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Redemption and The Work of our Hands (Vol 03) - The Other Side of Blessing - Part 1

Sunday English Service - 12 NOV 17


Let's turn to Matthew's gospel chapter 5. We have been talking about work, teaching on work. The first part of our teaching had to do with why we work. That had to do with how God had designed work for man before the fall, before sin came - before the fall came, God's original design concerning work. God has appointed man to work. And what kind of design was it. We talked about it. And then we talked about it in the second portion of this teaching - we talked about "Why work is difficult". And this is about work after man has fallen. After sin has come, the curse has come. It's all about how that has affected man's work.

Now we are in the third section, we are talking about how redemption affects the work of our hands: the redemption that is through Jesus Christ. We are a redeemed people, a new creation - since we are saved, redeemed. And Galatian chapter 3 verse 13 and 14 says, we are blessed, we have come from curse to blessing - that is what we began with. The first week of this portion began with the teaching on how we came from curse into blessing. Last week was a second week and we talked about how blessing impacts our work today. Blessing is a power or empowerment that empowers people to succeed: that is what blessing is. Even under difficult times and difficult circumstances; and Abraham, Isaac, Joseph - all of these people are examples of how the whole world can be against you and everybody may try to pull you down and put you down. But the power of blessing - the blessing is a power - it is a divine power when it is given to a man. It lifts that man even in spite of all these opposing forces pulling down, the man comes up. Wonderful story of Joseph is a great illustration of that and the story of the entire people of Israel is an example of that; we saw that.

Now in the third week today I am going to talk about the other side of blessing. See, blessing is an empowerment that lifts people and even in spite of difficulties and opposing forces it causes a man to raise to the top. You shall be above only is God's promise. It brings him to the top, in spite of all the circumstance, in spite of the fact that the world is a sinful world - a fallen world - there is a lot of enemies there and things are difficult there. In spite of that, the power of blessing causes people to rise above these difficulties, rise to the top for the glory of God. That is where God wants you so that you may shine forth your light for God. So that is one aspect of blessing. Just like for a coin or for a rupee note, there are two sides to any currency - there are two sides to blessing. One is this ability to succeed. We have talked much about that, I have talked a lot of about it. I have taught whole series about blessing and I have emphasized that part greatly: The ability to succeed in spite of all the circumstances. But there is another side to it. I want to pay some attention to it this week and in the coming weeks and that is the other side of blessing I call it. What is the other side of blessing? You see sin brought curse and it affected our work. It affected our work and brought failure in our work. See the curse is about failure. If blessing is about succeeding, curse is about failing. Curse causes you to fail because blessing causes you to succeed. Curse is the opposite of blessing. That is the case - the curse pulls us down. It causes us to fail. That is one side of the story. Blessing pulls us up.

But there is the other side to the blessing, and that is, man not only brought upon himself the curse that causes him to fail in all the work of his hands outwardly, in his works of his hands through various external reasons he fails, reasons that pulls him down, he fails. And blessing is the power that lifts him. There is another side to the blessing and that is, man has been affected inwardly also due to the sin and the curse that has come. And how inwardly he is affected? Inwardly he is affected due to sin because he has now become a changed person inwardly - he has become a selfish person, he has become self-centered. It is all about himself. That is why many times family life fails, marriage fails, everything fails - even work there is difficulty, because people out there are there for themselves. They don't care about anything else. They don't work with one mind because they only care about themselves not for others - they are self-seeking, self-centered, selfish to the core. They only care about themselves and their interests; that is the true face of sin. That is what sin is like - sin makes a person very highly selfish person - that is the true picture of what sin does to the man inside.

Now when Christ comes in, when redemption comes is, when God redeems us from that curse and brings us blessing: on the one hand blessing lifts us up against all opposing forces, on the other hand, blessing deals with this inward problem. See, just like the external forces pulls us down, there is some inward force also pulling us down. Many people are not failing just because of the external things, they are failing because of themselves; because of their very nature, their sinful nature - because of the way they are. Because of their own selfishness - their wife or husband can't live with them. They cannot maintain a family and a relationship. They cannot get along with their own - it is difficult because it's all about themselves. You have seen people like that?

I remember one lady said, "You know, when he gets some money he takes care of himself. He buys clothes for himself. He goes to the nicest restaurants and eats. He buys everything that he needs. And when Christmas comes he makes sure that first he gets the best - the first and the best is for himself. Then only he thinks about the family - If there is any balance left out, if luckily there's some amount left, then he considers the family." Amazing how some people are. They take it to another extreme. How can you be happy in a family like that? I personally knew a person manymany years ago - I personally knew a person that was raised as a single-male child in the family. I think 2 or 3 girls there in the family, but he was the single-male child. So the parents treated him very specially. Coming from a very ordinary family, they could not afford to eat meat and all every day, but he had to have meat every day. So even though the girls ate only rasam and rice and of that, they made sure they bought 100 grams of mutton and fried it for him- just for this guy. He sat there are eat this meat along with all of his sisters - he sat there in front of them and ate it; and they would all it just their rasam and rice. I mean, I can't imagine this happening in a home.

