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Living by Faith (Vol 14) - The Force of Faith

Sunday English Service - 14 OCT 18


Hebrews chapter 11 and verse 3. By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible. As you know, we've been teaching on living by faith for some time now, based on Hebrews chapter 11. And verse three is probably the most important verse here in this whole chapter, because it describes the operation of faith as well as what faith is basically. And in doing so it says, by faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God. I showed you how it must be understood. What it is saying is that we understand that by faith, the worlds were created. Faith is the force or the power that God used to create the world. The author is trying to teach about faith, the glory of faith, the wonderful power that is called faith. So he's saying, “Faith is the power through which the whole world was created. God created the world through faith, employing that faith or sending that faith packaged in His Word. He sent forth His word, and in that word is the faith of God, which is the power of God, and that created the whole world,” he says.

Now I showed you that therefore, faith is the greatest power that you can ever think of. There are great powers in the earth, we know nuclear power as the greatest earthly power. But faith is much greater than the nuclear power. Faith is the power that created everything that contributes to that nuclear power. Faith is the parent power, you may say, or the parent force, therefore it is greater. Earthly powers are part of this seen world. The seen world is not greater than the unseen world, because from the unseen world the seen world came. The seen world is a creation of the unseen world. Therefore, the unseen world is greater and faith is a power that belongs to the unseen world. So we saw that this faith is an amazing power. And I showed you because it's an amazing power, God has put a check valve there in the use of faith. Therefore, we saw Galatians 5:6 for the last two/three weeks, we've been concentrating on that, because it's a very important thing. It helps us to even deal with certain passages here in Hebrews. And that is, faith works by love. Galatians 5:6 says, “Faith works by love.” Our faith is expressed in love. You can even say it like this, faith is expressed in no other way other than in love. You cannot express it in hate, you cannot express to take revenge, you cannot express it in other kinds of ways. Faith is operated through love. That's the check valve that God has placed there for the operation of faith. Because it's an enormous power, it should not be misused. So it can be operated only through love. And I talked about it for last three weeks, and I don't want to spend time on it.

But today, I want to talk a little bit more about the force of faith and explain it and where it comes from, and how it works a little bit and get into this because I want to talk more about how this faith works. So faith is the force that created the world. Here we read, the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which do appear. So like I said, God put faith in His Word and through that He sends His word and through the power of faith, He created everything in this world that you see, so that everything that we see is a creation of this force called faith. Now, many people find it very difficult to believe. How can word create? How can God simply speak word and send His faith through the word, packaged in the word? And how can that create? How can faith create a world that we see. Now we know that in Christian teaching, we say that everything was created out of nothing, which is correct in a way. Because when we say everything was created, out of nothing, out of nothing means it is not created out of anything that can be seen. The nothing refers to the material world and everything that is seen. So there was no seen raw material that was used in the creation of the world. That is what it's saying. Therefore it is not actually absolutely nothing. It is absolutely nothing as far as the raw materials are concerned. There was no raw material used in the creation of the seen world. So everything was created with another raw material with another parent force, and that is what is called faith.

Now, people find it very difficult to conceive of some spiritual force called faith creating the world. They say, “How can you say something like this? That spiritual power called faith, sent through the word created the world.” The author says this because he wants to emphasize the fact of how faith works through human beings next. He wants to give examples of how people have this power of faith, and how it operates through them, and how great things that are achieved through the power of faith. So he starts with God using this power called faith and creating the whole world. But people are unable to understand how faith can create a world, how you can just speak the words of faith and how that can bring about a creation, everything that is seen.

