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Sunday English Service - 09 JUL 17 - Why work?


Please turn with to Genesis Chapter 1. I want to read two passages. Abit longer than usual, but since we are going to talk about it, let's read it. Chapter 1 verse 26-28 and chapter 2 verse 15-24. First I will read Chapter 1 verse 26-28: Then God said, Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth. So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. Then God blessed them, and God said to them, Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, over every living thing that moves on the earth.

And now Chapter 2 verse 15-24: Then the Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to tend it and keep it. And the Lord God commanded the man, saying: of every tree of the garden you may freely eat; but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die.And the Lord God said, It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him. Out of the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field and every bird of the air, and brought them to Adam to see what he would call them. And whatever Adam called each living creature, that was its name. So Adam gave names to all cattle, to the birds of the air, and to every beast of the field. But for Adam there was not found a helper comparable to him.And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall on Adam, and he slept; and He took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh in its place. Then the rib which the Lord God had taken from man He made into a woman, and He brought her to the man.And Adam said:This is now bone of my bones
and flesh of my flesh;she shall be called Woman; because she was taken out of Man.Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.

- If you remember we just started last week a new series on the biblical teaching on work. What does the bible say about work? I told you we are going to cover three aspects of work - of this whole idea of work. One is: the first thing is, why work? Why should we as human beings work? Why has God ordained work for us? Why work is a question that must be answered from the bible; not from our ideas that we have in our mind. If you ask people why do you work? They will say, "Well, I have to pay the rent, I have to provide food and I have to pay fees for my children", and so on. They have so many reasons - that is fine; but what does the bible say? See, we are a bible preaching church; we start with the bible and then we look at what we look at things; and compare the two; and if what we think goes along with what the bible says, that is fine with us. You know what we think is good, if it goes along with the bible, then we are thinking right. If what we think doesn't go along with the bible, we throw away what we think and embrace what the bible says. That is our approach here; so we come from the bible perspective. We always try to seek to understand what does God say; because He is the author of life. So we are interested in what does He say? What does the Maker say; because that is better than hearing from anyone of us; and what we have to say. People are always highly opinionated. We are all kind of arm-chair philosophers - we just sit around and philosophize freely and talk our opinions and think that is the great truth. But God is the Maker; He is the one that made us; He can authoritatively tell us what life is all about. You want to know about work, you want to know about marriage, you want to know about anything. Go to God, He is the source of it all. He is the one that came up with the idea; He is the one that established it; He is the one that brought it into being, therefore it is important to go to God; and so that is the approach that we are taking. I said we are going to approach it in three ways - Then one is: Why work? Why do we work? Bible answer is necessary. When we understand that I tell you work will become very meaningful, very satisfying; and God glorifying and it will achieve the purpose that God has for it.

Secondly, why is work hard many times? Why is work in this world very hard many times? This is an important question: one fellow said, "Why don't you cover that first?" Well, I got to go systemically; I got to cover why work first; and then only I have to talk about why work is hard - so you gotto wait for it; we will talk about it. Bible has plenty to say; when you understand it, you will really appreciate it.

Thirdly, how do we overcome all these difficulties that work poses to us through the redemption that we have in Christ Jesus? How does redemption deal with our difficulties with work? We will deal with that finally. Now we are dealing with why work and first answer I gave, last week was we work, because God worked. If He worked, we better work - that is the whole idea. Work begins as early as the bible - the first chapter itself begins with God working; creating everything. So we saw how when the bible presents the whole idea of work in chapter 1 and in Chapter 2 verse 1-3; it presents it in this way. It says, God worked six days and rested on the 7th day. It is pretty much like what we have today; you know most of us, in most of the countries of the world, we work six days and rest on the seventh day - one day rest and six days work. It is something that we see everywhere. So that doesn't mean God follows our method; it means that we have followed God's method; He has established it and it has come into practice throughout the world today. And so we need to look at what kind of work did He do; and we talked last week about what kind of work God did and so on.