Usually a man would say, "No, give it to the children. I will eat without it. If that is all we have got, I would rather have the children to eat it. I will eat without it." That's what usually should happen. But here is a person that lives like that. These are all signs of what has happened inside a man. Something has gone terribly wrong, and that affects man's work, very much. That is why the work places are such problematic places. Work is so difficult. Why? Because men and women inwardly are filled with this evil of selfishness. They care about only themselves and God when He redeems us, He not only blesses us externally so that no matter what done is against us we succeed in spite of all the opposition, God also deals with us on the inside and changes us inside to be better people.

Now people talk about all the hex and spell, you know and magic being done against them - I tell many people, "You don't need magic at all, just us is enough. We will bring enough problems upon ourselves. We don't need any magician or anybody to cast a hex or a spell on us. We have such evil within us that we bring upon us all kinds of evil. And we attribute it to some power that someone has sent over us - to destroy us". No, ourselves - we enough to destroy ourselves. We are self-destructive because of the sin. The devil uses a sin and the nature of sin in people to destroy them. And one of the things that happen in the redemption is that God deals with this inward nature and changes the person inwardly so that the blessing has another side. One side is this power to succeed in spite of all the opposition on the outside. The other side of blessing is what we are talking about and the other side is how we experience an inward change that leads us to victory and success on a permanent basis. Unless there is change inside you cannot have success permanently. You may have success temporarily, but again you will ruin it because of who you are. Unless God changes on the inside we will not have true success. Let's talk about it.

That is why I told you to open to Matthew's gospel chapter 5: and you know that chapter 5, 6 and 7 contains the Sermon on the Moun. I have taught extensively on Sermon on the Mount - verse by verse on Tuesday evenings and there is a whole series available that deals with Sermon on the Mount in general, in great detail. But now I am going to apply specifically to work - the Sermon on the Mount specifically to work but not the whole three chapters, but just some parts of it. Now today I just want to show you a particular passage in it in Chapter 5 from verse 3 he begins. From verse 3 to 12 are called "Beatitudes". Now, Beatitudes always begin with the word "Blessed", Blessed, Blessed, Blessed. Jesus Christ came to preach the Kingdom of God. He is preaching about the Kingdom that is now come. And I talked about how the kingdom in a way has come already. We can enter into the Kingdom; the Kingdom can come into us. Kingdom blessing can belong to us, that is the Bible teaching - the Kingdom is going to come in a fuller form later on when Christ comes for the second time and establishes his Kingdom really - the Kingdom is going to come completely and fully - there is going to be what is called, "The Consummation of the Kingdom". But today we are living in the "Inaugurated Kingdom". Inaugurated Kingdom means the Kingdom has already begun in a way. Even though Christ is not ruling over this whole earth, all the kingdoms of this earth has not become the Kingdom of God, Christ is not ruling literally out there as King, he is ruling in us... in all of us who have believed in Christ - Christ is the King, for us he is the King, and we are in his Kingdom.

Look at the teaching of Jesus. He says, "Don't worry about what you eat, what you drink, what you will be clothed with. Your heavenly Father knows that you have need of these things. The people out there the Gentiles seek after these things. They don't know about the heavenly Father. They seek after these things. Their mind is always searching for these things - wanting these things. But your heavenly Father knows that you want these things. Don't worry about these things", he said. And then he says, "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you." See, the Kingdom is in us. He told Nicodemus, "Unless you are born again you can never see the Kingdom of God". Then again he told them, "Unless you are born again you never again enter into the Kingdom of God." So, the Kingdom of God is not necessarily something that is going to come - many Christians make the mistake of thinking, it is all heaven. When we get to heaven that is when we get into the Kingdom of God. No, the biblical teaching is about the Kingdom - How is has begun already now. We are now in the Kingdom - in a way the Kingdom has been inaugurated - Christ already reigns as Lord and God in the lives of people who have believed and taken him as Lord and Savior. So the Kingdom has already in a way, come and has been inaugurated, as far as we are concerned - one day it is going to come in full-fledged form, everywhere.

Now the one who came to preach the Kingdom and to bring the Kingdom to us, is talking about how this Kingdom deals with us - what kinds of blessings are given in this Kingdom; and all these blessings have to do with our inward condition. Look at this: let me read to you from verse 3: Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven - see, every verse begins with "Blessed". Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted. Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled. Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the sons of God. Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake, for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven - and 11 and 12 is a further explanation of this persecution, and how blessed we are if we are persecuted for righteousness sake. Alright, let us leave it there because right now because I am not going to be able to deal with all of that. I am going to touch upon two to three things here quickly.