Now, if you have difficulty trying to understand faith, and it is always a difficulty because it is an unseen thing, it is least understood of all things. I’ll try to explain it to you through an example. Take, for example, the opposite force to faith which is called fear. Now, everybody knows fear. We're all familiar with fear. There is nobody here that will say, “I don't know fear, brother.” There's a lot of people who’ll say, “I don't know faith,” isn’t that amazing that nobody will say, “I don't know fear.” Fear is basically faith in the wrong direction. It's a negative type of thing. Fear is the opposite of faith. Fear, actually, is a distortion of faith. See, when God made Adam, He wanted him to live just like Him. He made him in His image and likeness. The Bible says, “The just shall live by faith.” And that's the way God wants man to live, by faith. So God created Adam, put him there in the garden. He was supposed to live by faith. What is living by faith? Just live like God. How did God live? God made the heaven and earth, the Bible says there was chaos, emptiness, and darkness. Earth was in an unfinished stage. It was not like what He actually wanted. There's a lot of things that need to be set right, there was chaos, emptiness, and darkness. So God went about speaking His will and His wish, what He wanted. He wanted light so He said, “Let there be light.” He wanted vegetation so He said, “Let there be grass and fruit bearing trees and vegetation,” and so on. He wanted sun, moon, and the stars, so He spoke saying, “Let there be sun, moon, and the stars.” He wanted fish and the birds so He spoke, “Let there be birds, let there be fish.” He wanted animals so He spoke it. And then finally He said, “Let us make man in Our image and likeness,” that also He spoke, and as a result, man was made in His image and likeness.

This is how God by faith created the world. When we say by faith God created, just read chapter 1 of Genesis, you’ll know how God creates by faith. He creates by speaking what He wills and what He wants. He desires certain things, he doesn't want certain things. He doesn't want darkness. He doesn't want chaos. He doesn't want emptiness. So He speaks His wishes, He speaks His desires, He speaks His will in other words, and His will comes to pass. That's how God operated by faith. Now, God created man in His image and likeness. He wanted him to operate just like Him. That's what living by faith is. So when man meets with chaos and emptiness and darkness, when man comes across some kind of chaos, some kind of emptiness, some kind of darkness, he will know exactly what to do. He can just follow God's example. He can begin to understand what God's will is because this is God's earth. God made it for man. God has given it to man. God's will must be done here. That's why the prayer of Jesus says, “Your will be done on earth as it is done in heaven.” Earth is a place where God's will must be done. That's God's desire. So man understands that. So in God's place, he is supposed to rule and reign on this earth and live by faith and remove every chaos, remove emptiness and fill it with good things, remove chaos, and bring order and remove darkness and bring light and set aright everything and anything that needed to be set aright. That's living by faith.

Man must understand what God's will is, what God wants in any situation. And if anything is against God's will, he must begin to open his mouth and declare God's will and speak God's will and establish God's will in that way. God expected man to live like that. But do you know what man did? He began to live like that everything was fine, lived a wonderful life. But then tempted by Satan, he yielded to Satan and sinned against God. Now by sinning came under the authority and power of the devil. Sin has come into him, and therefore he has become a slave of Satan. He has come under the authority and the power of the devil. And now the devil takes this faith that God has given to man to live by and turns it into fear. That is why in Genesis chapter 3 verse 7 you read about God coming into the garden and saying, “Adam, where are you?” And in verse 8 Adam replies. The very first words that Adam spoke to God after sinning and falling in sin are these. God says, “Where are you, Adam?” You know what Adam said, “I was naked, and therefore I was hiding because I was afraid. I was ashamed. I was afraid.”

Being afraid is one of the first things that Adam spoke about after he fell into sin. One of the most important things that happened to Adam is that now he has known something different, something that he has never known in his life before. He has known faith. But now he knows only fear. He’s afraid. He never knew what fear was before but now he is afraid. He is filled with fear. This new thing has come into him. Satan has taken the power of faith and turned it into fear, a power to destroy instead of power to make, power to create, power to do good. Instead of faith that works in love here is fear that works against everything that love stands for. It is a destructive force. So now man is living under fear.

