man and not just a body just small frame that you see. I'm a mighty person on the inside and I can become mightierday by day. I can be very mighty, grow day by day and be strengthened every day and become very, very strong on the inside so that I can win all the battles. There is more inside of you than outside of you.For every challenge, for every problem, there's more.

Secondly, the second request is that, that Christ may dwell in your hearts, verse 17, through faith.That Christ may dwell in your heartsthrough faith. See, life of faith is simply you becoming just like Christ.What is Christ dwelling in your heart?Can thatChrist literally physically come and dwell inside of you? That's not what it's talking about. What does Christ dwelling in you means?Christ dwelling in your hearts means that His love, His compassion, His goodness, His mercy, and everything about Him, His wisdom, His spiritual power and ability,all of that, everything that belongs to Christ, all that is Christ'syou want to be yours. His thoughts, His goals, His purposes, His plans, everythingmust become yours and you must live for Him, fulfilling His goals, plans, purposes, with his wisdom, with His power, with His vision, and so on.

Now, I don't ever get involved in politics and all that, that's far from my mind. But recently, a man who was very famous man, been five time chief minister in Tamil Nadu passed away and I was watching the television andthey were saying something very interesting to me, that when his leader died, this man wrote a poem it seems, saying, "Anna, you're gone and no matter how much I cry and ask you to come back, you're not going to come back. You're going to sleep in this beach.So let me ask you one thing,give me your heart and I will keep it safely and give it back to you when I come." I thought, "My God, this guy understands Bible," I think. "Give me your heart and I will give it back to you when I come to your place." That means, when I die I'll bring it back to you and safely return it to you.And when I heard that,that was interesting to mebecause that is exactly what has happened to us. Jesus came and died onthe cross, rose again, and went back to the Fatheranddid not leave us with nothing. He has made us new creation, those of us who have trusted and believed in Himwe've been made new creation. And when He went back, He gave us His heart. That means He gave us His love, His power, His compassion, His mercy, His vision, His goals, His purposes, His thoughts. That is what Christ living in us means. Christ living in us through faith means that I live a life of faith. What is a life of faith?The life of faith is this - that I am more and more becoming like Christ, I'm living totally for Him with His vision, with His plans, with His purposes, doing what He wants done in this world. If He was alive, what He will do, that is what I amdoing. Thatis what a life of faith is all about.

Third request, verse 17 second part,that you, being rooted and grounded in love, may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the width and length and depth and height- to know the love of Christwhich passes knowledge; that you may be filled with all the fullness of God. The third one is about love, to know the love of God in Christ.To know the width, the length, the depth, and the height of God's love. To know, the word know is knowing, like Adam knew Eve, and she bore Cain.The result of knowing is that a child was born. That's the kind of knowing. Knowing the love of Christ is not like... I heard two sermons about the love of... No, it's not like that.Knowing the love of Christ is having an experience of the love of Christ,a deep real experience of the love of Christ. And that experience of the love of Christ always produces something.Just like Adam knowing Eve produced a child, this experience of the love of Christ produces something, it births something,something comes out of that.

Know the love of Christ, which passes knowledge, it says.In Christian doctrine, there is something called the incomprehensibility of God. They teach that.A lot of people think that you just cannot understand God because God is too big, He's like the ocean, you're trying to fill your little pot with ocean's water, that's foolishness, you cannot understand. He's too big,you're too small. Your brain is so small God is so vast and big. Therefore, you cannot ever comprehend God. But what it really means is with this human mind, with nearly the human mind you cannot comprehend God, your human mind is incapable of getting all the knowledge of God, it's not possible.That is why new birth is the answer. That is why He made us a new creation.He didn't patch us upand paint us up to look good, like we do with our cars sometimes when you get them dented.Now, notjust patch and putty and paint.Not like that.He could have done that, but He didn't it because if He didthat we cannot know God because with our old self, the natural man, in and of himself, is unable to understand God.

So in our spirit, we were born again, that which is of the Spirit is spirit, that which is of the flesh is flesh. Jesus told Nicodemus, spiritually something tremendous happened, that we were born again, we have been made a new creation. Old things have passed away, all things have become new.Where?Not on the outside but the inner man. A new spirit,a spirit that is now capable of accommodating the knowledge of God which passeth all knowledge. No human knowledge can comprehend God, but now as a new creation, I can comprehend more and more and more, unbelievably more,that I am myself astonished at how much I can comprehend. Do youknow how much you can comprehend, how much you can know? You can know vast and greatthings concerning God. Your spiritman is powerful, your spirit man can receive so much knowledge than you can ever imagine. Your spirit man can become spiritually so knowledgeable. Endlessly you can grow,there's no limit.