So every verse begins with the word, "Blessed" - it is about blessing. The blessing of this Kingdom is not only an empowerment to succeed. It is that also, but it is not only that. The blessing of the Kingdom has another kind of characteristic: it deals with the inward man. It changes the man inwardly. And how does it do it? Let's go through it one by one. Let's read the first one:

Blessed are the poor in the spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven. Now what is being poor in spirit - it's not saying, Blessed are the poor. Blessed are the poor in spirit - it is talking about something else different. Some people have taking it because elsewhere it says, Blessed are the poor - That is why when you have more than gospel you need to compare this and that. And trying to understand what it is saying. Never was Christ's intention to say "Blessed are the poor" in that sense. Now some people have taken it far. They say "Blessed are the poor" - so you need to be poor, then only you will be blessed and so on. That is not what he is saying. He said, "Blessed are the poor in spirit". What is "Poor in spirit" means? "Poor in spirit" means that you cast yourself upon God's grace. That you feel like on your own you cannot fulfill the laws of God and come and stand before God in a worthy manner. You don't have it within your to do it. You need God's help. You are spiritual bankrupt. You are in need. Without God you cannot even come before him and stand. Unless God does something and helps you. It is an honest confession that we are not in ourselves perfect. That is what "Blessed are the poor in spirit" means. When a person is poor in spirit that means he realizes his spiritual bankruptcy, his spiritual poverty, that he of his own is not worthy to do this. This is a blessing that comes from God. This is the blessing of his kingdom.

See, Paul was a Pharisee. Pharisees are very religious people. They followed all the laws meticulously. They are very careful about these things, very religious people. Paul was raised as a Pharisee. All his life he belonged to this sect and he was trained. He was trained as a theologian. Studied with the best theologian of the day, and so on; very high trained educated man. He was not a rogue living around sinning, and going around doing all kinds of bad things. He was a good man, wanted to live a religious life, wanted to obey God's laws. But at one point, he realizes something. Usually Pharisees, it is very difficult for them to realize that. Pharisees usually think: I am the best. Remember the two guys that went into the Temple to pray? One was praying saying, "Lord, have mercy on me. I am a sinner." That's his cry. "Have mercy on me O God, I am a sinner." The other guy was a Pharisee. This guy was public and he was saying, "Have mercy on me because I am a sinner." This other guy that was praying next to him was a Pharisee, and listen to his prayer. He said, "Lord, I thank You because I am not like this guy." What an arrogant way to pray. "I thank You Lord because I not like this Gentile. I am not like this publican. I am not like this guy." The Gentiles, the publicans, the tax collectors - all these people, they were considered as dirt by the Pharisees. They thought they were very religious and God looked upon them as very holy and good, and so on. Very difficult to make them realize -No, they are not fit to stand before God on their own, unless God makes them to realize that.

And one day it so happened that Paul realized that. He talks about it in Romans chapter 7. He says, I know the laws of God. I respect the laws of God, I have studied it, I know what it says. I thought I knew what it says. But one day I read the 10th Commandment: Though shall not covet - then only I understood it is an issue of the heart. It is not what I have done or not done. It is not about my deeds. It is not just deeds. It has to do with my heart. "Thou shalt not covet" It is not about doing this or doing that. Even though you have never did it, you never did it you have it in your heart. That is what covetousness means. Then I realized the true meaning of covetousness, I realized I was a sinner. Now I know why I cannot follow the Ten Commandments, I cannot do what the Ten Commandments says... even though I am educated, even though I am religious, even though I am brought up in a religious way. I want to do what the word of God says/the commandment of God says. But I am not able to do it. And he cries out at one point he says, "Woe unto me. What I wretched man I am." Literally he uses that word "What a wretched man I am." What a hopeless condition I am in. With all my religiosity, with all my education and understanding, I am not able to do what God says. These Ten Commandments is impossible for me. And now I have understood why it is impossible. He says, because sin resides in me. That is the problem. There is no problem with God's laws. God's laws are good. They are holy, they are perfect. The problem is with me. I am not able to do it because I am a sinner. Inside there is a problem in my heart. There is selfishness in my heart. There is this sin and all the evil that sin brings. In my heart there is a problems; that is why I am not able to do it.

Who shall save me from this body of death? Oh what a wretched man I am, he says. Then in the very next verse,I think verse 24, 25 and so on, in 7th Chapter of Romans he says, in the very next verse after this he says, after calling himself wretched and after saying, "Who can save me from me?" He says, "Thanks be to God through Our Lord Jesus Christ." That means it is Jesus Christ who has saved me from this condition. See he has become poor in spirit. That's a long way from being a Pharisee. This is impossible for a Pharisee to come to. God has gifted him with this blessing, God has helped him to realize his own imperfection, God has helped him to realize his own sinfulness. He realizes that he is sinful, he cries out to God and that is how he comes to God. That is what "being poor in spirit" means.

Now when you realize that, that humbles you, doesn't it. Now you don't boast about yourself as perfect and almighty and so on. The Pharisees usually do, but here is a different man. The fact that he has realized that he is not perfect, he needs God's help, he's desperately is in need of God, unless God has mercy on him, he cannot even be forgiven and come to God. He cannot even be born-again, he cannot even be enabled to do any good and follow the law. After he realized that... that is a big heart change. It causes a big heart change. Now, that change of heart begins to affect the home life - marriage, the family, everything; because here is a guy that used to think that he was the all know guy, the almighty guy, there is no imperfection in him, that he was absolutely perfect, flawless and nobody can teach him anything. He knew everything; that is the kind of guy he was. But now ever since God showed him that he is imperfect, that only by God's grace he can come to him; only by God's grace that he can receive forgiveness, that he needs God desperately. Once he realized that his whole life changes; because he looks at his home, his wife, his children and all of that. He knows that they are imperfect, just like he is imperfect. He knows that they need God just like he needs God. So he is able to deal with them on another level. Not like I am perfect and you are imperfect. No, he is able to deal with them on another level; when he goes to work this person now becomes very easy to work because he realizes what the problem is with people - he used to be such a person.