Now, ever since that we are Adam’s children, the fallen Adam’s children, so we all understand and know very well what fear is all about. We don't know what faith is but we know what fear is because we have all experienced fear on many levels. What does fear do? Heart is beating and when you are afraid, it's beating faster. See, you have never seen fear but you can see fear in what it does to you. It's like the wind that cannot be seen. “You don't know where it comes from,” Jesus said, “and where it's going.” But you can see that it's shaking the leaves and moving the branches of the trees and so on. You know that the wind is there because you can see it there, it's blowing. Fear is something that can be seen. You've never seen really fear but you have seen it manifesting itself in our body, in our life, in our mind, in our thinking, in our actions, you have seen fear. Fear is a reality that we live with. You’ve had times when you were afraid and you perspired, sweat like anything because you were afraid. Heart started beating. For some people heart stopped because of fear. How can fear, an unseen force,  this evil force can be so strong, that can stop a heart that beat so punctually, so correctly. It stops a heart, disturbs the equation, disturbs the health of a person, completely destroys a person's mind so that they end up in a mental institution sometimes because of fear.

And when fear takes over a person and dominates a person, no reasoning will help because fear is greater than reasoning. Fear is basically baseless. And you can take all the proof and show to the person, “Don't fear, your fear is baseless. Why are you fearing? Look at the facts.” And they will look at the facts and they say, “But still, I'm afraid.” That's the way they are. They know the facts that there is no real reason to fear, there is no real facts that should cause you to fear but yet they fear. Now you see how fear works. Fear can destroy somebody's health, physical health, mental health. Fear can destroy a family, fear can destroy a man's confidence, make him fail in his business and fail in the work of his hands. Fear can completely cripple a man and make him lie down and not go to work, do anything. Fear can cause a man to fail in everything that he does. Fear is a reality and we have seen it in ourselves and in the lives of people in varying degrees.

Now, it's very easy to understand fear that's why I refer to fear. See, if Satan is not a creator, he never created anything, he took faith and turned it into fear. He's a distortion. He distorts everything. Whatever good God has made, he turns it into the opposite direction. God made us as love creatures, but look at us now, we have hate, we have jealousy, we have pride, we have all of these things that works against love. Destroys again families, destroys our relationship with the people and so on. Destroys our happiness, destroys our health, jealousy, pride, envy, all of these things come in today. But God gave us love. He wanted us to live by love. And the devil turns it into all these things. He turns it into hate. Similarly, devil never creates anything. He took the faith which is a powerful, creative power that works in love and does wonderful things and turns it into fear.

Now, the way I would say is this for you to understand faith. If fear can make a person tremble, if fear can destroy a person's health and make him sick. If fear can make your heart beat fast. If fear can cause certain physical reactions in you and disturb your health, and peace, and even mental health, then I would say faith can bring back good health. Faith can bring healing. Faith is the power that is greater power than fear because that's the real thing, it’s a positive power. Faith can heal you. Faith can deliver you, faith can cause you to turn your failures into success. Faith can make a crippled man stand up and walk. Faith takes a crippled man who is crippled by fear and not able to do anything and makes him a success. Now, you understand faith. Faith is a divine power, wonderful power. That's why Jesus always asked, “Do you have faith? Do you believe?” That's why Jesus said, “If you say to the mountain, ‘Be thou removed and be cast into the sea,’ and believe in your heart, that whatever you say will come to pass, you will have whatever you say. That's faith,” He says. That's the power of faith. “Have this kind of faith,” He said. The previous verse says, have this kind of faith. What kind of faith? Say to a mountain, the mountain will obey. Even the mountain will obey what you say.

So now, the next step to understand about faith is this. Now you understand what faith is, it's unseen power, it's a spiritual power. If you can’t understand it, you can think in terms of fear, it's exactly the opposite of fear. Fear works negatively, faith works positively. Faith is a wonderful power that builds and edifies, delivers, heals, and so on. So now you understand faith a little bit more. But then the next thing to understand is that faith because it created everything that we see, you may call it the parent force. What is a parent force? A parent is the one that brought forth the child, right? A child has parent. So the parent is the one from whom the child came. Now, faith is a parent force because everything that we see came from this parent force. Faith created everything. Therefore, faith is a parent. Now, if faith is the parent force that created everything, then everything that is created will obey faith, because it has been created by faith. That is why Jesus could say, “You can say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and be planted in the sea.’” And you know what He said? “And it will obey you.” Amazing, it will obey you. What will obey you? The tree will obey you, the tree will uproot itself and plant itself into the sea. That's a principle He’s talking about there. Why it is so important you notice that Jesus is talking about a principle. The principle is this, the parent force is faith, therefore, everything created by faith, because it came into being by faith, it will obey when faith commands. When words of faith are spoken, these things that are created will obey.

