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The Favour Of God (Vol 03) - Favour in GOD'S EYES - Part 1

Sunday English Service - 03 JUN 18


For the last two weeks, we started this series called the favor of God. And for the last two weeks, we have seen how the favor of God works in people's lives, in real people's lives, in real situations, not some theory, practically, in real incidents. Real problems facing real challenges, real people, Ruth and Nehemiah we saw from the Bible, and how God's favor brought them through those real challenges and problems and gave them the victory. Very different kind of people, Ruth and Nehemiah. I mean, Ruth is ordinary woman despised by society. She's at the bottom. She doesn't even know where her next meal is coming from and she needs the favor of God. The favor of God completely turns her life upside down, in just one day her whole life changes, destiny changes. Nehemiah, totally different person. He's almost at the top of society. He has a great job, no personal needs, he is doing quite well, but even he needs the favor of God. Why? In order to do something great for God in God's kingdom, for God's church. In order to build up the kingdom, carry out kingdom purposes you need God's favor. You can't do it in your own strength, with your own wisdom, with your own understanding. Nehemiah also needed great favor and he got great favor, we saw that last week. Some of us maybe we’re like Ruth. Some of us may be like Nehemiah. Most of us will be somewhere in between, but all of us can learn from Ruth and Nehemiah. I trust you have learned in the last two weeks. If you missed it, I encourage you to go to YouTube, we have the sermons available free. It will be good if you catch up because there’s a reason I began with those real life stories of God's favor working in people's lives. I wanted you to see how it actually works in somebody's lives before actually getting into it, which is what we're doing today.

So today we are not taking another story. We are rather going to consider a foundational truth when it comes to the favor of God. Foundational truth when it comes to the favor of God. We are going to look at the foundation a little bit. What we're going to look at today is favor in the eyes of God. Favor in the eyes of God. Eyes. God's eyes. I know God doesn't have eyes, but He’s a spirit. But the Bible speaks in those terms again and again, I'll show you, and so I believe it wants us to think in those terms. There's nothing wrong in thinking in those terms. Even though God is a spirit. God sees us, He’s a spirit but He sees us and so the Bible says, eyes. So favor in God's eyes. I'm going to show you some passages. Before I show you the passages I want you from the very beginning to start with this focus. Now like I said, today we're not taking another story. In the last two weeks we just took some stories. It was like a holiday teaching. Now the schools have begun, serious teaching has begun, now we are also gettinga little… so pardon the seriousness. This is a very important truth to be considered. That's why not just continuing another story. I'm going to show you a very fundamental truth. As we look at these passages, in the first half of this message, I want to try to show you how important this truth is that you need to pay attention to it. And then in the second half is where we really get into it. The first half is you seeing that this is a biblical truth, it’s very important to know about this when it comes to favor. So I'm going to show you some passages.

Before we look at the passages, as we move, I want you to note three things. As we move through these passages notice three things, focus on three things, try to pick up three things. Number one, try to see how widespread this idea of favor in God's eyes is. Do you think of favor as something in God's eyes? Usually we don't. Usually we don't. We do sometimes but usually we don't. Mostly we don't. But I want you to see how widespread this idea is in the Bible, number one. Number two, as we move through these passages, I want you to see how important it is, how crucial it is in the passages. It's not just there, it doesn’t just say favor in the eyes of God. It is the main thing in the passage. It is the thing which comes before anything else and it is the thing which works behind everything else. I want you to see how important role it plays in the passages that I'm going to show, number two, right? Number three, I want you to be thinking about what it means favor in the eyes of God. What does that mean? The meaning. Three things as we move and look at these passages, notice three things. One, how widespread this truth is, that means you got to pay attention to it. Number two, how important a role it plays. Number three, what is its meaning?