The problem is the inward nature of man, the sin of man: so he has mercy on them. He deals with them gently because he knows that this is the problem of man. So being poor in the spirit or realising our spiritual poverty - that is what this means or spiritual bankruptcy, helps us to arrive at an honest appraisal of ourselves. Now this honest appraisal changes our very life in all aspects. First, it helps us come to God in the right way, saying, "God, not me. You have mercy on me". Humble ourselves, come to God like this. Then it affects our home lives, our work and everything. How does it affect our work? That is what we are interested in, right. How does it affect our work? Have you seen resumes of people? Many times it is just an inflated picture of themselves. They tell you...pt in everything you have done and everything you have not done also. Get a letter from somebody, that you have done this, you have done that and you are good at this and you are good at that - we will just go and ask anybody. Please give a letter - I have not done it, but just give a letter; I will attach it here. I can say that I did this, I did that. I got this experience, I got expertise in this. So, we fill our resume, we inflate it, puff it up... soon we start believing it. Sometimes when you see people's resumes you want to ask them, "Why do you want this job? This is too small a job for you. You need to go, to become something very big. You are too good for this job." Without even thinking they just inflate this whole thing. It is because they do not have a true estimation of themselves. They have an over estimation of themselves. You know Romans Chapter 12 verse 3 says: Let not a man think more highly of himself than he ought to think. You are supposed to think about yourself in a realistic manner as to who you are, what qualifications you have, what is your ability, what is your experience, what you can do. There are things that you can do and there are things that you cannot do; but resume looks like he can do all things, that he is almighty. You want to call them, "Almighty God". Have you ever worked with people that think they can everything, that there is nothing that they don't know? You cannot teach them anything, you cannot tell them, "Hey you listen; this is the way it should..." They take offence at that. In all fields it's like that.

Take music for example: When I was young, I knew some guys - you tell them, "This is the way to play it man. Play it like this, not like that. Play it like this." Next week they won't show up. They are angry at you. "Who is he to tell me. What does he think he is. Because I know everything. I don't need to be taught." Actually, he doesn't know anything. But the thinking is "I know everything, he doesn't need to teach me. I know everything. I know what to play; don't tell me what to play." The humility is not there, the teachability is not there. In all fields, you will see among preachers that. Very difficult to make a preacher sit down and hear a sermon. The only time he will enter into church. A lot of them will enter into a church, is when they are preaching. They do not want to hear anybody preach. One of the greatest things that I have discovered in my life is to be able to hear other great, great preachers. You learn so much about it - every single day I hear, every single day.There is not a day that goes by without me hearing some great preacher or reading some great preacher's sermon or material because you learn from it. Lot of people are missing that you know. I tell the people, "Hey, Read all of those sermons. This guy has preached so wonderfully." Amazing! You get an idea of how to understand the word of God. How to bring out the truth, you learn so much from it.

You know, when I was studying in college, I thought I have learned everything in the few years I studied. When you are young you are so foolish you know. So I started preaching from the first year of my studies and every summer that I preached, every Christmas I preached, every holiday I preached in between - you know, a lot of weeks I would be taken in some church to preach, and so on. I had a lot of preaching experience, I think more than most people had in the college. I was exposed a lot to preaching; and thank God for that. So I wrote down a lot of sermons and wrote down lots of notes and gathered them altogether. You know when I was finishing up, I was very sad because now I am going to go on preach all my life, I got to preach and I looked at my notes, I thought it would last for about a year. I was worried.Now the whole bible is here. I have studied the whole bible, came up with all these sermons; there is nothing more to learn. With this I have to spend my whole life preaching. How am I going to do it? And then I started preaching - in the same place, week after week, to the same people. Then I began to understand that this is like a gold-mine. You just dig and dig, and dig, and dig, there is more, and more, and more than ever. So I have decided in every passage and every passage I come to, I am going to read it like I have never heard it before, learn it like I have never learned it before. Always think I don't know much about this, I need to study it more. And that is the way I approach it because there is so much there. I realized that I need God to help me understand these things. I need the Holy Spirit to help me, open my eyes to comprehend these things, understand it more than ever, understand things that I have been never understood. No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has ever comprehended the wonderful things that God has done for them that love him, but for us it has been revealed. Christianity is a religion of revelation; to us it has been revealed - it is a revelation. It is a progressive revelation. It is a revelation that lasts for a whole lifetime, and I believe continues through all eternity. It will never be over.

In eternity, when you go and appear before God and see Him face to face and live before Him, I tell you, you will keep on knowing and knowing Him more and more. There will be no end to it, because that is how much is there to know. But you got to be poor in spirit. If you are poor in spirit you are a blessed person. You have this inward blessing of being poor in spirit. Realizing your desperate need for God, your bankruptcy spiritually and that you need God. Anything that you need to understand - it has to come from God. The Holy Spirit has got to help you, and he has to aid you. When you realize that, I tell you, that is the best place for us to be. But the world doesn't think like that.The world you ask they would say, "No! No! That doesn't work. You can't achieve success and advancement being a guy who is poor in spirit. You have got to be aggressive. You got to be a guy that is push and shout type of guy. You got to be out there, you got to stand up and you got to do things aggressively."

