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Sunday English Service - 14 MAY 17 - 100% Victory: God's will for you


This morning I want to talk you about victorious Christian life. The Christian life is meant to be victorious. I want you to know that we are going to be looking at this in a little detail today. God wants you to win in life. God wants you to win; He wants you to be a winner, not a loser. No matter who you are, no matter what you think about life, no matter what you are going through in life, my friend, I want to say to you based on the word of God; God wants you to win. Maybe your circumstances may seem very terrible and impossible; but I want to say to you God wants you to win. I am talking about God wants. In fact I can say this: Even more than you want to win, God wants you to win. No matter how much it seems like you are losing, God wants you to win. You keep listening to these words, you are going to win. I tell you, you are going to win. Everybody say: I am going to win. That is what we sang today; you are on the winning side. God wants you to win.

Let us start thinking about this: and if you start thinking about winning, victory; immediately one thing becomes clear; that is, only where there is a battle you can have either victory or defeat. Where there is no battle there can be no victory or defeat. The talk about victory pre-supposes that battles are going on, that there challenges, there are difficulties, there are hindrances; there are even enemies, there are problems. Some people, you know think the best kind of life is you don't have any problems; I agree, that this is the best kind of life - of course, it's nice not to have a problem. But is that the life we are meant to live in this earth; are we meant to live a life on the earth without any problems, any challenges, any difficulties, any hindrances; is that the kind of life we hope to live in this world? See a lot of people have that kind of expectation. I have heard a true story of a man who came to a preacher and he said, "You know Preacher I want you to pray. I am going from one battle to the next, one problem to the next; I want to you to pray that God will just deliver me from all these and that I will have no problems, no battles; you know, I want to rest. (This is a true story: that is what the preacher says) He put his hands on his head and he said, "Lord, I pray that you take him very quickly to heaven" And immediately the man said, it seems, "Pastor why are you praying like that?" And the preacher said, "Well, your prayer request was so unreasonable. You said you don't want any battles, any problems; I can't pray that. The only way you can live that kind of life is better to go to heaven. In heaven you don't have any battles, any difficulties, any challenges, any enemies. But on the earth, you do have battles, problems, difficulties, hindrances, enemies; you know you have your three classic enemies; the world, the flesh and the devil; and then you can add your little enemies - you know your small small enemies, who are coming against you. I mean, there is plenty to go around. You know what I mean.

Life is full of battles, and challenges; and that is the way it is meant to be. In the midst of that kind of life, God says, "I want to give you victory in every battle". The difference between the believer and unbeliever, the Christian and the non-Christian is not - well become a Christian, come follow Jesus; you won't have any problems. No, you will have problems. But God is offering you a way out in the sense that He is willing to giving you the victory in every situation. In fact as a Christian, you may face some problems that even non-Christian won't face or unbelievers don't face; because when you become a believer, the devil is more against you than with unbelievers. He opposes believers more, he goes after them more, he attacks them more; same for the world. The world - you know if you want to do something for God, the world attacks you more; than if you just want to sit down and agree with them in every way. You know what I mean. It's not that we don't have problems, we have problems; sometimes we have more; and more difficult problems than people in the world; but God is saying in the midst of all your problems, all your battles, all your hindrances, I want to give you victory every single time. That is the amazing promise that a believer has that an unbeliever does not have. This is the Christian life; you have to get the picture of the Christian life; you have to understand it rightly and not wrongly. There are battles and God wants you to win every battle.

This is not just some clever philosophy: this is how the word teaches; this is what the word of God says about the Christian life. It draws this kind of a picture about the Christian life. How do I know? There are various ways I can go by, trying to show that this kind of picture of the Christian's life is based in the bible; but I want to do it by simply going to one book; and that is the book of Joshua. The book of Joshua in your bibles - I am going to read selectively from the book today; but it is an amazing book and you may be familiar with its content. Joshua was the next great leader after Moses. When you read the book of Joshua - and you read it carefully and you read it informatively with the view as to how this should be understood as a New Testament believer. You know the bible is not just history. Some people read the Old Testament like a history record. It has been recorded of what happened to the people of Israel. No, it is not just a for history record. It has been recorded there for our benefit. It happened to them; but it happened to them for our benefit, not just for their benefit, you see. And when you read it in that way through the eyes of revelation; illumination by the Holy Spirit, it teaches you what the Christian life looks like, how you are meant to live the Christian life; you know literally God puts on a drama and teaches in the book of Joshua.

Why do I say this? Why go to the book of Joshua? Because the life of Israel - the nation Israel, under Joshua's leadership is a type and shadow of the life of the church under Jesus' leadership (are you following; let me said it again)- the life of the nation of Israel and under Joshua's leadership the Old Testament, is a type and shadow of the life of the church that is you and me; under the leadership of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Basically their life is meant to be a teaching about our life. Ok, if look at the book of Joshua you will see that everything matches between them and us; between Old Testament and New Testament. You know for example, Israel is a type and shadow of the New Testament church; in the Old Testament, God's people was Israel (not the other nations, Israel). In the New Testament God's people is the church, mainly. Israel, of course we are notleaving out Israel; but the church it becomes the main focus in the New Testament. Israel points to the church. What about Joshua? Joshua points to Jesus. Joshua is a shadow of Jesus. I don't know if you have heard these words: type and shadow. You know shadow - like if I stand there, the sun falls on me; if I was outside, my shadow would fall on the ground - and my shadow would look something like me; but you can't see all the details that you can see about me in the shadow; but still you can see the outline kind of. Sometimes you can see the shadow very clearly; you know, even when you lift one finger you can see that in the shadow. So some shadows are better than other shadows. I would say Joshua was one of the best shadows of Jesus in the Old Testament. There are several shadows you may say; let me use another example instead of of Shadow. Let me try to teach it through a different way; you know original and xeroxcopy - original xeroxcopy. They both are similar and yet are different. Now, don't think about the colourxerox; because that makes it almost the same. The colourxerox looks almost as good as the original. Imagine there is no colourxerox: only black and white xerox option. So, you have the original and you have the black and white xeroxes; it's like you know, God sent the xeroxversions first. The original is Jesus but He didn't give the original - because they will not appreciate him. So first He sends the xeroxes . Who are the xerox versions? Moses, Joshua, David, Joseph...They are plenty of, you may say: types, shadows sort, of people who are meant to point to Jesus; teach us something about Jesus.