Now today, I want to go to the second part of it; the second answer. The first answer is God worked, so we work. Second is, that work is designed to display God's character and glory. When I say glory - God in full form. When we say a flower is in all its glory, we mean that it has totally grown and it has completely arrived at its final complete stage, and it is adorable and beautiful. This is the complete form in which it should be and it is in that form. So, glory means God in full form. So work is designed in that way to show forth or display God's character and His glory... what He is all about. That is how work is designed. That is why we need to work; because we are here placed by God, to show forth God's character and glory. That is why He made us in His image and likeness. So in order to understand this, we need to look at several things. You know the bible must be understood in this way: they say when you study any topic in the bible; whether it is work or anything else; marriage, whatever; God always approaches it in the historical redemptive perspective. What they mean is that the bible is telling us the story of salvation. There is a story-line to the bible - it is not 66 different books, written by 40 different authors; all different kinds of stories; every book talking about different issues, different things and not related to... It is not like that. It is not just a bringing together of various ideas; it is one single story line, they say. That is the way you must understand the bible. You must look at it that way. There is one single story line; and the story line is the story of our salvation or redemption; the history of our redemption. That is why they call it redemption historic perspective; you have to look at every subject in this way; redemptively and historically. How does the bible teach it as it teaches the story of revelation? How does the bible reveal about this particular topic? Work isrelated to our total redemption - the idea of redemption. Why? Because God created us to work; God designed work for us so that we may display God's character and glory. God Himself worked and exemplified what work is all about.

So God established work; then everything went wrong as a result of man's sin, work was affected by sin; curse came and it affected our performance in our work, in many ways. And then Jesus came, and when he brought redemption, it deals with our work also. I will show that; how the bible actually talks about it. It deals with the work of our hands. The difficulties that we face are dealt with through the cross of Calvary as Jesus bore our curse; the curse of the sweat and the toil that has come upon work as a result of sin is dealt with there at the cross of Calvary. So, work and the cross are related. Work and redemption are related; work comes as part of the story of salvation - that is the way you should look at it. So, if you look at it, then you have to look at 4 or 5 things; that is, first you have to look at what does God's work teach about us. The bible says, "God worked". We looked at it last week on how He worked. What does the bible teach about God's work? What can we learn from God's work? I will talk about it a little more today.

Secondly, when God gave work to man: what kind of work did God give to man? We have to understand that because that reveals the nature of our work - what our work and its nature is. The first man; what kind of work was he given. Thirdly, if only Adam had continued with the Garden of Eden, doing God's will and not sinning; if he continued like that, what would his life have been like? What kind of life and what kind of work would he have enjoyed? The revelation of that is given in so many passages in the bible; places like Deuteronomy 28, Psalms 1:28 and so on; and many other passages talk about what that blessed state would have been - what our life and our work would have been like if Adam had not sinned. And then fourthly, how the judgement and curse that came upon man as a result of sin affected work. And fifthly, how does redemption deal with the curse that came upon work and deliver us from the difficulties that the work present and bring blessing again which is the original plan of God. Work was supposed to be a blessing for us and for others. Our work must be a blessing to us; it must be a blessing to others. That is how God intended.

And redemption - it is not just about forgiveness of our sins and taking us to heaven; it is deal with this curse that has come upon mankind and upon particularly work; which has been designed to display God's glory and God's character; and restore it back to its original purpose where we can now display God's character and glory. You need to talk about all these; so, at least deal with one or two things right here; but that is the way, we must always look at it.

So let's talk about what God's work teaches us: What do we learn from the fact that God worked? When we say that God worked - what does it tell us; because that is the first instance in the bible where we hear about work; as chapter 2 of Genesis talks about how God created the earth in six days and rested the 7th day. It actually talks about it like our work. It says, "God worked". The word is used there, God "worked" six days and rested on the seventh day. So what does His work teach us as believers? You know we are made in the image and the likeness of God; and we are told to be followers of God in the New Testament. Genesis 1:26 says, that we are made in the image and likeness of God; Ephesians 5:1 says, be ye followers of God; that means doing what God did and be like God - that is what it means. Now if that is so, then we are to pay much attention to the creative work that God did - the work of creation. How did He do it? He did it by speaking words; by words He created.