Now, that is very difficult for the people of the world to understand. They say, How can that be? How can you say that everything will obey faith? Well, that is exactly the reason Bible teaches faith like this. Everything will obey faith, the tree will obey, the mountain will obey, sickness will obey, weakness will obey, every problem will obey, the devil will obey, everything will obey. By faith all things are possible to him that believeth is because all things came into being as a result of faith. Faith is the parent force. Therefore, faith can do all these things. Faith is such a power. It brings deliverance and healing, and all of these things on the basis of this principle, that faith is the power to which all other things in this earth obey and listen and obey. That is why faith-filled words are important. But world doesn’t understand.

Jesus spoke faith-filled words in a house where there was a marriage happening, and they ran out of wine. And the mother of Jesus told the people that complained about running out of wine, she said, “Do whatever He says. Just do whatever He says.” And what did He say? There were six jars holding about 30 gallons of water each. This is not jars filled with wine, that's too much wine, this is jars filled with water for washing of the feet. In those days, people washed their feet when they came in. So this is something that you generously take and pour on your feet, and wash your feet. So Jesus says, “Fill those jars with water.” And those jars are filled with water, 30 gallons each jar. So that's 180 gallons. Multiplied by liters, almost comes to 1,000 liters. That's a lot of wine, won’t you say? 1,000 liters. If you know anything about liters, that's a lot of wine. And when Jesus told them to fill it, they filled it and He said, “Serve it.” And when they served it, it turned into wine. People drank it and said, “Where did He keep this wine? You've been serving wine, but that was not as good as this. This is the best I've ever had. This is so tasty, so sweet, so good. Where did he get this? And this is in plenty.” I think whole Cana of Galilee had wine after the wedding is over, because all the leftovers were sent to the whole town people, I think. Everybody had a glass, celebrating. So much was provided.

Faith. Jesus says, Jesus commands. She said, “Whatever He says, you do it.” And just by speaking that one word, water was turned into wine. And world cannot understand. They say, “How can that be? How can somebody turn water into wine just by saying something.” He says, “Be calm,” and the sea is calm. He takes deaf people and say, “Be opened to the deaf ears,” and deaf ears are opened. Tells the demons to depart from that person and the demons depart. People can't understand how and why this will happen. When you operate by faith, people can’t understand. They'll wonder what you're doing. When you understand the principle of taking God's will from the word of God, and the principle of believing the will of God and wanting it to be established in your life and in your world, you begin to speak it. You speak what God says about your life, your family, your work of your hands, your education, your job, your skills, your finances, your health, everything. When you take the will of God... See, faith is not like you just take... people are trying to find some words that will suit them. Faith is not like that. Faith is taking the will of God that is established here in the word of God. For example, salvation is the will of God. Not one should perish, but all must have everlasting life. That's the will of God.

Healing is the will of God. There is nowhere in the Bible that says, sickness is the will of God. Everywhere God seems to be the healer. I know in the world there is sickness, but God is the healer. God wants you well. In the Old Testament or the New Testament, God wants His people to be well. He kept a whole nation well. Did you know that? The people of Israel well. In the wilderness, God kept them well. Where there is no hospital, nothing there, God was there. He kept them well. Nobody got sick. The Bible says nobody even got weak, it says. Everybody was well. So wellness and whole being is the will of God. The Bible says that. So are many other things. The established will of God is the thing that the Bible states. You must not read the Bible to pick some convenient verses for your use. “Doesn't the Bible say this,” somebody says. I'm very careful about those people, they want something so they pick some verse. It's not like that. You need to look at it and see if it is the will of God clearly expressed in the whole of the Scriptures.