There are plenty of teaching about Jesus in the Old Testament through these types and shadows; and Joshua is one of the best because - you think about the others; Moses - there is a lot of faults with Moses, I mean he starts out with a lot of unbelief in him, and so on. He says, "I can't do it Lord. I don't have the ability". Before that if you see Moses' life, he murders - his whole thing begins witha murder. He gets angry and he murders an Egyptian, runs away; 40 years in the wilderness. And after that he starts only his ministry. What about David? David was an amazing type and shadow of Jesus and yet there are plenty of flaws with David. You know what David was guilty of - adultery, murder. And so what I am trying to say; you know, some xeroxcopies they don't come out very well - the corner is missing, the side has a problem. Moses and David are like that - they have more problems. Joshua on the other hand, one of the perfect xerox copies; I say that because it is hard to find flaws in Joshua. Amazing he is; he almost a near perfect character in the Old Testament that makes him a very good type and shadow- that is only the beginning. Let me give you some other reasons why he is a type and shadow of Jesus.

See, this is not just trying to make connections. This is the way Old Testament was written and God wants us to see these connections. Joshua and Jesus have the same name.Did you know that?You may say, well that is not the same name. There is Joshua, and there is Jesus. Well that difference may be seen only in English and Tamil. But for example, if I take a Greek bible, and went to Joshua chapter 1, the name I will find there is "Yesus". And if I go to Matthew chapter 1 in the Greek bible, the name I will find there also is "Yesus". In Greek, you can see they have the same name; that is because the original, which is Hebrew - which is where their names originate from. In the Hebrew they both have the same name - Yehoshua. Joshua and Jesus have the same Hebrew name which is Yehoshua. That name Yehoshua by that time of Jesus became shortened to Yeshua. So really they have the same name; the name means the same thing basically. Yehoshuameans "Yahweh is salvation" or "Yahweh brings salvation".

And Jesus, the angel said in Matthew chapter 1 said, You shall name him Jesus for he will save his people. Both the names are connected with the concept of salvation, deliverance and so on. Joshua is a near perfect character like Jesus; the name is the same, the meaning of the name is the same; the role that they play is the same. Joshua what is his role? Heis the leader of the people of Israel; Jesus is the leader, the captain of our salvation. The New Testament calls him; he leads the church. Even the responsibility is the same. What was Joshua's responsibility? His specific function and responsibility was to take the people of Israel into the Promised Land. Moses' great accomplishment was he brought them out of Egypt. What was Joshua's great accomplishment? He took them into the Promised Land. Meaning he went in and helped these people to possess what was given to them. It was theirs from the beginning, but Joshua is the one who took them and helped them to actually get a hold on it, and possess it and enjoy it. Jesus has both roles; he has the role of Moses and he has the role of Joshua. He is our saviour; he brings us out of slavery, to sin, to the devil and so on. He leads us and guides us; but doesn't go away like Moses went away. No, he then takes the role of Joshuaand leads us to the Promised Land. So Israel is the shadow of the church; Joshua is the shadow of Jesus.

What about the Promised Land? The Promised Land - what is that a shadow of? Now when you come to this question; A lot of people would say, heaven. Promised Land is heaven. The land of Canaan is heaven; and they will really develop this like crossing the Jordan river and going into the land. They will see it as a picture of going across death; crossing the river of death and entering the heavenly life that God has for us. You know they would say, "Heavenly Canaan", things like that - eternal Canaan and so on. The idea in the Christian world for sometime and in many circles is that Canaan Land, Promised Land, means Heaven. Let me ask you: is that true? It is there in a lot of songs, it's there in a lot of books maybe. It is all over the place; my question is, is it biblically true? If you see biblically it is not true. It doesn't match with heaven. If it matched with heaven, then they would have gone into the Promised Land and faced no enemies, had no battles; but instead what did they do. The real battles and the real challenges begin only when they cross the River Jordan and go to the other side into the Promised Land. Just think about this for a minute: before going into the Promised Land, they were just circling around the wilderness, right. There they did not do many battles - just here and there, one or two; that's it. Very rarely they had any challenge or difficulty. Few times they had, then God started providing for them; when they needed water He provided, then they needed food, He provided. You can see this after they came out of Egypt, they crossed the Red Sea; in Exodus 14 and Exodus 15 - the first they need water, and God provides them water.

Three days they go without water; and they come to a place of bitter water and God turns that bitter water into sweet water; and gives them water. He wants to show them, I provide for your basic needs. I am your provider. You don't have water; don't complain, come to me. You don't have basic needs met, don't complain, come to me. And I will change your bitter circumstances into sweet ones. And then after giving them sweet water, He gives them a lot of water in a place calledElim, in the same chapter in Exodus 15 - I don't have the time to read this. But you can read it on your own. Then the next chapter, Exodus 16 - they need food. They go a few days without food. They start complaining again. Then God says, don't go on complaining. If you want food, I will give you food. In the middle of the wilderness, in the middle of nowhere, He pours manna from heaven. Then later on He gives them meat in the desert. You know these stories, I hope. He gives them whatever they need - their basic needs; food and water. In the next chapter if you go to Exodus 17 and 18, the people need guidance. They go to Moses for guidance; they are facing problems, issues. And Moses not able to handle lakhs and lakhs of people; and so God through His father-in-law gives them an idea and says, appoint 70 elders and if people need guidance let them go to them. And through them I will guide them; and only the problematic cases, you handle. So what I am trying tosay is God was showing them after saving them from Egypt that I am the provider of your needs. Whether you need water or food; basic needs or whether you need something little more complex like guidance, counseling - even that I will provide.