Last week I dealt with how some people have difficulty understanding how that can amount to work. People say, "Well, wait a minute. He just said, 'Let there be light' and there was light. For that you need one day holiday; you mean six days He will just speak and everything will come into being; and one day holiday - because He has been working hard. Just come and look and see how hard my work is. God hardly worked and doesn't deserve a holiday". People have all kinds of opinion like that - they don't even call that work. Now if you brought a guy that does not understand,these guys that one in the top echelons of society and show one of these big guys sitting in his office; with a nice table and rolling chair and in air-conditioned atmosphere; he will look at it and say: "Is he working? Why do they pay him so much? Look at me working! Come to my farm and see how I work"; because he doesn't understand that this is work. But the guy that is sitting there, he does work. There is a lot of work involved; because he has got 10,000 people under him; he has got to have a great vision to have that kind of a company; he has got to have a great plan and knowledge and wisdom to run that kind of a set-up with that many people. So, you can't say that that is not work; that is more difficult work than what this guy isdoing. He doesn't exactly sweat like this guy; but that is a more challenging work; it takes more to do that kind of work. That is why obviously he gets paid more.

And so, God worked. When we say God spoke everything into being, He still worked; but He spoke everything into being by words and this is something what we have to take note. Last week I didn't deal with that; but let me say this: we need to think about the relationship between our words and our work; and how the words are the basis of our success in our work. Words have a lot to do with our work; how can we speak words that will make us successful in our work; and create an excellence in our work. That is something to talk about. I won't go so much into details about that; but think about this a little bit: we say God spoke, as if it is nothing; but it is not just words, you see. Behind those words is a heart - a heart that is highly oriented positively, a heart that doesn't believe in failure, a heart that is full of faith, a heart that envisioned huge, big things. Just imagine what kind of world God would have imagined, to create something like this. The heart has a capacity to think big, believe big. A heart that is totally different from a heart that, you know, that we have; but the thing is - the bible says that we were made in the image and likeness of God. God intended for us to operate something like that; for us to have a heart of faith; for us to imagine and envision and plan and purpose great things and big things; and believe God for big things. God made us like that. So when the bible says, "He spoke" - don't just look at His words; but look at the heart from which those words come from; that is why when you read the bible about these words and the power of words, the heart is always attached to it. Heart is the thing that controls the mouth; and if your heart is not right - then no matter what you say out of your mouth is not going to come to pass. Some people hear teaching on faith and confession and all that and say, "Well I have been saying this brother for last 10 days and it doesn't come to pass. I have been saying this 10 times in the morning, 10 times in the evening", as if some mantra, you know. We are not teaching any mantra. This is not aboutmantra- Christianteaching is not like that. We are not saying, "You say this many many times, and it will happen". No, we are saying that God is able to change your heart. You know bible says, No man can tame the tongue - can you believe that? Don't even try it. You cannot even tame your tongue. The bible puts it like that; no man can tame the tongue. If you have got a tongue going every which way, I can guarantee you, you cannot tame your tongue. The bible says it, so I would stop trying it; trying to tame it. It cannot be tamed; then what it is the answer? How can I get it under control? See, the tongue is connected to the heart; it is the heart that makes the tongue speak. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh. So in order to tame the tongue, something must happen to the heart. And I cannot change the heart. The heart of man is so evil. Nobody can change the heart of man - only God can change it. And this is what salvation in Christianity is all about. Salvation is where God comes into the heart, changes our heart; a heart change takes place, which change nobody can bring to pass. And therefore now the possibility of taming the tongue is there; now we can talk differently.

Without change in the heart, you cannot change the mouth. So when you see a person just talking all kinds of things; first ask him -, are you first of all a believer? If you are a believer then we can work on taming the tongue; if you are not a believer, then God has to do something in your heart; heart - I am not able to do anything for his heart. God has to get into his heart and change it. God says, I will take away the stony heart and give you a heart of flesh, a supple heart - a heart that is able to change - a different kind of heart, I will give you; unless a different kind of heart is given, a different kind of talking is not possible; a life change is not possible. So, when it says that God spoke and created everything, it doesn't mean simply some mantra being spoken out of the sky somewhere and everything came into being. It came out of a heart that envisions and plans and purposes; and the heart that is holy, the heart that is filled with faith from that heart comes. Not only the heart, the mind is also important - we will come to the heart and mind and all that at the end of the thing; when we talk about through redemption we overcome these difficulties in work. Everybody wants to overcome the difficulties in work; but nobody wants to pay any attention to the heart and the mind and the mouth. We talk about man being spirit, soul and body. The heart is another word for spirit; the mind is another word for soul; and the mouth, the tongue represents the body.