Let's go to the first passage. The first passage is a very important passage because it is the first time the word grace or favor appears in the Bible. Do you know where the first time the word grace or favor appears in the Bible? You know, grace and favor is such an important truth. Have you ever thought about where it appears first in the Bible? That word. It appears in Genesis chapter 6 where it talks about Noah. Before that grace is working, the word doesn't come. But in Genesis chapter 6 and verse 8 when it talks about Noah, it says, but Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord. Perhaps your translation may say grace. But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. Grace or favor. Same thing basically. Now think about this first time important word, such as grace appearing in the Bible and how does it appear? It doesn't just say grace, it doesn't just say God's grace even, it says grace in the eyes. Grace in God's eyes, grace in God's eyes. Not grace in Noah's hands. Not grace or favor in Noah's life. Now Noah experienced a lot of... Noah experienced a lot of favor and grace in his life. Everybody knows that Noah was saved from the flood. That was the greatest thing about Noah. I mean, the flood that destroyed the whole world, Noah and his family were saved from it. That's big favor. But this verse doesn't talk about that as favor, that is favor and Noah's life. He got saved from the flood, yes, you can call it favor, but when this verse says favor in God's eyes it's time for something else. It’s not time of favor in Noah’s life, it’s favor in God's eyes.

Notice how important it is for Noah. Notice that it is the first thing that is said about Noah. I want you to notice this, not only is grace appearing for the first time in this verse, Noah’s appearing for the first time in this verse. Before verse 8 there is no mention about Noah. The first thing the Bible tells us about Noah is what? He found favor in the eyes of... Everything else that happens to Noah happens as a result of this only, favor in the eyes of God. Why was he saved from the flood? How come he got saved and everybody perished? How come he got saved? Favor in the eyes of God. Well, some people say, “No, no brother, he was a righteous man. Noah was a righteous man. That's why he was saved from the flood.” Yes, the Bible tells us Noah was a righteous man. If you read the next verse it says, Noah was a righteous man, blameless in his generation. But what does it say first? That he was a righteous man or he got favor in God's eyes. First, favor in God's eyes only comes. Some people will say like this, “No but he got favor in God's eyes only because he was righteous.” They return it like that. Right? They say, “Yeah, yeah, favor is good but he got favor only because he was...” Well, that is reversing the order. That is putting verse nine before verse eight. What comes first? As you read the text, the first thing that is said about Noah he found favor in the eyes of the Lord. Next thing it says about Noah he was a righteous man.

Don't change the order there. The order’s very important. He was a righteous man because he had favor in the eyes of God. He did not get favor in the eyes of God because he was a righteous, the order is very important. Let me ask you this, is it possible to live a righteous life without God's grace, God's favor? Especially for Noah? No way that would have been possible. I mean, Noah was living in the most wicked world you can imagine. Our world today is much better. You think today's world is wicked, Noah’s world was worse. There was not a single person that was righteous in Noah’s world. He was the only righteous man. In that kind of a world surrounded by wicked people, how come Noah lived a righteous life? The answer lies in that verse 8, he found favor in the eyes of..., he got extraordinary favor and grace which caused him to live a righteous life.

Have you ever thought about yourself, your past, the sins that you have left, the progress you have made in holy living? Have you made progress? Have you thought, “My goodness, I used to be like that. Those are the things I used to do. I don't even know how come I left all that stuff? How did I end up leaving all that and I'm living a totally different kind of life?” Have you ever been amazed at yourself? Every Christian should have that sense? You say, “I don't know how this happened.” Well, it happened because God's grace was working in your life. God's grace is the one that helped you to overcome sin and helped you to please God, more and more grow in the area of holiness. Without God's grace you cannot live a holy life, please God, be righteous, that's impossible. So let's put first things first. The first thing Noah got was favor that helped him to be righteous. This came, favor in the eyes of the Lord came first for him, and it was working behind the scenes, behind everything. This favor in Noah’s life. In fact, Noah's name itself. I didn't say this in the other services, but Noah's name itself is the word favor in reverse. Very interesting if you read the Hebrew, it's like you read favor in reverse. That's Noah’s name. And then Noah found, then you read the reverse, favor. N and H, those are the consonants in the Hebrew language. Favor is the word HN which is H and N. This is reversed. In the Hebrew when you read it, the amazing thing is, as soon as you read it you know the key to this man’s success is what? Favor. Then only righteousness and all that.