Then you come to the next chapter. Exodus 19 and Exodus 20, He gives them the law. This is the best guidance there is. The wisdom of God; He gives it in print literally. He gives them the Ten Commandments and the other laws that go with them. He says, you live by this you will live a successful life. Just think about this; He goes step by step, teaching them certain things in the wilderness. And only here and there they are having to fight any battle; just once or twice they fight, in the record. There are some other times they fought that isnot in the record. But the life wilderness was a pretty cosy life. Cosy life - you get water when you need it, food when you need; you just go round and round - they were going round and round, 40 years experiencing all the food and the water and guidance and everything they needed was met. They did not really fight it out. But what happens? The moment they crossed the River Jordan - in Joshua chapter 3 they crossed the River Jordan; they go to the other side, they start fighting battle after battle. The first battle is the city of Jericho - Joshua chapter 6. They fight Jericho, they win - they capture that city. Then immediately next chapter - Joshua chapter 7, they have to go against the city of Ai. This battle they lose; it is the only battle they lost.

Then in the next chapter, in chapter 8, you see they go back and fight the same city they lost with Ai, and they win this time. Then, next chapter we move on; and then you go to Chapter 10, against there is another battle. This time Joshua has to fight 5 kings who have ganged up and coming against him. Why am I saying all this? They go into the Promised Land battle after battle, enemy after enemy.I don't see how this can match heaven. In heaven there are no battles, in heaven there are no enemies. In the Promised Land there werebattles, there were enemies, there were hindrances, there werechallenges - challenge after challenge; battle after battle. Come to Joshua 10 and go to 12, you are told there in the last verse 12 that Joshua fought in his life time alone, 31 kings and he beat them; 31 enemy kings Joshua in his life time fought, overcame them, won the battle. Then in chapter 13 verse 1, God speaks to Joshua and by this time, Joshua is at the very end of his life, and God says to him and He says, listenJoshua: You have come to the end of your life (Joshua chapter 13) but there is still a lot more land to be possessed. Now Joshua was old, advanced in years. And the Lord said to him: "You are old, advanced in years; there remains yet very much land to be possess. - See what he is saying; there remains yet very much land to possess. I don't see how this is matching heaven at all. You know if Joshua lived all of his life, fought all this battles, still he did not possess everything that there was to possess. If you continue reading the 13th chapter, God says, listen you have come to the end of your life now what I want you to do is just to divide upthe land; just divide it and give it and I will use others and possess it.

Why am I saying all this? Promised Land is not heaven; Promised Land is what? Promised Land is our inheritance in Christ. So let me put it like this: Promised Land is the higher life that God has for us in and through Christ Jesus. People got saved in the wilderness itself; I mean from Egypt itself they got saved and they were roaming around in wilderness. But they were not living the higher life. What do I mean by higher life? They were just concerned about their own needs; their food, their water, their guidance, their family, their success, their victory - that is it. Is that a higher life? No. What is the higher life? The higher life God is saying: Well, listen now that know you have learned how to live the lower life; which is, your needs are met, you have no problems, I want you to live the higher life. What is the higher life? The higher life is where God gives you a mission and He says I want you to do something from me in this world. I want you to go to enemy territory, capture that, possess it for my sake, for my glory, for my purposes. Are you able to see that flow? In the wilderness they don't have a greater purpose, a greater vision. They are only thinking about themselves. But that is not the Christian life, that is just the beginning of the Christian life; where you are concerned about yourself, your needs, your family; but then hopefully you learn that God is the supplier of your needs; and He starts supplying and you start experiencing His supply. But what more is there? God has greater plans and purposes for you; God has a great mission for you to do in this world. He wants to go to the enemy territory and possess it for Him. That is what happens.What does that mean? How should we take that? Let me tell you how you should take that. He wants you... some of you to go into the business world, and repossess that world. The business world is controlled by ungodly people; behind whom is the devil himself sometimes.

But what is the higher life? God is saying, well, now hopefully now you have learned. You can depend on me. You will have enough for your needs, your family. Now I want to give you a mission; go out there are possess that territory for me; for the kingdom. Some of you He may want to go into the medical world, to the world of science and technology and say, "You go and possess that territory for me". Some of you maybe He wants you to go into some other areas, other fields; I don't what your field it, what your area is. What I am saying is:do you have a purpose, do you a great mission. Do you have a sense that God wants you to do something great in this world? I pray that/I hope that we all have that. And if we don't have that, it's fine; we still have to pray. Just have to pray and say, "God what is my mission? What do you want me to do?" That is the Promised Land life.