You ask the world, "Which man would succeed: The guy who says, "Don't be afraid, I know everything, I will take care of it. I am there, I will do it." Will he succeed? or a guy who says, "Listen I know a few thing I can do, but the rest of the things I don't know I depend on God. I believe God will teach me. I know there's a lot of people out there that can help me; I know that you can all work with me and co-operate with me. We can all try together and get this done." Which one will succeed? Most people in the world - the whole world - in the world that is full of sin and fall and its effects, they will say - the guy who takes charge and says, "Don't worry, I am there. I would take care of it." I know everything. That is the kind of guy the world needs, they would say. They world needs that kind of guy. You can't be a leader without that, they say. But the bible says, that is not the kind of leader that's a good leader.

You know even in the world, now they do a lot of research and studies on leadership and in workplaces. Now they offer degrees in leadership. It has become a big subject now, it is a very favorite subject of a lot of people. You can get a degree in leadership. And in Christian institutions this is a great thing. A lot of leadership studies, if you would check into it, the idea of servant-leadership and all of it, it's biblical in origin. It comes from these protestant Christian countries, where they dug into the bible and came up with these truths, and taught them in churches and so on. Now it has gotten into the system of the people, knowingly or unknowingly. Some of these people today if you asked them, they don't even believe the bible. But they believe servant-leadership. Where did they get it from? They get that from the bible. Somebody sent me a WhatsApp message of some guy quoting - some important company management - something like google. Some guy quoting something like this. He says: "It is in man's DNA to create. To create is part of the DNA of man. God has made him as a Creator." Why? Because in protestant teaching they have always taught - "Subdue and dominate" means take the world that God has given. Subdue and dominate and bring forth new inventions, innovations, new discoveries that will cause the flourishing of humanity. That is what it means. That is the way they taught. That has gotten into people today. These guys in the world, they believe - that is in the DNA of man to be creative. Man will not be without that. He will make an effort to be creative because it is part of his make-up - that is the way God has made him. He is constituted in that way. So they make a lot of studies nowadays and they are saying that gone are the days when an arrogant, self-promoting leader was considered greater than a humble empowering leader - at least in the best organizations. Now things have changed. They do not think an aggressive, rough and tough, arrogant leader is the best leader that you can have. The thinking has changed. Now they think a humble empowering leader - a man who empowers everybody, who lifts everybody along with himself, co-operates with everybody, has everybody working with him, works in a spiritual of co-operation, love in a joint of effort -that is the kind of guy, who is a great leader they say.

So, "Blessed are the poor in spirit." I tell you this starts with God in our relationship with God, but it reaches into our life in every aspect of our life - in our life with our family, our life with our work, in every way.

Secondly,I am just making little observations here and there about work. Secondly, Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted. What is this mourning all about? See, the poor in spirit is a mental recognition of our poverty of spirit. It is knowing everything that I do is not enough. I need God's help. I cannot. Can a man live without God? No, he cannot. Can I live without God? No, I cannot. I need God, I need God's grace - that is what poverty of spirit means, right. What is "Blessed are those who mourn?" What is this mourning about? See, that is the mental recognition, this is the emotional response of sorrow to that mental recognition. You recognize that without God you can't do it. Now, the sorrow comes into you and you will sad and saddened; sorrowful because you have lived without God. You have wasted your days without God. You have made vain efforts, trying with your own strength to live your life without God; you have labored over your life. Not only that, when we do wrong things, when we do evil things, when evil is produced in our lives, the gift of being mournful over that is important because it is a blessing, because that is going to deliver you from that evil. When you sin, when you do wrong, and you mourn over that - you become sorrowful because of the sin, because of what you have done. I will tell you it becomes very difficult to do the same kind of sin again,next time, because of the way you have dealt with this.

See, a lot of people don't deal with it like that. They will do wrong. They will produce all kinds of evil - they have sinned, but they will never admit they have sinned. Their policy is: "Never admit." Do not admit that you have sinned. Because you stand up as a man, they say. That is what the world tells us, "Don't admit your sin." So, when you feel the sorrow for that sin, I will tell you it is good for you - because that is the starting point of healing. That is the first thing that you need to do in order to be healed and delivered, in order to set your life right, in order to go in the right direction. Not only that, when there is evil in the world - when you see evil happening out there, you are saddened again, when you see all kinds of injustice take place, you are saddened again. When you see evil in workplace, you are saddened again, you are touched - your emotions are touched with grief. You feel that inside of you. And when you admit you are wrong, what happens - that takes a lot of courage.That is a real man, when he admits that he has been wrong, he has done wrong. That takes a real man, and real courage to admit it and that guy is going to succeed. And that is why the bible says, Blessed are those who mourn. When we know what it is to mourn before God and when we realize our faults, we also be ready to realize and admit our faults in other realms of life and our home, at our work, in all areas of life.