Favor is that hidden secret power which is working behind everything else in your life. It was working for Noah like that. It's silent. It's secret, it's hidden but it is there. It is powerful. It's like a foundation. That's why I said this is a foundational truth. Nobody sees the foundation, no. We are in this building, we're enjoying, we’re just inside here but this building has a foundation. Your house has a foundation. Have you ever thought about your house’s foundation? Nobody thinks about their foundation, they just enjoy the building. But what is the most important part of the building? It is the foundation. The whole thing rests on the foundation. Favor in the eyes is like that, it's like the foundation. It is behind everything, working behind everything. It comes before everything, it takes first importance. Not only in the life of Noah let me show you some other examples. Let's go to Genesis chapter 18 verse 3 some I'll just read fast and go, some I will comment on. Genesis 18 verse 1 to 3, this is Abraham. Now we’ve moved past Noah to Abraham, and well before we move past to Abraham, let me say this. The meaning, I didn't say much about the meaning. I showed you that this thing comes as favor in the eyes. I showed you how important it is for Noah. But what does it mean when it says, Noah found favor in the eyes of God. What does it mean? That means God looked upon Noah with favor. That means favor is the way God looks at Noah. Let me put it like this. It is God's look. God's... God is looking and that look is called as a favor. How does He look? He looks with favor, He looks with kindness. He looks with mercy. When He sees him, He sees him with love and compassion and I'll put it like this, He likes him. He likes him. He likes him.

Now let's go to Abraham. Genesis 18 verse 1 to 3, the Lord appeared to him by the oaks of Mamre, as he sat at the door of his tent in the heat of the day. The Lord Himself appears to Abraham in a very important point in his life here. He lifted up his eyes and looked, and behold, three men were standing in front of him. When he saw them, he ran from the tent door to meet them, bowed himself to the earth. Three men we’re told, standing in front of him, one of the three was actually the Lord. One of the three was the Lord. If you keep reading the story, and you properly pay attention, you'll realize one of the three is the Lord, the other two are angels. So, he sees three people there and then in verse three, look at verse three. Abraham goes to them bows himself to the ground and says in verse 3, “O Lord...” one of the three clearly stands up. That's why Abraham addresses that person alone. He says, “O Lord, if I have found favor in your sight, do not pass by your servant.” What's he saying? Don't pass me by meaning they're going like that, he’s saying, don't just keep going. Stay a while. Stay. That's what he's trying to say basically. Stay a while. Just stay with me for some time. Later on he’ll say, “I’ll cook you some food, you eat and then go.”  

I think Abraham knew something was happening there, significant. I don't know how much he knew. Whether he knew it was the Lord or what exactly but he knew something significant was happening. Also, there is hospitality in those days. People going like that they won't just let them go, they'll say, “Come and eat and go.” So, Abraham is saying, “Don't just keep going, come and eat and go.” It’s a simple request, right? But how does he put the request? Notice that, he says, “If I have found favor in your sight, do not pass by me.” He doesn't just say stay, he says, “If I have found favor in your eyes,” literally that's what the Hebrew says, eyes, favor in your eyes, then don't pass me by. And he did find favor in their eyes because they stayed, they ate and this is where God gives Abraham a timeframe as to when his child will be born. In verse 10 He says next year this time you will have a son. Next year this time Sarah will have a son. Until this point Abraham never received a timeframe, he had been told you’ll get a son. He had been told, it will be through Sarah and all that but he didn't know when. He's been waiting for 25 years, he didn't know when. So it's a very crucial point where God says, “That's it. I'm putting a time frame on this. Next year this time you will have a...”

So look, what a significant passage this is. It really would have been a step forward for Abraham but where did it all begin? What came first? Favor in the eyes of the... You see that. It's there, you can just keep reading it without noticing but you ought to notice it. Favor in the eyes made them stay and then only God gives the time frame. Genesis 19:19, next Chapter, this is Lot. I want you to see how widespread this is so that you will realize this is an important truth worth looking at. Genesis 19:19 this is Lot. You know the story of Lot. Sodom and Gomorrah are about to be destroyed but because Abraham is Lot’s relative and God likes Abraham, God sends in two angels to rescue Lot. Right when they are rescuing, this is what Lot says to those angels. Look at verse 19, the angel of the two other people among the three. One is the Lord, the two are angels, they only went to Lot, right? Genesis 19, Behold, your servant has found favor in your sight, and you have shown me great kindness in saving my life. That would kindness in Tamil, both words come as grace. It says like this, your servant has found grace in your sight and you have shown me great grace in saving my life. 