Some people say, "What's the time limit, expiration date on it?Whenwill this end?" Well, it will never end.In chapter 2 of Ephesiansin verse 7, we're told,that in the ages to come He might show the exceeding riches of His grace in His kindness toward us in Christ. It's talking about why He raised us up with Christ and made us sit together with Him in the heavenly places. Why He saved us? He says, so that in the ages to come, ages to come refers to what?Just age of grace from now until Jesus comes? No, no, no, no. The ages to come means literally ages, not only in this age in which we live on this earth but in the future age where new heaven and new earth will be there, we'll be there in eternity for ages and ages and ages, endlessly.That God wants to show forthHis kindness towards us, how long and how far and how much endlessly. He's got to show his love endlessly. Just imagine already I've been a Christian now for more than 40 years, I've really grown, just imagine what I'll be like in 200,000 years. If I just keep on growing and growing and growing and growing, how you will befew years later and then hundreds of years later, and thousands of years later. Endlessly, God wants to show forthHis kindness towards us for ages to come and that is the kind of capacitythat has been given to us through the new birth, through the new creation. So you've got something very powerful on inside, my friend.Don't be like Elisha's servant. Don't be screaming and shouting when your problem is coming,"My God, what can I do?" Look inside, be strengthened in the inner man.Let Christ live in you and fill your heart with His thoughts and with His power, with His wisdom and abilityandlet the knowledge of God's love fill your heart.

And fourthly, that you may be filled, verse 19, with all the fullness of God. A lot people have decided that you can only know so much about God. The Bible says, you can know the fullness of God.Even when it talks about comprehending the love of God it says, to comprehend with all the saints. That means this is a privilege that is available to every saint, not just some... yogi who's sitting in the Himalayasand meditating so that he may know God.The Bible doesn't teach things like that. This is Christianity, man.This isnot something else. This is Christianity.All the believers, all the saints of earth, you may comprehend with all the saints, everysaint of God, every last believer here has that spiritual capacity, unbelievable capacity to know the love of God more and more and know beyond anything that you can imagine in your wildest dreams. Filled with the fullness of God.Don't believe the lie that says, "You can only so much about God anddon't know more." No, no, you can no more and more and more and be filledwith the fullness of God because you have been given such capacity in the new creation.Interesting.

In verse 16, when he begins this prayer, he says,that He would grant you according to the riches of His glory.That same expression is used,remember, in Philippians4:19 where it talks about how God will meet your needs. Paul is talking about financial needs to the Philippians, he says, "My God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory." That same expression is used.That means God will meet your needs, not according to your needs, God will meet your needs according to His riches. That's what it means. That means when He meets your needs it will be much more than what you need, because the basis is not your need, the basis is His riches.It means the same thing here.When God begins to answer this prayer He's not going to answer it little, and give you a little knowledge of God and little bit of these four things. No, when He meets these needs, it's going to be according to His riches, according to His riches in glory. He's going to give you all these four things much more than you think.

And he states that again in verse 20.Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us.What is he saying? God loves this prayer so much when you pray for these four things: that you be strengthened in the inner man by the Spirit; that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith; that you may know the love of Christ, the length, breath, the height, and the depth of the love of Christ; and to knowthe love which passethall knowledge. Fourthly, that you may be filled with all the fullness of God. These four prayers when you pray, I think you try to pray this, you pray it for a couple of months and then see what happens.When you pray these four prayers God is going to fill you with these four things in a much grander way than you would ever imagine.

He will do it exceeding abundantly above all that you ask or think,and all your other needs and problems will be swallowed up in this because you'll be so strengthened by the inner man, so filled with the knowledge of God's love, Christ will live in you so much more, and that you will have the fullness of God so much more that you will be able to deal with any problem and every problem and overcome them and win against them. This is the life of faith. It all happens by the word of God, from the unseen realm, in the heart of man. The heart is enlarged, the heart is made powerful, the heart becomes the source of power and strength and victory. Thatis the life of faith. Amen. Shall we all stand up and we will continue next week.

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