And then because you know now healing is the will of God, now you can take the healing scriptures and begin to speak them. You know it because you want to speak them. God has given it to us here. God has stated His will here, just like He clearly made it known that He did not want darkness and chaos, and emptiness, He has clearly made it known what He does not want, and what He wants here. The will of God is made clear so that we can take the will of God for every area of our life, and clearly speak it. He has given it for our use. He's not given it to keep it next to our pillow, so that the demon spirits will not come, looking at the Bible. A lot of people believe that. They say, “I keep it right next to my pillow when I sleep because in the midnight demons are roaming.” The demon knows that such a person doesn't know what the Bible says. The Bible is next to the pillow, but it's no use because they don't know and they don't know how to use it. It’s like having a gun, but not knowing how to use it. You can get robbed having a gun like that. If you don't use it you can get killed also.

So, use the word of God. See God who spoke in the beginning and created, given us words that can create today, given us creative words for us to speak. So we take the will of God, clearly known will of God, not flippantly, not just for our convenience here and there, not just taking here and there and just saying something, no. Clearly known will of God, you must take and establish it in your life. Your desire must be that the will of God must be done in your life, as it is done in heaven. God's will must be done in your life, not your will. Usually the people want their will so they find a verse. No, you want God's will. When it's God's will and you pray for God's will to be established, and you speak the word, the words will have power when you speak the will of God. That's the way it is to be used. That's why God has given it. So you begin to speak it. So you begin to speak it about your family, about your wife, about your children, about your work, and about your business and about everything.

What do you speak? Now, sometimes we end up speaking the wrong thing because that's the word. The fallen world is so fallen that they are so far away from these truths. They don't realize how important these truths are. Somebody sent me a WhatsApp thing, a funny speech by someone, the guy was talking about how a man who was having a headache wanted his wife to apply the ointment and rub it on his head. So talking about it he says, “How can headache be applied to headache?” He means wife is the headache. So he has got his whole thinking oriented like that. That's the world you see. The world thinks like that. What is wife? Wife is a headache. How can headache heal headache? If you got headache you go to some other person, some other doctor, not the wife because she's the headache. This is the way they think. It seems like it's out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. So it's coming. I hope it's just a joke and it's not real. If a person thinks that the wife is the headache, I'll tell you, I guarantee you, she'll become the headache. Maybe that's why she became the headache in the first place. You need to speak what you wish, not what you don't want. You need to speak what God's will is. You need to speak God's desires.

Turn with me to 128 Psalm just for an example because I need to show how practically it must be used. Now people have made this a wedding song. Christians are bad in this that they take some Psalms and made it burial service psalms. For example, Psalm 23 the beautiful psalm, the Lord is my shepherd, has become a graveyard psalm. When they are lowering the body down they say, “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.” The man is gone. I'm not saying you shouldn't use it there. Psalm 23 as far as I know, in many places, that's where you'll hear. When somebody dies and they're going to lower the body into the grave, that's when you hear it anymore because that's become a graveyard psalm. But actually, if you look at Psalm 23 location, where it's located, it’ll tell you what it's for, whether it's for the graveyard or whether it's for life. Psalm 22 is about the suffering and the death of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross. It’s a description, a prophetic, amazing description of Christ's suffering on the cross. You won't believe when you read it how wonderfully it's been described and the same thing is quoted by Jesus from the cross. Psalm 22 Jesus quotes from the cross because Jesus believes that His death on the cross is a fulfillment of Psalm 22. So Psalm 22 is an important psalm describing the death David prophetically describes it. Psalm 24 is a psalm about the second coming of Jesus, where He will come as King of kings and Lord of lords, making way for the King to come and rule and reign. Psalm 23 is located right in between the time of Christ’s crucifixion and death, and His second coming, which is where we are right now. Now they've taken this psalm and inserted it into after life kind of thing. Very sad.