So, the spirit, soul and body are involved in success. It is not just something that comes out of our mouth, it is something that has to happen in our heart; and as a result our mind is renewed. That is why Paul says, Be not conformed to this world; but transformed by the renewing of your mind so that you may prove what is good and acceptable perfect will of God. Don't be conformed to this world, but be transformed. How? By the renewing of your mind. See Christianity talks about change; not by way of conformity. There is a difference between conformity and transformation. Conformity is me dressing like you; me having a hair-cut like you or something like that; just outward appearances change; but nothing else has changed. I am the same person that I was before. You are the same person you were before. That is conformity. Transformation is something that happens from within the heart; from inside - in your mind and in your heart. So the bible says, be transformed by the renewing of your mind; so unless the heart and mind are transformed, the mouth can never be tamed. The mouth can never function in a way that it can bring victory, because it cannot be tamed. But when the heart comes under the Lordship of Christ and the mind is renewed by the word of God, then the mouth will be able to speak and you can tame it, and learn to speak the promises of God, the word of God and become positive in your speaking, and then you can have success. So, there is a lot of things that we can learn about the fact that God by speaking words, worked and this fact that God worked by speaking His words, validates all kinds of knowledge work, and which hardwork of thinking and communicating accomplishes what those people that are made in the image and likeness of God have set out to do. So there is a lot to learn about that aspect of God's creative work. When God worked, He worked mainly by speaking; and there is a whole lot of areas that believers can learn about that.

Secondly; in addition of being able to come up with positive powerful words that created, and accomplish this purpose, we see that God is a very skillful worker, who completes the tasks with excellence and creativity. There is nothing wrong with what God created. He Himself surveys what He creates and says it is good. And finally He surveys everything and says, "It is very good" because there is excellence in it, there is creativity in it. Lots of people don't pay attention enough to work to show excellence and creativity in it. I think in some circles in Christianity there is the idea that worldly work is not worth your while; this is worldly work. Many people have told me, "Oh brother, you are doing wonderful work because you are carrying the bible, preaching to the people, doing ministry; you are doing God's work brother. We are only in worldly work.As if it's nothing. So if you have that attitude, you won't pay attention to your work at all. You won't pay any attention to how you do your work, you won't try very hard, you won't think very deep because this is just worldly work, this is just a temporary thing. This is nothing; this has no significance. This is not important. That is the kind of idea that is conveyed. I know, I grew up in this. So if you asked me in those days I would say, "Worldly work is of no significance. When God looks at you, and thinks you are just no good. You are just doing worldly work" But then you come to the bible; that is the kind of work that God gave to man. Work in the world; God created the world; you cannot say the world is bad.

Whenever the New Testament talks about world, you know, God wants to deliver us from this evil world, and all that. New Testament is not talking about taking us away from this world or anything like that. It is talking about delivering us from the worldliness in thinking; the worldliness of approaches to everything. The worldly approach, the worldly thinking, the worldly way of doing things; the evil, wrong way of doing things. That is what the bible calls "world". The words: world, flesh and all of those things that are present. When the bible talks about flesh, it doesn't mean your flesh is bad. Some people are harming the flesh. I used to know a man who would always beat his flesh like this: this flesh as if this is something bad; and he would torture it; by starving it, by fasting and so on; because this flesh is bad. No, this flesh is good. When New Testament talks about flesh, it is talking about the carnality, the worldliness that is part of human beings today as a result of sin.

A lot of people don't express creativity and excellence in their work. Why? Because they don't see work as something of great value before God. They want in fact leave work and come to God's work; because that is bad work, this is good work; that kind of attitude. And that kind of work...a lot of people think also that it is as a result of sin and punishment; and curse. Therefore it is a drudgery; you just have to bear with it, and live with it... what to do? That kind of attitude; therefore they find no need or necessity to express any kind of creativity or excellence in it. Why? Because they say, "Well it came as a result of sin; it is a punishment, it is a curse. I just had to put up with it; Jesus will soon come and deliver us from all these" ...you know that kind of idea. But the bible, I will show you, presents to us work as an exalted and God-like activity - wonderful God-like activity. That is how the bible brings it to us.