God is not content with us just sitting around and having our needs met. He wants us to go, do what is considered impossible, possess enemy territory and take it into our control. How many of you think that is possible? When you have a mission like that and when we have a purpose in life; when you are conscious of your assignment, what happens is you face a lot of enemies. Do you have an assignment; you are conscience of your assignment? Do you have a sense that you need to do something great in this world for God? And if you go about it, you will see that you have a lot of enemies. The world will come against you in its full strength; your own flesh will work against you; the devil will come against you in full force. That is the book of Joshua; the enemies are coming against the people of God, trying to come and take territory away. This territory is controlled by these enemies; these enemies stand for the devil and his hosts; the worldly way of doing things. And the people of God are trying to come and take this territory. And there is battle - there is battle after battle. Do you have battles in your life? Are you facing these kinds of battles? Are you facing these kinds of problems? My friend if you are facing, then this message is for you. If you are not facing, let me tell you; you are going to face it very soon. Are you there? If you don't want to face it like I said you better...there is another route: pretty soon. You need to listen to this message; if you are going through battles, it directly applies to your situation, right now. If you are not going through battles you are going to go through one soon; because God is going to give you such a great mission and purpose that you are going to have a lot of enemies come against you; like Joshua, a lot of enemies come against him; Thirty one kings; so many battles - battle after battle. His whole life was about battles; but guess what: if you read the book of Joshua, you will see, every single enemy lost when he came to Joshua. Every single battle he won. There is only one battle he lost; I mentioned it in Chapter 7 against the city Ai; but even that city, he goes the second time, in the next chapter and he wins - he beats them. What am I trying to say? Life is full of battles when you are doing the plan and purpose of God; but God wants to give you the victory in every single battle.

Everybody say: "Every single battle" That is what I call, a 100% victory. This is very clear in the book of Joshua. Every time he wins. Do you think that is a coincidence? Even that one time he lost, it was not God's will for him toloseWhy did they lose? They lost because they sinned a great sin - they committed a great rebellion. The people of Israel committed a great rebellion against God. You read about this in Joshua chapter 6. God told them not to do something very specifically - he emphasized it and they went and did it. This is what we call as "open rebellion". When you tell somebody, don't do it; and they know very well they shouldn't do it and they go and do it. What does that show? That is Open rebellion. They were rebellious - they were rebelled against God and they sinned in that way. That is why the failed in that one battle against the city of Ai, in Joshua chapter 7. It was not God's will. Nobody can say, Oh God wanted them to lose just one battle so that they do not become too proud. God wants to keep us humble; so he makes us to lose our battle. You cannot find that in the book of Joshua. Joshua loses one battle. That is not God's fault - it is the people's fault; they rebelled. If you say that's God's will - that is like saying God wanted them to sin and rebel. That's nonsense. God's will is 100% victory for you. Every single battle He wants you to win. You may say, "Well, that sounds so unrealistic". Yea, I agree. That sounds so far-fetched. We are not perfect; battles are so difficult sometimes.What do you mean 100% victory? This is so unrealistic. I agree it is unrealistic in one way. But this is God's will. I am talking about God's will. What is God's will? It is 100% victory. What does God want? It is 100% for you to win every single time. He is not just like the judge who is trying to keep the score to see whether you will win or lose. No, He is like almost a cheer-leader in the stands who is cheering you to win. Didyou ever think of God like that? Some people are only thinking God is looking in these glasses, trying to judge us; do the inspection.

What is your view of God? I want to tell you God is rooting for you to win. He wants you to win; and He wants to help you to win every single time. Yes, it sounds unrealistic, and many times we lose. Yes. Many times, many people lose and they experience failure; but does that change the will of God? No. That is like saying just because everybody sins and some people commit a lot of sins, God's will is sometime that we sin. Do you follow that logic? Just because everybody in this world sins, and some people sin a lot, does that mean it is God's will for some people sin some of the time? No, God's will is that nobody should sin even one time. Even though the reality doesn't match against it; we have to hold on to God's will. We cannot begin to doubt God's will; because when you begin to doubt God's will, you give up your chance of victory. I don't know what you are going through today. What am I saying? I am saying hold on to God's will. Don't allow your circumstance to make you doubt God's will for your life. God's will for your life is victory. Faith begins where the will of God is known. You cannot even have the beginning for faith and you don't even know the will of God. And faith stands where the will of God is sure. Only when you are sure about the will of God, your faith will stand on solid ground; when you have doubts about the will of God; when you think maybe this time God wants me to lose maybe for some noble reason. What happens? Your faith is on shaky ground - you are not going to see the victory. You give up your chance for victory when you begin to doubt God's will. I am telling you my friend; don't doubt God's will. The devil is trying to make us doubt God's will. Let us not take that; let us not accept it. When we are attacked with such doubts, let us say, "I refuse to accept that. I reject that in the name of Jesus. And let us say no matter what happens God's will is for me to win. Even if everybody loses, God's will is for me to win".

Let me put it like this: even if you are a person who would say: "I have lost so many battles" You are speaking to someone who has lost so many battles. I say to you, that is okay. It is not the end for the road for you. Hold on to this one thing: God's will is for you to win. You may say I have lost 100 battles. I have not seen victory in a long long time. I do not even remember what victory looks like. That is okay my friend - Are you ready to believe that God's will is for you to win? That one thought if it enters your mind; if you can hold on to it, if you can speak it, if you stand on it my friend, will lead you to victory. A hundred percent of the time, Joshua makes this very clear for us. You know you keep reading Joshua and then you come to the book of Judges. The book of Judges you will see a big contrast.

Have you read the book of Judges? Judges is where is you see kindof fifty fifty victory - fifty percent victory, fifty percent failure - just roughly speaking. Joshua experiences almost 100% victory, one time he loses, but even that he goes back and he wins. In the book of Judges, it is both; you have victory and you have failure. It's both - like a cycle, comes in again and again. Very interesting the book of Judges is. After Joshua dies we are told in the beginning of Judges, that the people forget God. They forgot about God, they forgot about His Commandments, they start disobeying Him, they start going after other gods. They don't care about Jehovah anymore. What happens? They go into deep trouble. Start experiencing a life of failure to the extent that they become almost like slaves in the Promised Land. Think about this: these are people who have come into the Promised Land through Joshua and they lived experiencing the land flowing with milk and honey. After Joshua left, after a few years, what happens? They become almost like slaves in that same land to the enemy rulers over there. And they cry out to God. Why do I say they become like slaves? Because they lack in food and water; famine is the land; they are paying tax to the enemy kings; they are being oppressed by enemy rulers. They are in the Promised Land, but they are not living life like how they lived under Joshua. And they cry out to God and God raises up Judges for them.