This mourning, this ability and this gift, and this willingness to admit our faults and realize that we have done wrong and be sorrowful over it - it leads to correction of that situation. And that is a wonderful thing that leads to great success. Now, in work place they have done...Today in America, especially, they do a lot of research concerning work. And a lot of Christian research is being done on how the biblical values work in the realm of work, in the area of work, and one great researcher has found about a tractor company in America that sells a lot of tractors - that they decided to participate in the sorrow and the grief of those that have been affected by buying their product. Many injuries happen. People buy their tractors, farm equipment, and so on. And it is dangerous to operate them sometimes, and injuries can happen. Some people have been seriously injured, and all kinds of things happen, and when they heard they made a very quality decision to contact those people that had been injured, it seems; and talk with them about what happened. Go to their aid, see if they can do something to help them in that situation and then talk to them and participate in their sorrow. And not only that - talk to them and find out what caused it and do they have any suggestion to bring any kind of protective measure so that next time it would not happen to some others. What do you suggest? You are doing that every day. You are using the same equipment every day. What do you think we need to do? What is the danger thing in this? What is the most dangerous in this? How do you think we can protect people in the future?

They started talking about it, going to people, participating in their sorrow, in their grief, dealing with them at the time of their troubles, and coming home with some suggestions about what is missing there and what can be done because they felt that part of that sorrow has to do with the company's failure to do the thing rightly. They thought: anything we have missed, we should have done, we haven't done. Most people just think about making something and selling something, and after they sell they forget you. If you fell and broke your head, that is your business. They won't even worry about what happened, why it happened. Is there anything that they have done that is not right? Don't worry about that. They are interested in only selling. And if doesn't sell they will get an actress or an actor to sit on the tractor. Now the actress doesn't have anything to do with the tractor, but she shows her face and smiles, and they sell the tractor, you know. And people also go buy. That is their philosophy: "Sell it somehow, push it, get the best person for the ads. Let's push it and sell it." That is their attitude. Here is a different kind of company. I guess some Christian was there, some guy who has understood these principles at least, was there. And he said, "Why is this happening? Why such a high incidence of injury happening? I am going to participate in their sorrow. I am going to go there, find out what it is, Why this is happening?" And as a result, in the next few years, they were able to drastically reduce the injury percentage. What a way to do business. It is truly caring about people. It is the Christian way of doing business, it is a biblical way of doing business. And I tell you, now the world will laugh at it. They would say, "Well, you know all these things won't work. Just sell it and go on. As long it is a hot item, and you can sell it, you should be glad about it." No, you won't last very long. If you do it this way you would last for ever and ever, and ever. People will think of you and come back to you forever. Because you are giving something that his amazing.

Finally, Blessed are the meek. Go back to Chapter 5. Matthew Chapter 5 and verse 5 - Blessed are the meek and they shall inherit the earth. Now the idea of meekness is considered a very bad idea in the world. Actually, people think that you got to be aggressive in the world. You got to be upfront, aggressive, loud, tall. I remember when I was in college I read a book. It talked about how tall helps. I shut that book and put it away. I am not going to make it. You got to be tall in order to succeed. When it comes down to selecting the C.E.O, they are going to look for the tall guy. And I was angry at God - God, four more inches. Why you didn't give me four more inches? Look, what I would have done with four more inches. I was so worried about it in those days, that God didn't give me the height to succeed in life. People emphasize all kinds of things out there, but it is not that. The bible philosophy is totally different. The Bible says, Blessed are the meek. I will show you the meek ones are the ones that are going to make it big in business, they are going to make it big in leadership and so on. Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth. They will own the whole place. How about that? You can't beat that, right. They will inherit the earth. They will become the owners of the everything one day. You think they are meek.

Now some people don't like the meek because they think it is weak. They mistake meekness for weakness. They think meekness is weakness and we should not have any weakness. You have got to be a strong leader. Even in India they talk about it - strong leader. You have got to be a strong leader. You have got to talk loud, talk much, shout. You have to go at it, impress people, be very loud, out-spoken, because you got to show yourself as a leader. This is the worldly idea. When a person is quiet, meek they think he is weak leader, weak person - by mistake he has come. Look at the bible. What is the biblical idea of meekness? According to the bible, I will show you - Meekness is power under control. That is what meekness is. The bible says it Numbers chapter 12, verse 3, It says, Among all the people of the earth, (notice the words)among all the people of the earth, Moses was the meekest of them all. - Can you believe that? There was no one meek than Moses. He was the meekest; does it mean weakest? No! Because this guy was the leader of 30 lakhs people at least. Some people believe it to be even more. But let's keep the minimum. Thirty lakhs people he is leading. He is a leader - leading a whole nation. Not very easy people, the people of Israel. They are the worst you can lead. Very disobedient people, very unbelieving people, very murmuring and complaining people. No discipline among them, no faith in them, no thankfulness, nothing. You got to lead them. And God had given him such power and authority. He brought the plagues down and dealt with Pharaoh. He would challenge Pharaoh; Pharaoh started shaking. Moses was such a powerful man. Not a weak man, but a meek man - but so much power. The Pharaoh wanted to be relieved from some of these plagues. He had to come and beg Moses. "Please stop it. I will let you go." He was at the mercy of Moses. Such power was given in the hands of Moses but his power was always under control. He stretched out his hands, he divided the sea into two. He brought manna from heaven, water out of the rock. And the people, even after he split the Red Sea, when they got on the other side, you know that they said - "You think God only speaks to you? Who do you think you are?" And they took stones to kill him on the other side of the sea. They said, "Where are we going to get food. You brought out through the wilderness." And food came from heaven in the form of manna. They said, "Oh, manna has come? But what about water?" Now you would think that if manna came down and if they all got something to eat they would think, "God who gave manna is good enough to give water also." That is the way you would think, right - normal people would think.