Then thirdly, another thing that we can learn from God's work; is that God, after He finished His six days of creation, never stopped working. It says when He finished, and therefore He rested, we know that He didn't rest because He was so tired; He rested because He finished.At that point whatever He wanted He did; but then beginning in chapter 2 you see Him being engaged again, and then throughout the bible you see Him totally engaged with human beings and this world. Even after man sinned, He is fully engaged. He is teaching about the way of salvation, showing the way of salvation, choosing people, showing them how to work in God's ways, try to bring them out of the cursedness and so on, and revealing the way of salvation through Jesus Christ. Throughout the Old Testament we see God very active; speaking through the prophets, working through the patriarchs and so on - revealing His plan of salvation. So God is always engaged; so God continues to work. From God's work we learn that God never stopped working; He never retired; He continues to work, guiding, upholding, loving, judging, saving; He continues to work. Even today He is working.

In the New Testament, you remember, Jesus went near the pool of Bethesda; there was a man there - 38 years could not get up from his bed. He was bed-ridden for 38 years. Jesus said, What is the matter? See when the angels comes and stirs the pool, the first one that gets in, gets healed; but there is no one to take me and put me in there. So that is my plight; thirty eight years am laying here, I am not able to get in there in time to get healed. Jesus looked at him and he said, Take up your bed and walk. So that man took up his bed and went home. You know, everybody was mad; it made all the Jewish people mad. Why? They thought he did that on the Sabbath day. What did he do? He healed. What is wrong with that healing? He said, "Take up your bed and walk". That means you had to carry your bed. If he didn't say, "Take up your bed and walk", that healing would have been alright I think. He said, "Take up your bed and walk". That was the problem; they wanted to kill him for that; because it is a violation of the Sabbath. How can you take up a bed and walk? And Jesus answers, in that situation, Jesus says, addressing that, he says: "My Father is still working" - This is his answer in John 5:17, My Father is still working and I am working. The Father that works 6 days and rested one day, is still working, he says. My Father is still working. What is he doing? He is healing people; he is making the man the who was bed-ridden for 38 years to take up his bed and walk. That is good news. "My Father is still working, and I am also working" he said. So it shows that God is an 'ever-working God". He takes delight in His work. He is doing so many wonderful things; that day He healed that man. What a great joy it would have been for him to do that; and for that man to receive that healing. God worked and continues to work. That is the way that God is presented.

But what kind of work did God give to man, the first man? That is so important; because that is the first time you see God giving work to man. What kind of work did God give to man? Let's look at that? Chapter 1 verse 28, puts it all together; so, I will just forget about 26, just read 28 here: God blessed them, and God said to them; be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth and subdue it and have dominion - be fruitful, multiply, fill, subdue and rule - very simple word. Rule everything. This is the work that God had given to man. And in order to do this work, man must be specially endowed with a particular nature. He cannot simply do it. He must be capable of doing it. Therefore God gave him His nature. He made him in His image and likeness. Verse 26 says, let us make man in our image and our likeness; and let them have dominion or rule over everything. So the reason why God gave man His image and likeness is because he has got to carry on a work that is at His level. I hope you are listening to me. Man was given a work that is on a different level; the work is not just an ordinary level; it is on a different level. To do that, it is a challenging thing; to be fruitful, to multiply, to fill, to subdue everything and to dominate everything; that is a God-like work. It involves excellence and creativity; and ability and power, and all of that. To do that work God realized He cannot do it without man being made in the image and likeness of God. So the nature of man was given to him; man was in the image and likeness of God, specifically to carry out this work that God had ordained. It's all linked with the creation itself. When God created man, He made that kind of a man made in the image and likeness of God so that he can do the work that God had given to him. So when He created him (verse 28 says) that the creation was accompanied by a blessing. God blessed them, it says. God did not just create them and leave them there, He spoke over them.