The first judge was called Othniel. And forty years because of Othniel's leadership, the land experiences some victory and some success. And then he dies and then the same thing happens; again they forget God. They go away from Him; they start disobeying Him; they go after other gods. Again what happens; we are told...I don't have time to read this. You can read this in the book of Judges. Eighteen years, after Othniel, eighteen years they serve another king; the king of Moab. Think about that; forty years they are fine and eighteen years total failure. They are almost like slaves; and then they cry out to God, saying, "God have mercy on us. Help us". You know God is merciful again he sends another judge, a savior, a judge. That man's name was known as Ehud; he was left handed. And God through him gives Israel success and victory. And eighty years under Ehud's leadership they had rest in the land, we are told. And then Ehud dies and again the same thing happens. They Israelites never learned. Again and again; this time after eighty years of rest, they experienced twenty years of oppression by an enemy ruler.

And then again they carried out and God raisesup Deborah and Barak; and they rule for 40 years and through themthere is some success and victory. Then they die again. And then again same thing happens. Seven years they had become slaves to Midian. Then God raises up Gideon. Forty years under Gideon things are improving. And then again Gideon dies - same thing. Samson comes, he comes, he goes; and he himself is a little messed up. And in Judges, you will see the people of Israel going from bad to worse. As they keep going, they experience more and more failure; less and less success. When you come to the end of the book, they look like a totally hopeless people. Now let me ask you: you have Joshua and you have Judges next to each other; both are about the people of Israel. They are both about God's people. Which one is God's will? It is very clear, very plain. God's will is Joshua; the life under Joshua's leadership - that is God's will for every believer.

The life in the book of Judges that we see is a life where people disobey God, go away from God, forget about God; rebel against Him; go after other gods. For those kinds of people, it's not a 100% victory. But I don't believe we are trying to be those kinds of people. We are trying to be people who want to serve God, obey God, love God; give Him our everything. That is what we want to do and that is what we are trying to do. And for us the life that He has is 100% victory. Think about this. Don't ever believe the lie. You know the devil will put that thought into you; life means there is a little bit of victory and a little bit of failure. Is that God's will? No. It is not God's will. It may sound extreme. But this is the truth my friend; God's will is 100% victory. You begin to take this; hold on to this; confess this - your percentage will increase. Maybe you are at 60% victory now; maybe you are at 80% victory now. Your percentage will begin to increase. You will begin to see more victories than you ever dreamed of. Your reality can match God's will to a greater extent. Like Joshua; almost 100% victory he experienced in his life. Some people may say, "You know once again this is too sky-high. It's a pie in the sky. Unrealistic. Easy for you to say; but only I know my situation. It is an impossible situation; here you are talking about some 100% victory. Yes you may have a very impossible situation/circumstance. Maybe the sickness or the debt or a family problem - may look so difficult and so hard to solve that everybody is saying it is impossible; there is no chance for improvement in this area. What about situations like that?

Once again if you just follow the situations in the book of Joshua, you will see the situations there were impossible. The situations God had them go through and give them the victory was impossible; almost all of them were very very difficult; impossible to do by any human standard. Just think about that. The first thing they are supposed to do to enter the Promised Land is what - to cross the River Jordan; easy, right? No. They were no boats my friend. There was no way to cross the river. Not only that; we are talking about lakhs and lakhs of people - with women and children they have to cross a river. Not only that; we are talking about the harvest season, we are told in Joshua chapter 3 (I want to show you how impossible these situations were); Joshua chapter 3 verse 15. It was harvest time/harvest season, and we are told in verse 15 that the Jordan River overflows all its banks. So the banks are there, and the water is over flowing. Not only that in verse 13, we are told the water is coming from top to bottom - that means it is coming with a lot of force; from uphill to downhill kind of. What I am saying to you is; God has them go through a very difficult situation. Just think about this - crossing a river itself in those days, you cannot do and he saying you go in times of harvest; the level of water is too high and it is overflowing the banks; and it is coming from uphill to downhill with great force and He is saying, now in this season you cross. He couldn't have told them to cross in another season. He didn't. Why? It is a lesson for us.

Listen to me: Why did He tell them to cross in this season? With you and me in mind; He is trying to show us - impossible situations, I can turn around. See, God is trying to draw a picture about the Christian life that He wants us to see. God takes that picture very seriously. And some of us we think - well all these typology business in the Old Testament; this is equal to this in the New Testament. All these gymnastics you preachers play. I know some times it goes into some gymnastics. But we are asked to read the Old Testament like that. Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 10: All these things were written as examples for us. So God is trying to draw a very clear picture and He wants us to see it. For example; He pulls the people out of Egypt. That is the picture; picture of what? How God has delivered us from the slavery to sin and Satan and He has brought us out. They crossed the Red Sea go from this side to that side. What is that picture of? We go from death to life. And then God teaches them in the wilderness to depend on Him. That is the picture of the beginning of our Christian life. And then the Israelites came and spoilt God's picture there a little bit. God wanted to take them to the Promised Land very quickly. What happened? Instead they are roaming around for 40 years. Some people take that messed up picture and say, Oh that is the way we are meant to live. But that is actually messed up, you see. What am I trying to say? Look at other things for example; God is trying to paint a picture of the Christian life in the Old Testament. You need to see it; you need to catch it. He takes it very seriously.