They had such a rebellious spirit, they said, "Alright, he has given manna, but what about water?" And water came out of a rock. And so they ate and drank. They should be satisfied. You know what they said then? Will our God give meat also? We want mutton, chicken and everything. No satisfaction at all. And God gave them meat. The bible says, The birds - these fat birds, flew in their direction because the wind blew with that direction and landed and there about this high, it seems - 3 feet high, for 40 kilometres radius. One day's journey, it says. It's 40 kilometres - 1 day's journey. Radius, 3 feet high. Three feet is a lot of height - meat. God says, you want this much or any more you want. Eat it - 40 kilometres meat. You know what they said?"In Egypt we had good, garlic, masala - all of these things. We had such good carries there. This is so dull. What is the use of eating this?" Complaint after complaint - but he was their leader.

Other leaders - some of our leaders, you know what they would have done? They would have told these rebellious bad mouthing people... They would say, "Listen, last time I split the Red Sea, this time I am going to split your head. I am going to stretch out my hand, your head is going to split. Next time you open your mouth, I am going split head and you are going to die." Because you got power, you got authority. You are a gifted man. You are anointed by God. You got power. And these people are bad mouthing God. God is on your side - if you want it, you can do it.

Remember when Jesus went to Samaria and wanted a room to stay overnight as he was travelling. They learned that he was a Jew and they said, "Keep going. We don't want a Jew staying here" - because they had some caste problem with the Jews. Samaritans didn't want to give him a room. The disciples were very angry. They came and told Jesus, "We need to teach these guys a lesson. They need to know who you are. Remember Elijah brought fire down from heaven. Let's show these guys. Let's put on a show Jesus. Bring down fire - kill these guys. Then they will learn what it's all about. They really don't know who you are - what a mighty man you are." But Jesus said, "Foxes have holes, birds have nests; but the son of man has nowhere to lay is head." That doesn't mean he lived his all the way in platform. Some people make stories about it. That simply meant that night he didn't have any place. That's why he said that. When they refused room for him he said, "Foxes have holes, birds have nests; but the son of man has nowhere to lay is head" that night. Don't make that a lifelong thing. He looked at the people that told him - "Let's bring down fire from heaven." He said, "Your spirit is not right." That is not a Christian spirit. That is not decent - that is exercising power out of control. That is not meekness; that is rudeness. That is being mean, that is being arrogant. Just because you got power, that you can do something - you should not do anything. You must keep your power under control, because in the bible meekness means "power under control". You know what Jesus did? Jesus was also a meek person. Did you know that. In Matthew's gospel Chapter 11 in verse 28 or 29, you read this: Verse 28, Come to me all those who labor and are heavy laden. Take my yoke upon you. Learn from me. (Listen to this) For I am gentle. - Gentle literally means for I am meek. Some margins of your bible - good English bible will have a mark and saying, "I am meek". Jesus saying, "I am meek, believe me"."I am meek, and lowly in heart." I am a humble person, he says. "I am a meek and humble person."

But you turn to Matthew's gospel Chapter 21 - Look at this meek and humble person here. 21 verse 12 - Then Jesus went into the Temple of God and drove out - Meek and humble Jesus, went into the Temple and drove out all those who bought and sold into the Temple and overturned the tables of the money changers and seats of those who sold doves. What happened? This meek and humble Jesus. I thought he is meek and humble - he is always going around like, "Hello. Praise the Lord. Alleluia." No! This time he was kicking the tables - turning the tables and whipping these guys. Get out of here. What was he doing? Why he was so angry? Because he said, "You have made this house of God into a den of thieves." His anger was directed at what they had done to the Temple of God. They were selling everything for double, inside. If you forgot to bring your offering, you came inside, you pay double. It's like buying popcorn inside the cinema theatre. You go inside there, you can't come out, they would charge everything double.

And these little kids always look at their fathers and say, "I want that one." And you can't say no. And he keeps standing there. You got to buy at any cost. You can talk, negotiate - nothing. You buy it or you die. That is the way they dealt with the people. They came, went into the Temple; they didn't bring anything to offer sacrifices and they find some dove there. They find some goat there or something... they go and the price it...double or triple. They are foreigners, they come from abroad; they bring their money and they want to change money. The rates are the lowest. Outside if you changed it, you will get double. Here you get so much less. They make money on money, in the Temple. And Jesus was angry and he drove them out. He did exercise power. He had such power and authority. Jesus raised the dead, healed the sick, opened the blind eyes. He had such power; but it was all under control.