Now God created everything by speaking; whatever He spoke that the thing came. So now He speaks over man. What does He speaks. He speaks what man should become. He speaks saying, "Be fruitful, multiply, fill, subdue and rule. Be that; be that kind of a man." And when He spoke that, power was released from His words. He had this vision about man; He had this great desire to see man like Him in this world; He had the desire to see man in that position of power and authority, in rulership. He wanted to see man as fruitful, multiplying, increasing, filling everything; subduing everything. And He spoke it; by speaking, man became that. Whatever He spoke that is what man became. The nature was given so that it can enable him to do the kind of work that He has given to him; so that means, we can clearly understand that God made man not be a passive on-looker; just sit and look. No, that is not God's attitude; God had made man for a world-wide venture, I would say. Why? The Garden of Eden is a small place; where God made everything beautiful for man; there is hardly anything that man needed to do there; but when God gave him the work of being fruitful, multiplying and filling and subduing and dominating; He meant that this is a sample - you go out and take this and make the rest of the world... the ends of the world like this. The whole world must become like the Garden of Eden or better. That is the vision with which God gave it to him. And that is why He blessed him for that. That verse - verse 28, is a very powerful verse. I always keep coming back to it. Blessed him, gives him a task; that is those five things - being fruitful, multiply, fill, subdue and dominate; that is a task. It is a charge - that means, it is his responsibility to do that; and it is a command. God says be this: be fruitful, multiply, replenish, subdue and dominate; this is not you know - see if you can do it or try to do it. No! Be that. This is what you are supposed to do. I am commanding you, this is a commission, I am giving you the charge and I am giving you the clear-cut task, and I am giving you the blessing which is the anointing to do it. "Do it", He says. So, man was created like that. Then comes the interesting thing: after giving this amazing God kind of task or God-sized task, you may say: you know what God-sized task? Many times when we want to do something, we know our limits and we plan according to our limits and say, "For me, only that is possible. So only that I will do"; and for that we don't need anybody's help; we can do it - with the resources that we have, with the ability that we have, with funds that we have, and all that.

I heard a great teacher one time when I was very young, saying this: make always God-sized plans. Give some room for God to work in your life. If you can do what you can do then why do you need God? You don't need God at all. You can just live your life. If you can just carry on with whatever you got; and don't want even to pray and believe or focus and train yourself to do something better. If you don't want to do anything, stay right where you are and be what you are. But if you want to go and achieve what God has given to you; then it will take a lot more - you need God's grace, God's power, God's ability, His blessing and so on. He talked about "God-sized work". Now I like that - what God had given to Adam and Eve is God-sized work. He didn't give them ordinary work. He didn't say, "Alright, I have given you, one and a half grounds. Keep that one and a half ground clean. Make sure you have got some trees around the sides; and some little plants here and there. Keep your house clean. You know, just manage this." Now any man can do that; he didn't do that. He says, Be fruitful, multiply, fill - fill means, fill the whole earth. Subdue: any problem comes, take charge; subdue, get it under control. Dominate; that means rule. It's a God-sized work that he was given. And for God-sized work he needs some help, so He gave a wife.

Now we come to why God gave wife: He gave a helper; because the work is too big, challenge is too big; he needs a helper. So God gave a companion or a helper to man. Now you might say, "Well, I can do without that kind of help". Some people don't like the idea: "Do I need help? Do you mean to say that I need help? No, I don't need anybody's help". You may not need anybody's help to cook your food, to wash your clothes and eat your food; and go to work and come back. You may not need anybody; I agree. But if you are interested in doing God's will, and if you are going to follow God's command of be fruitful, multiply, replenish, subdue and dominate, you cannot do it without your wife. How can one become two, without your wife? We have so many marriages here; two single people come and get married. They come alone by themselves; first the bridegroom comes, then the bride comes and then there is marriage then this happens; five years later, you see them drag along two little ones. Well, where did the two little ones come from? From that marriage. You cannot be fruitful, you cannot multiply, you cannot fill and you cannot subdue and dominate without a wife. It is not possible. This is God-given task.