Let me show you how seriously He takes it. You remember Moses struck the rock; and the punishment he got is what? You can't go into the Promised Land. People wondering: "Such a harsh punishment". Moses the great man of God? Why? Have you thought about that? You know the rock: Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 10 stands for what or who? Stands for Christ. Go read 1 Corinthians 10, Paul's tells us clearly; the rock stands for Christ. So you don't need to break your head about that. God told Moses the first time you want water, you strike the rock. Water comes out. Second time He told Moses: Speak to the rock. Moses in his anger and frustration with the people struck the rock. God said you cannot go to the Promised Land because you disobeyed. Why? Sounds harsh, I will tell you why. The rock is Christ; and God was trying to show that Christ will be struck once on the cross of Calvary. You don't strike him the second time. He should not be strike the (second time). Moses in his anger and frustration - he didn't know what was going on, he spoilt the picture. God here is trying to draw a picture; teach us something about Christ and the cross and Moses messed it up and God got so upset that he messed up the picture and said, No Promised Land for you. Why am I saying this? You need to pay attention to the picture. The picture is very much deliberately drawn. God had the people of Israel go through certain deliberate challenges; deliberate problems to show us a lesson. He could have had them go when the water levels was low; He could have let them go where the water is coming downhill to uphill or something. I don't know; the situation could have been a lot different; but God specifically choose this time and said: Go, now go. Impossible situation. Why? He is trying to show you and me in 2017, your impossibilities will become possibilities. I say it is possible.

You may think well, you are reading a lot into one crossing into the Jordan River. Well, well, go to the next incidence: Jericho. I mean He tells them, the wall will fall. How crazy is that; just think about that. Story all of us know. Many of us know; if don't know it - go and read Joshua chapter 6. Interesting exercise for you; if you can go and read the book of Joshua at least the first 10 chapters this week, it will be good for you. He says: we are talking about an ancient city; with a wall like a fortress wall. It is not just like a compound wall; what we built these days. This wall was so high, so wide. They say, they had like chariot races on top of the wall. I mean you are talking about a wall that nobody can break that easily. In fact nobody in those days in those days would plan to break a fortress wall; that would not even be a part of their military strategy. What is the strategy? The strategy is that there is a gate somewhere along that fortress wall. There is somewhere that is a gate; you go and attack the gate. You try to break that or you try to climb the wall. All are different strategies that you would use; but you don't say the wall will fall down. God says the wall will fall down.

What was totally impossible He says is possible, and it will happen and the wall will fall down. You might say well that also look like a bit of coincidence. What about the next incident? The city of Ai. Now that one the Israelites say: this is easy. What am I saying? I am saying these situations were impossible. We come to the city of Ai, in Joshua chapter 7, the Israelites say this is easy. This is the only place the Israelites says this is a very easy battle, we can go and fight. And lo and behold they fight and lose. The Israelites very interesting people you know. They get it wrong perfectly. Only time they thought was easy, they went and lost. Next chapter, God makes them win. The city of Ai incident was not a very impossible situation. I will grant you that.

Go to the next incident; Joshua chapter 10. Five kings are coming against Joshua; five kings ganging up, coming against Joshua. Now this again looks like an impossible situation. Why I am saying this. We look at our lives and we see sometimes the impossible-looking challenges we are facing. And we wonder how are we going to get through this; how are we going to past this; how are we going to come out victoriously. Is there any chance? People are saying, no chance. You mind is saying, no chance. That is why God had them go through all those situations. He was drawing a picture so that we would see it and get encouraged. And say, no, no, impossibilities becomes possibilities. When you are doing the will of God; impossibilities become possibilities. Five kings come against Joshua - that is impossible by worldly standards; but God gives them the victory.

In your impossible situations, God can give you the victory. Like one drama he is putting and showing, God. He is not saying like: Oh I am saying your impossibilities will become possibilities. - But he is saying it in a better way. Literally putting on like a big drama live - with the people of Israel that I am showing you. Think about how they got the victory. They got the victory in impossible situations. But how did they get the victory? Or let me put it like this: what was their part in the victory? What did they do to win? Think about their part. How did they get it? I will tell you how they got it; very easily. Everybody say: easy. Easily they got the victory. What do I mean by that? Their part was very easy. Let me tell you how easy it was: in the Jordan River, when they were going to cross it. What was their part? This is in Joshua chapter 3 verse 13. What was their part? God said your part (Joshua 3 verse 13) when the soles of the feet of the priests bearing the ark of the Lord, the Lord of all the earth, shall rest in the waters of the Jordan, the waters of the Jordan shall be cut off from flowing. The waters coming down from aboveshall stand in one heap. - He is telling them theirpart; the priest must carry the Ark of the Covenant and go and keep their sole of their feet in that water. Now from one stand point that was easy. Why? He doesn't tell them to go and wrestle with the river. He doesn't say go and have a fasting meeting for seven days there in the river. He says go, carry the Ark of the Covenant; keep your foot on the water. Let it touch the water; let the priest's foot touch the water.

What is the Ark of the Covenant? The Ark of the Covenant symbolizes God's presence. What does it symbolize? That God is going with them. God is literally leading them to cross that river. He is saying, carry that and with that in your hand go and keep the sole of your foot, touch the waters. That is an easy part I think, don't you? Compared to the hard part. What is the hard part? He says when your sole touches the water here; I will make the waters stand together in one heap on that side. Think about this. What is the hard part? The waters standing together in one heap like this or you keeping your foot in the water. Which one is the hard part? Which one is the easy part? It is very clear. When you compare the two, the easy part is given to the people of Israel. Who does the hard part? God says, I will do it. You do the easy part, I will do the hard part.