Power under control means two things: One is - It is a refusal to inflate our own self estimation - refusal to think of yourself too big... being really humble. It's power under control means refusal to infiltrate our own self estimation.

The second thing is: It is a hesitation to assert ourselves for ourselves. You always use power for others. You always use power for good. You always use power to do something positive and good. Never to do something to destroy others. Our self-estimation must be like Romans 12:3, that I quoted to you earlier. "Let no man think more highly of himself than he ought to think." That's the first aspect - a refusal to think of yourself more highly than you ought to think. Now some people go to the other extreme: they think of themselves to be very low, lower than they are. They would say, "I am nothing brother. I am just a dust." No! You are not dust. The bible doesn't say you are dust. God has given you some strengths, some abilities, some gifts and so on - that's real. When the people came and asked Jesus, you remember?They came and asked Jesus, "Are you the one to come or is there someone else that is going to come?" You know what Jesus said? They are saying, "Are you the Messiah?" Jesus didn't say, "I am just dust. I am nothing. I am no one. I am going to humble myself, I am nothing - believe me." No, no, no. He said, "The blind receive their sight." This is the answer to the question, "Are you the one to come, are you Messiah?" He says, "Look the blind receive their sight, the lame walk, lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and the poor have the good news brought to them. And blessed is anyone who takes no offense at me." Straight forward answer - he tells it as it is. This is what is happening; you better know that it's me. Yes it is me; better know it. These are the signs of the times. I am telling you, that's me, he says. He never had a self-inflated image nor an inferiority complex. He understood who he was, sent by God, with all power and authority, but to exercise it under control always according to how God would want to do it.

So, that is the first aspect. The second aspect has to do with the hesitation to assert ourselves for ourselves. See, some people use the power for themselves. Some people are angry at the guy next door or something like that. They are praying that God would send fire and consume the man. "Oh, he is such an evil person, brother. I am just praying that God will pour some fire on him. Do something. God's judgement will come on him" or something like that. No! That is exercising power for yourself, just to do some good for yourself; satisfying your ego or satisfying your injustice that is done to you. Exercising power must be for the benefit of all people not just for ourselves. This aspect is stated in Psalms 37. I will just read this and close because this is very important Psalm. Psalm 37, it tells us how we should not abuse our power that is given to us to deal with the wicked and destroy them and so on. And must always be used for the benefit of others.

Psalms 37 is a wonderful Psalm. Let me read it to you from the beginning - Do not fret because of evildoers, nor be envious of the workers of iniquity. Some people are jealous about people of iniquity. They say, "Oh, all the bad people are thriving brother. Everybody is flourishing. And they are very jealous of them that they are doing well and these people are not doing well. I am so righteous, I am not doing well." Well, the bible says, Don't fret, for they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb. Trust in the LORD, and do good. - What should we do? Don't worry about them, don't be fretting over them, don't be jealous over them, annoyed over them. Do good, dwell in the land, and feed on His faithfulness. Delight yourself also in the Lord, And He shall give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord. Trust also in Him, And He shall bring it to pass. He shall bring forth your righteousness as the light, And your justice as the noonday. - Look at the context. See the guy is angry that unrighteous people, wicked people are thriving but good people are suffering. And he says/the Psalmist says don't fret, don't worry, keep calm because God is going to send the judgement at the right time. You trust in the Lord, you do good, God will bring you the desires of your heart. Commit your ways to the Lord, He shall bring it to pass. He shall bring forth your righteousness as the light and your justice at noon day. See, God will show that you are right and they are wrong. Let God take care of it. You don't worry about it, it says.

And then verse 7 - Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him; Do not fret because of him who prospers in his way, Because of the man who brings wicked schemes to pass. Cease from anger, and forsake wrath; Do not fret-it only causes harm. - In other words he is saying, don't use your power and energy to really go against these people or do all kinds of things against these people. Just calm down, trust in God. You keep doing good. You be good; God will prove that you are right and they are wrong. One day these people be gone, he says. Then he says, For evildoers shall be cut off (verse 9) - But those who wait on the Lord, They shall inherit the earth. - How many of you think that is good news. Evil doers would be gone; but they that wait upon the Lord shall inherit the earth. You think they own everything - you are going to own everything, God says. You will inherit the whole earth, he says. For yet a little while and the wicked shall be no more. Indeed, you will look carefully for his place, but it shall be no more. You will start looking and trying to search for the wicked guy that was operating and he will be not be there, he says. He will disappear. There would come a day that God will wipe them out and they will disappear. Verse 11, the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace. - How many of you believe that?

So, don't fret, don't worry, don't be angry. Don't be anxious about what these people do. Trust in the Lord, keep doing good, keep moving forward because God is going to take care of it and God is going to bring justice, he says. In other words he is saying, "Don't use your power to destroy and do justice right now. Go about establishing justice in your own way; trust in the Lord, keep living for God. Let God do it in His own time in His own way; then everybody will know you are right and they are wrong, he says. And I believe in that. That is the way to succeed in this world. Wait on the Lord, Trust in the Lord; put your burdens on the Lord. Let the Lord take care of it and I will tell you my friend: the meek shall inherit the earth. Because the meek is not weak, the meek is strength.

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