So what I do is as a principal, whatever they preach in graveyards, I preach in Sunday mornings because it will come right then. And whatever they preach Sunday mornings I preach in weddings. One fella after hearing me in the wedding said, “What? In wedding you preach like this? You're supposed to give advice to the people and you preached about faith like Sunday morning?” I said, “Faith is what they need. Man, did you look at the boy’s face? He’s all troubled and afraid. He didn’t how he's going to pay the rent and how he was going to manage the house, how he's going to manage the wife, how his life is going to be. The guy is all perturbed. I need to talk about faith.” So I talk Sunday morning sermons there. I take all these classic wedding sermons and speak it here, Sunday mornings. So here is a wedding psalm according to some. But look and see, it's not a wedding psalm. It's a psalm for each and every one of us.

Look at this. Blessed is everyone who fears the Lord. How many of you fear the Lord here? What about the rest of you? It’s for people that fear the Lord. Blessed is everyone who fears the Lord, who walks in His ways. That's us. You fear the Lord and walk in His ways. So this is a psalm for us. What does it tell us? When you eat the labor of your hands, you shall be happy, and it shall be well with you. Hello. Now I know that this is God's will for me. This is the will of God for me, because this is supported throughout the scriptures. Everywhere you see, everywhere you read this, that God wants my well-being. God wants me to be blessed. God wants my need to be supplied. God wants the labor of my hands to bring enough so that I will have enough to eat and be happy in my life and so on. God wants to bless the work of my hands. There is no doubt about that in my mind. So what should I do? God has given these words for me to take and use. How should I use it? I need to say, when I eat the labor of my hands, I shall be happy and it shall be well with me. It shall be well with me. Everybody say, “It shall be well with me. I will eat the labor of my hands. I will be happy and it shall be well with me. I will do well. By the grace of God, it shall be well with me. I will eat the labor of my hands. It shall be well with me. I’ll be happy.”

Now, you know how happy your walls of your house will be? Because it's heard a lot of other things. Now, when you speak this, your walls and doors and windows will start smiling. My goodness, what happened to this house? It shall be well with me. Speak it in your house. Go up and down and around your house and speak it, “It shall be well with me. I will eat the labor of my hands, it shall go well with me because God wants me to live like that. It shall be well with me.” Hebrews 11:3 says, God framed the world by the words that He spoke. He designed. Framed means doing more than creation. He framed it means, He made the world as He liked it, as He wanted it. And now as God's creature made in the image and likeness of God, called by God to live for God's purposes, placed here by God to do God's work, to be His child, and to represent Him and show forth His glory, I must desire the will of God to be done in my life. Not my will, His will. He wants me to be well, He wants me to be happy. He wants me to be blessed in the work of my hands.

Next. Your wife shall be like a fruitful vine. Not headache. Shall be like a fruitful vine. What a description. Keep saying that and it'll start happening. Some people say, “Well, when it starts happening I'll say it.” Well, it's never going to happen. I always told you. You can't look at the stove and say, “Give me fire then I'll give you gas.” You first give gas then it will give you fire. Please understand what comes first. Only when you begin to speak by faith, you create a family by faith. You create a successful marriage by faith. Just like God created the world by faith, by words, you create everything by faith. You create a good atmosphere by faith, you create happiness by faith. When you say, “I shall be happy,” you shall be happy. You are creating happiness where there is no happiness. When everything is not well, you start saying, “It shall be well with me and it shall be well with you.” When the work of your hands is not yielding as it should, when it's failing, you say, “I will eat the labor of my hands. I will make the profit. I will earn well. In the name of Jesus I'll be happy and it shall be well with me. My wife will be like the fruitful vine.” And when you say that, I'll tell you my friend it will turn around.