Go to the next incident: Jericho. What was the people's part? What was their role? I tell you what their role was: walking. How did they capture the city of Jericho? How did the wall fall? What was the people's part? They went walking for 6 days - that is what they did; andon the 7th day they went walking 7 times; On the seventh time they shouted. What was the people's part? God says, Go take a walk around the wall - that is your part. People are waiting, give as some great role. And says, just take a walk. I want to give you some exercise - just go and walk around it. And don't open your mouth - just walk around it.. Just walk. Just keeping walking - 6th day, 7th day walk - some extra walking. He gives them walking; that is their role and then shouting. One time, you just opening your mouth and shout. When the trumpet blows, you shout. Let me ask you: is that the hard part or is the wall falling down the hard part? The fortress wall we are told it fell down flat. Which is harder? Walking around it 7 days or the wall falling down. Walking is any day easier. God takes the hard part; He says you do the easy part. I want to give you the victory very easily; in fact so easy that people will laugh at you. The fellows in the world will say - what is wrong with you guys? This is the third day you are walking men? you don't know how to fight a battle? Let us give you the strategy: you go hit the gate. Try to climb on the wall. Do something, you are irritating us. And people are not supposed to talk. Sothey'd have wondered we are trying to talk to you guys, you won't even talk to us. What are you guys doing; just walking and walking. On the 7th day they would have walked again; six times. Am sure people in the world would have made fun. So what are you guys doing? Today you are a walking a lot. What has gotten into you? And then they shouted. It is so easy, it is laughable. It is so easy it looks ridiculous. Think about this.

Now go to the next battle; you think it is coincidence. You think I am reading too much into this. Go into the next battle. After Jericho, Ai. Joshua chapter 7, they failed the first time, they get beaten. They say it was easy and they get beaten; they got beaten because they had sinned and they had rebelled. That shows you, you don't lose your battles based on how difficult it is. You lose your battles based on the state of mind and heart; your state of mind and heart. It is not your circumstance that determines your victory or your failure. It's you and what is happening in your mind, in your heart, in your mouth, in your hearts, in your actions, your obedience, your disobedience; these are the things that count.

Ok go to Joshua chapter 8. Second time they go against the city of Ai. First time they have lost; second time, God gives Joshua an idea. He says listen, I want to make this easy for you. So here is the plan; here is how you are going to defeat them. Take 25,000 people and go against the city of Ai. Second time you are going against the city of Ai; the first time you lost. So now they are are over confident. First time you lost, now they are over confident. So when they see you they will be rearing to go. And they will come out full force against you. When you see them come against you; you just do a U-turn, you start running from them. Make it look like you are scared of them and running away from them; it is there in Joshua chapter 8 - very funny. It says take 25,000 people go act like you are fighting a battle; when you see them coming, turn and run. And those fellows will become even more confident. They will say, wow now we got them. First time at least they came and fought; now they don't even have the guts to fight. They are running, come, let's go get them. And this is what happened exactly - it happened like that; and these fellows became so over confident - the enemy, Ai.They said; they pulled every man from the city and they went after the 25,000.

And God had told Joshua; in the meanwhile you keep 5,000 there, in another direction to the west of the town. And then I give the signal tell those people to go into the city. That is exactly what happened; Joshua gave the signal; the 5,000 people went into the city. There was not a single man left in the city; no one to defend it, and they set it on fire, we are told. And then you know what happened; the 25,000 turned around, starting coming towards these guys; the 5,000 after setting the city on fire, turned round and attacked them from both sides and defeated them. Story is there; Joshua chapter 8. What was their part? Go make a big show of 25,000; act like you are fighting a battle, turn and run; then come back and attack them from both sides; with the city burning in the background which just breaks the confidence of the enemy. Think about it. You think it is still coincidence. Every incident, every battle God gives them the victory very easily.

Well what about the next battle? Joshua chapter 10 - the five kings go against him; 5 kings with 5 armies going against Joshua. How do you think they won this battle? Joshua 10 verse 11. They fled before Israel. You know before that verse, in verse 10 we are told they Lord threw them into a panic before Israel. Somehow God threw these 5 armies into a panic. Just think about that. Who did it? God did it. Everybody say: God did it; not the people of Israel. The Lord threw them into a panic; and then instead of chasing these people, they started panicking for some reason. They rush out running, instead of chasing them. Watch verse 11: And as they fled before Israel, while they were going down the ascent of Beth Horon, the Lord threw down large stones from them from heavenon them as far as Azekah, and they died. There were more who died because of the hailstones than the sons of Israel killed with the sword. - God what He did was: He threw them into a panic, they starting fleeing. The Israelites chase them, then God rains down large hailstones. Have you ever seen hailstone rain? I have seen; small like pellets. That's all I have seen. I have never seen big hailstones raining from heaven. Here we are told big enormous, big huge hailstone, God rained from heaven. Who did it? God did it. Everybody say: God did it. What did the people of Israel do? We are told there: There were more who died because of the hailstones than the sons of Israel killed with the sword. The Israelites had their swords. And God said, ok well for you satisfaction I will let you just move a little bit. But I will finish up most of the enemy. You just create a show like that with the sword. I will do most of the work; I will throw them into a panic; I will rain hailstones; I will kill more people than your swords will kill.

I have told you every single battle in the book of Joshua that is described in detail; after this there is no battle described in detail. If there was, I would go to it. There is nothing more. I think we get the point. This is enough to make the point. Every single battle they get the victory; every single time, almost it looks impossible; and every single time the victory comes very easily. Their part is very easy; so easy it is unbelievable; so easy it is laughable. So easy... so much so that the bible scholars reading the book of Joshua, they can't believe this happened. They say, I don't know if we can take it truthfully and all this nonsense. Bible scholars... because it is made to look so easy; but do you trust that this is the word of God.