Adam alone cannot do it. He has got to have more people. First he has got to get a wife.Then the wife and him together will produce some children. And those children will produce some children, and then they will produce some children; then he can spread out through the whole world, and fill the whole world and do the kind of work that God has told him to do and ordained him to do. He can do what God has told him now; he can subdue and dominate. So God gives a wife, because marriage makes fruitful multiplication possible; and enables the filling, subduing and ruling also. That is how God envisioned man to have a life. That is how man can fulfil his God-given responsibilities. Now, this is truly amazing: how it all comes into focus. You cannot really separate marriage from man's work. Man's work and marriage are linked. You want to do work - what God has told you to do? Then you got go get married, He says. I got to watch out here because some time ago I spoke about buying a house. How everybody should have their own house; and ended up dedicating house after house; every day there was house dedication. Everybody went out and bought a house. I talked about how - it is not such a difficulty to have a car; all those who are going by scooter with two children hanging on the back and one in front sleeping and falling; with the wife sitting at the middle, should try to buy a car; believe for a car and buy a car. I spoke like that and everybody bought a car. Now I am preaching about marriage; I don't know what is going to happen now. Everybody is going to get married; and I am telling you to do this God-given task of being fruitful, multiplying, subduing, filling and dominating, a helper is necessary and descendants are necessary... all of these things are necessary, and therefore you cannot separate a man's mission or work from his marriage. These are all linked together; these are not two different things. They are all having to do with one another.

And then thirdly, human beings are put on earth as the visible representation of God's character. God's character, authority and rule. We are visible representation of the invisible God. You know in Romans chapter 1 there is a wonderful passage which says that God is invisible. And so some people would come with their excuse when they stand before the Judgement of God. They will come and say, "Well God, sorry, I don't know you because I have never seen you. You should have presented yourself in a seen way. I have never seen you, therefore I don't know you." Then they will have no excuse because Paul says, no one has excuse. Why? Because the visible things that are there out in the world: the creation, man himself and the creation that God had made, and left before for us to see; the seen things are representing the unseen God or the seen things are revealing to us the unseen God; therefore no one will have an excuse before God. Nobody can say, "I don't know God". Well if you just look at the mountains, and the oceans, and the sky, and the stars and the galaxies and everything and you read about it, and understand it and so on; how can you fail to be in amazement of these things? We are fearfully and wonderfully made, the Psalmist says. He says, when I see how man is made, he says; it is astonishing to me. I am shaking; because man is made so astonishingly wonderfully - that is what he says. If you are not astonished by the creation and by man and how his body functions, how his body works together. You have seen all kinds of machines and so on.

I remember one time going to a country where they are good at these engineering stuffs and somebody showed me; took great pride in machines; you know so meticulously made and so wonderful; they never fail and all of that, and I was listening to it; and going on a tour and looking at it; and I thought - my God these things are wonderful but more wonderful is my body itself. How it is put together; how many parts, how many things are happening in the body; how it's functioning is amazing. If you fail to be astonished then maybe we are simply coming home from work and watching t.v. somebody performing something and then going to sleep; not thinking anything deep about the things that God had made. We should stop and think. And if anybody stops and thinks, they will find God; they will find who God is and what kind of a God is He; how great He is and how wonderful He is. They will see that in the creation, in man and so on.

So human beings are put on earth as visible representation of God's character, authority and rule. So you and I are here as visible representation of God's character, authority and rule. So when people see us they must see the unseen God and particularly so with work; because that is what we are talking about now - with work, they must see that. Now back in those days... in the old days, when a king ruled a realm, when his kingdom is vast; many times he has not even been to the ends of the border of his kingdom; not everybody knows him, not everybody has seen him personally. So he is kind of anxious, because he is ruling but nobody has seen him. In those days, no television, no internet, nothing - they have not even heard his recorded voice or anything like that; how will they know that he is the king. How can he be sure that those people know that he is the king? So these kings became anxious and what they did is that they went and established their statues everywhere. Am talking about how statues came about. So next time when you see a statue, you will know what it is all about. They went in their anxiety and built statues of themselves and put it everywhere just to indicate I am the ruler over this realm - this area belongs to me. So the people who have never seen the king who lives thousands of miles away...in those days you can't just fly and go and see the king. You are lost without a king. So they know now they got a king; they have got a statue and once in a while if they want to pay respect to their king, they can go garland the statue or they can pay respect to the statue and so on. This is the way that he established himself in his vast realm - a king established himself in vast realm that he ruled over.