In the very heart of your house, your children like olive plants. It's talking about how your children will be. I remember one father telling me many years ago about his son, he’s very disappointed with the guy. He said in Tamil,  thanda soru. Wow, poor guy. He suffered a lot under the sun. He said thanda soruthat means just eating and staying here and not doing anything, he’s no good, no use, useless in other words, that's what it means in English. There's no better word in English for that. Some things cannot be said in English. Feel sorry for the people that don't know Tamil. Sometimes you can’t say certain things in Tamil. I can see the father's problem. But the thing is, he is never going to fix and turn around his problem by saying that. I've seen sometimes wives all they say is, “My husband is a drunkard. My husband is bad. He is this, he’s that.” Some of them have made their husband world famous. They have written to every evangelist, every preacher, every church, “here is his name, here is his age, here is his address. He drinks too much. He’s a bad fellow.” And in my experience I've seen such people have never turned them around. I actually told one lady straight away. I said, “Listen, instead of saying he’s bad, and how bad he is, describe him saying, “My house shall be a house of happiness. In my house there will not be drunkenness. In my house, there will be joy and peace and happiness. In my house we will eat well, live well. It will be a successful home in the name of Jesus. My house will not be given to drunkenness. No place for the devil. No place for these things here. No place for alcohol here. No place for misbehavior here. This is a place of peace and joy and happiness. And this is a little heaven, in Jesus’ name.”

People are waiting to go to heaven because they don't like it here. God says first make your home a heaven and then come over there. Otherwise, you'll be too shocked. So your children will be like olive plants around your table. Olive plants around your table. How many of you believe that that could be true. Everybody say, “My children.” Say it well, “My children will be like olive plants around the table.” Well, you need to get a bigger table. Make more room. Plan to invite all the children and grandchildren and everybody and dine around and laugh and talk and enjoy. A home should be like heaven. It should be a place of peace. It should be a place of enjoyment. God wants it to be like that. This is how God wants to design a family. This is how God wants to design a marriage.

God who created the world knew exactly what He wanted. He wanted light, He wanted firmament, He wanted dry land. He wanted vegetation. He wanted fish and the birds. He wanted all those things that He made. He desired and wished and envisioned. Look at what the Bible says. He planted a garden. He Himself became a gardener and planted the garden there. He thought about every kind of tree, every kind of thing that a man would need and planted it. It must have been the most wonderful garden. I've had many gardeners come and do our garden. If God did it, I can imagine what that garden would be like. It would be an expression of His desire and His love for Adam and Eve and their generations. Out of His heart of love He would have created a beautiful place, a wonderful garden, with all wonderful good things. Isn’t that right?

And God says, “Now you do it. You make your home like that. You make the work of your hands like that. You make your company like that. You make your marriage like that. You make your children like that. Let's see how you do it. I made you in My image and likeness, go about doing it like that. Take it.” Some people say, “Well, you don't know about my family, brother. It's a very bad situation.” Yeah, well, you start with a bad situation and by attending to it, by speaking words of faith, you make it beautiful. You take a bad situation, it may be all thorns and thistles grown everywhere, crowding everything, nothing can grow in that place. You can plant nothing. The place is useless it looks like, but you can take it and clean it up and plant what you want. What do you want? You want roses? You want some kind of a tree, you want some kind of a fruit. What do you want? Plant it and I'll tell you it'll take some time though, it won't happen overnight.

Some people are instant people. They want instant coffee, instant sambar, instant rasam and instant marriage and instant happiness. Well, it's like gardening. You go and clean it up and you plant what you want. You think about how beautiful it should be. You imagine what would make it look like you want, how your wife to be, and how your children must be, and what your family must be, what your future must be. Envision it. You got a mind given to you by God. What kind of family that you must make. So that tomorrow, 20 years, 30 years from now, you can turn back and say when somebody says, “That's a wonderful family.” You can say, “By faith, I made that family.” It's a faith product. Just like by faith God created the world, I created this family by faith. And people say, “How do you create by faith?” See, the world doesn't know this whole idea. The world doesn't know. How do you create by faith. By faith means we believe that all things are possible. Faith doesn't say, “It's useless brother. No, it can't work. No, it won't work in my case.” No. When the children of Israel were in the wilderness, they were eating manna every day. And they loathed it because every day they were eating for years. Just the manna, this white thing that was falling down every day. So they got tired of it. They said, “Will God give meat?” Because that's seemed impossible for them. Just imagine providing meat for 3 million people in the wilderness. Just look at the logistics. How many trucks you will need, what kind of roads you’ll need, what kind of railway you’ll need, how to ship meat for 3 million people. My God, you're talking about something that's impossible. You get an MBA there, he will figure out and draw everything and state everything, how much it costs and where you need to do and what, by the time you provide all these things, everybody will be dead. It's impossible.