God wants you to win easily - so easy. The thing is though there is one small difficulty; the difficulty lies in believing that something so hard could be achieved so easily - that is where the difficulty is. It is so easy that it becomes so difficult to believe that it is so easy. It is so easy - the level to which it is easy, becomes a hindrance for people to believe it. And even that, God does it on purpose. He says you are ready to believe, I am ready to work. But believe my way. Don't think in your mind it is going to be hard because it is such a great battle. Don't think that the enemy so powerful so this is going to take a lot of effort on my part. Your part is very easy -I give you a very easy part. Just open your mouth, confess the word - just keep doing that; just continue walking in faith; just keep at it; just keep at it; do the simplest things that you know what you need to do, I will give you the victory. Are you ready to believe that? Everybody say: "So easy". Lot of people are not ready to believe; because it is hard to believe. I am sure the people might have faced such doubts; but they were able to cross those doubts and believe. So easy. I know, I realize it is hard to believe. It is easier to talk about it; it is hard to believe. It is easy for me to just say it, but it is hard to believe. But you know what - if anybody can believe, you can believe. Let me say that again: if anybody can believe, the people in this church can believe. You have been taught on faith, you know how to work faith; you know how to apply the principles of faith; you know the importance of confession. You are doing it. You are walking in faith. I said to you; if anybody can do it, you can do it. God chooses the right people you know. That is why He had the previous generation die in the wilderness; because he knows if He brings those fellows here, they will mess up the picture. We would never have got the idea of 100% victory; just think about that. Older generation would have failed every single battle; people would have said, Canaan Land, Promised Land is failing every time. That is why He says. No, no I am done with you guys; you are no good for my picture. I want to paint a picture of the Christian life. And the Christian life - my will for Christian life is 100% victory. I cannot do it with you folks. So you just roam around in this wilderness and go away. I will use the next generation to paint that picture against the great leader Joshua.

Joshua failed once - Joshua was deceived once. I never mentioned that in Joshua chapter 9. Not lost but just a deception; somebody cheated him basically. But who is your Joshua, who is my Joshua? Jesus is our Joshua. And he does not fail; he has never seen failure; he is never experienced failure; he is our captain and he is leading us. You can win my friend. It is so easy. Are you ready to believe that it is so easy? But you may say, well again you know, I am believing, I am walking in faith but there is no sign of victory. Even that you can see in the book of Joshua. In every case /almost in every case, there is no sign of victory, until the victory comes; there is no sign of victory until the victory actually manifests. I mean I can just imagine the priest carrying the Ark of the Covenant; and he is heading towards the River Jordan, he is hoping that as he is getting closer, you know the water level will go down, down. As he is getting closer he is expecting some change; nothing is happening; he is thinking in his heart: God I am getting closer, nothing is changing. But was the instruction given: go keep your foot. It doesn't only say keep your foot; - it says let the sole of our feet rest in the waters; Joshua 3:13. Let it rest means: don't just keep it like that and take it away; that is not faith. Let it rest; think about this; before the moment that the foot rested, there was no change in the situation. Water was flowing in its full force; not one sign of victory; he came closer and closer and is walking in faith only; but until he keeps his foot on the water and makes that step of faith; there is not one sign of victory on the horizon. But what happens after he makes that step? The whole thing changes. I am saying this is the picture my friend.

Go to Jericho, they walked seven days around the wall. Now God could have made it where one by one; one stone - each day one/few stones from the wallfell off; could He have done it like that? I think so. He could have made the wall fall off slowly - step by step. As they are walking one stone keep falling; am sure the Israelites would have loved that. Think about that. He could have just taken it progressively, kind of. But they are walking and walking. Am sure they may have thought: God is telling us to walk, there is no sign of victory. These people are making fun. Situation is getting only worse. They are provoking us to talk. At least make one stone fall; not even one stone falls. Seventh day, they are walking 6 times, not even one stone; seventh time they finish, not even one stone falls. And then the trumpetblows and they are asked to shout. The moment before the shout, nothing falls. Just think about that. God tells them to shout in Joshua chapter 6 verse 20. The people shouted and the trumpets were blown. As soon as the people heard the sound of the trumpet, the people shouted a great shout. They could have shouted very feebly. Like how we sometimes always say, "shout" or something like that. Somehow these people had faith in them. They were not that old generation; they were the Joshua generation. And they had faith and shouted a great shout without seeing any sign of victory. And what happened? The next moment, the wall we are told; fell down flat.

Everybody say: flat.The previous moment not even one stone is fallen; the next moment the whole wall falls down. The previous moment the water never lowered; the next moment the water stands up in one heap. You think that is coincident? I think God is telling people who can see no sign of victory in their situation or circumstance, don't go by signs. Your faith, stand on it; your next step of faith could bring you the victory. Your next step could be that step that brings you the victory; or maybe it is the step after that; but it is going to come; there is no doubt that victory is going to come. If it looks like you are losing, the battle is not yet over. The match is not yet over. I don't know what you are going through my friend, but next step maybe that crucial step; or the step after that; or maybe the victorywill come tomorrow. I don't you. Or it will come next week, or next month - but it will come. Everybody say: It will come. Victory will come in Jesus name. God wants you to win; every single time, He wants you to win so easily that you yourself might laugh. Are you ready to believe in easy victory - this is God's will. There is a lot more we can say about it; but I think this is enough for you. Catch a hold of this; confess this, stand on it, continue to walk in faith; apply the principles that you know from this church and my friend, you will see the victory; because Jesus leads us in a triumphant possession. Everybody - let's all stand up.

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