But when God made us, He is the King of kings and the Lord of lords. Instead of going and putting a statue everywhere; God is not like these kings... instead of going and establishing a statue of Himself everywhere so that people can come and garland Him and worship Him - what He did is, He put living beings there - people, made in image and likeness of God. Why? A statue can maybe tell that this is what the king looks like, this is how he dresses and so on, but it cannot reveal what kind of a king He is, what His nature is, what His character is, and how he rules,and what kind of authority He has, and what kind of power He has, what He is capable of...a statue can never reveal that. Only a living being can reveal that. So God, whatHe did, instead of statues, He puts living being everywhere and by our work, by our creativity and excellence, by what we do by the gifts and inabilities that God has given - God displays His character; when they see our excellent work, our creativity and the good work that we do, they will glorify the Father in heaven, the bible says. "They will see your goodworks and glorify the Father in heaven" Everything relates to the glory of God; everything is for the glory of God.

One fellow said, "What is the use of prosperity? It only stuffsyou with a lot of things; that is what is prosperity. I said, "No, prosperity was never meant to stuff you with many things. Prosperity is meant to free you from the clutches of poverty and living in need and want and all that; and liberate you to do good works; but more than that; ultimate end of prosperity is that: not about stuffing your shelves with money. Prosperity... the ultimate meant of prosperity is that it brings glory to God. Why? When you take what you have got and do what is good and act righteously and do what is good in your capacity,- that will bring glory to God.

Everything is for the glory of God. Work is for the glory of God; ultimately, it must bring glory to God - our creativity, our excellence must bring glory to God. So God wants us to be put in display - put everywhere; so that people can see. The whole world will be filled with the knowledge of God - who God is, what kind of a God He is, how good He is, what kind of work He does, how great He is. By looking at us, they must see God's greatness and goodness. That is why the bible scholars say that this Genesis story of creation everything must be understood in terms of a temple. The whole world - the creation of the world must be understood in terms of the temple. The temple, God made a temple - the whole earth like a temple; and in the temple you have "gods", right? So in the temple God put men and women; the living beings, not statues, but living beings so that this whole world will be filled with living representations of who God is. That is why we don't need statues; we have living representations. We can see God in the people as they live for God.

So let me say this and finish: so that means, all the work that we do; whatever kind of work you do. A person maybe laying roads and he may be thinking: "Well brother you are preaching the gospel. You are wonderful; you are a man of God and all that. But look at me, I am just laying roads. I am doing a job that is total waste before God." No, no, that is not waste; it is a divine work. Why? Because what does laying a road mean? Laying a road relates to those five things that we mentioned: be fruitful, multiply, replenish, subdue and dominate. Laying a road has to do with development - with one of those five things. As long as your work relates to God's total mission; anything that you do - you maybe a road laying person, you may be a teacher, you maybe a doctor, you may be a lawyer, you may be whatever you are; but if by your work you are being fruitful, you are multiplying, you are filling, and you are subduing, you are dominating; you are doing the will of God on this earth. You are bringing about God's will to pass in this earth and contributing something towards it by your work - that is a good work. That is a divine kind of work. That is the of work that God has ordained. All our work...see in this place, so many professions are represented; all our work has to do with Genesis 1:28 - those five things. It relates to that. Every single one of us, our works relate to that. Now I know you can't say all work is divine work; because there are some people hiring people to murder also - that won't be divine work. But all work that is done to fulfill God's mission of those five things in Genesis 1:28 is divine work. So I tell you something - when you think about this, you have a totally different attitude towards work. Work is something very important. Once it becomes important, then the way you do it, will become different. The reason it is not important is because we have wrong spiritual attitudes towards work; that is it not important, it's worldly, it is nothing and so on. No it is good, it is God-established, it is to represent God, it is to show forth anddisplay God's glory and God's character. When you think about this, I tell you, you will succeed in work big time; you will be a blessing to others; it will be a blessing to you; you will be amazingly successfully person in this world.

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