Human logistics don't work. But Moses says, “Is anything too hard for the Lord?” That's faith, my friend. Faith says, “There is nothing too hard for the Lord.” My faith says, “There is nothing too hard for the Lord.” Any kind of destroyed marriage can be set aright. Any kind of family that has gone to ruin can be made aright, any kind of destructive situation can be turned around and new, wonderful family can be created. Happiness can be created. Joy can be made. For that only the words are given. The God who created the heaven and earth with His words and designed it as the most fruitful world, beautiful world, has given us the words. The greatest thing that He has provided us on this earth, is His word. The word He has provided. He wants us to go to it and see what God desires for human life and decide that that's what you want. And I'll tell you, your prayer will never have a no for answer because you are praying the will of God.

But a lot of people never read the Bible like that to decide the will of God. They have only their wills. If you have 1,000 people we have 1,000 wills. But the Bible doesn't talk about the 1,000 wills, it talks about God's will. Us aligning ourselves with God's will. Amen. Everybody say, “My children shall be like olive plants around my table.” So you got to have a table, got to have children. Some people will say, “Brother these days why marriage, why children?” Well, read this. The Lord bless you out of Zion, and may you see the good of Jerusalem. Jerusalem was their city, they were very fond of it. When the city was destroyed they wept for it. They loved that city. And God says, “You'll see the good of Jerusalem. Your city, your town, your country will be blessed,” He says. How many want your country to be blessed, your city to be blessed? All the days of your life. Yes. May you see your children's children. Hello. The table needs to get bigger. Children's children.

Everybody say, “I will see my children's children.” One fellow told me, “Brother you can't say things like that because we don't know whether today or tomorrow.” When he says that his voice itself is betraying the fact that he may leave anytime. He doesn't realize that whatever he says is going to have in the end. Every day declare, “I will see my children's children, my generations. I will see them. In Jesus’ name, I will see them come up. I will see them live. I'll see them serve the Lord. I will see them glorify God. I will see them like that.” You will make a decree and it shall come to pass. That's the man of God, Job says. What is the sign of a man of God? You shall make a decree and it shall come to pass. Whatever you decree, it will come to pass. You say what it will be, and it will come to pass. Why? Because the words that created the world they are the parent force, and the world that was created by words will obey the word of God even today. Even though it comes from your mouth, it's the will of God from the word of God. Therefore, everything will obey. The tree will obey, the mountain will obey, your problems will obey, your sickness will obey, your financial difficulties will obey, your failure will be turned into success. Everything will obey. Amen?

And I tell you, there is nothing impossible with God. Nothing. When you go from this place today, go with that in your mouth. Nothing impossible. Everything that you thought impossible, cancel it. Program changes now. There is nothing impossible with God. If God decides to change things in your life He can change it in a second, just like that. He can make you the head and not the tail. He can put you above and not beneath. He can turn your fortunes around, your destiny can be reached just like that. Your sorrow will be turned into joy. Your failures will be turned into success. There is nothing impossible with God.

But even though there is nothing impossible with God, there's a lot of things impossible for people because they never learn this principle of faith, that you need to start declaring, “There is nothing impossible with God.” In the midst of impossibilities, in the midst of problems, begin to declare, “There is nothing impossible with God. God will turn my life around. God will give me a new future. God has got something wonderful for me. God loves me. I shall be well in the name of Jesus.” Begin to declare it and never relent, never stop. Never change your mind. Be strong in that. Be sure of that because faith is the assurance of things hoped, the evidence of things not seen. Shall we all stand together. We’ll continue next week.

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