Word grace or favor’s used actually two times, you don't see that in English very clearly. I told you this is getting a little deeper, a little serious. I warned you already. So I want you to look in your Bibles two times the word favor or kindness comes and each time it is used differently, each time it is used differently, the second time. Look at the second time, you have shown me great kindness. Actually the Tamil comes out clearly. The kindness or the favor you have done for me, that's what the Hebrew actually says. You have shown, You have done great kindness, You have done great favor, You have done great favor. What did God do? What did the angels do? They saved Lot’s life. They saved Lot’s life. So, Lot is saying, “You saved my life, You have done great favor.” So he's talking about what has been done as favor. So God does things in our life. He gives us a job. Just today morning, one person in our Tamil service came. He brought a car key and he says, “God gave me a new car.” And then he told me, “Two weeks before I heard the message on favor of God and you said Ruth went with great expectation. So I decided...” he's been wanting to sell his old car, get a new car, but they've been telling him his old car will only fetch him 35,000 rupees. So he's just been sitting, just waiting, maybe. And then he heard the message that day. He said, “Well, Ruth went with great expectation things happened.” So he says, he went straight from the church to the car showroom, and he just went straight there and said, “I want to sell my car,” it seems. They paid almost one lakh rupees, it seems. Now some people will call it fluke, oh there's a great chance. God's favor. God's favor. That's the favor of the Lord.

So we call that as favor. God gives us a car, a job, a home, whatever, you know, maybe a healing, deliverance we say, “Oh, it's God's grace. God's favor.” So Lot, that second time when he says, “You have shown me great kindness,” literally, “You have done me great favor,” he's using it like that, like the way we usually use it. But the first time, what does he say? Your servant has found favor in your eyes. Your servant has found favor in your... So notice the Bible uses this word favor in two ways then, at least, more ways actually. Two ways that is, whatever God does for us, His great acts of mercy, they are called us favor, but also what is in God's eyes? That is something different. That is also called us favor. So follow me on this. We are focusing today on favor in God's eyes.

Now let's go to Esther chapter, or let's go to Joseph’s story. Joseph. Genesis chapter 39, you all know the story of Joseph. He is a favor man in the Bible, if there is a favor man it's Joseph. One of the reasons I didn't take Joseph’s story’s because people are very familiar with it. Purposely that's why I didn’t take it. I want you to notice something here. The main thing that happens to Joseph is what? Promotion. People push him down, they throw him in the pit, he comes out. Always there is promotion. They sell him as a slave to Potiphar, as a nobody he goes to Potiphar’s house, there he comes up, he's put in charge of Potiphar’s house. Then for no fault of his, they throw him in prison claiming that he has attempted to rape Potiphar’s wife. There in prison he comes up. He's made the in charge of the entire prison. So the number one thing about God's favor what it does to Joseph, is it promotes him. It brings him up. Wherever he is pushed down it brings him up. But I want to show you something here, every time before he comes up, he first gets favor in the eyes. He first gets what? Favor in the eyes. Look at when he goes to Potiphar’s house. Genesis 39 verse 4, So Joseph found favor in his sight, he’s talking about Potiphar’s eyes, Potiphar’s sight. Joseph found favor in his sight and attended him and he made him overseer of his house and put him in charge of all that he had.

I want you to notice the order again. What comes first? Was he made overseer first? No. The favor in the eyes comes first. Joseph found favor in Potiphar’s eyes and then Potiphar makes him overseer. Favor in the eyes first, then comes the promotion. Comes down, same pattern is repeated, verse 21. By this time he is in prison for no fault of his. Verse 21, But the Lord was with Joseph showed him steadfast love gave him favor in the sight of the keeper of the prison. Literally in the eyes of the keeper of the prison. So what does God do? He gives him favor in the eyes of the prison keeper. Look at the next verse 22, And the keeper of the prison put Joseph in charge of all the prisoners who are in the... Very simple logic. What comes first? Favor in the eyes comes, first favor in the life comes second. The consistent pattern. You can see it all over the Old Testament. Esther chapter 2 verse 17. I'm showing you these verses to show you how widespread it is so that you will consider it worthwhile going into it and really going deep into it.

Esther chapter 2 verse 17, you know Esther's story. In a time of great upheaval for the Jews she comes up. She’s selected as the queen, there are better candidates than her, there are better people than her, from better backgrounds and so on, but Esther from an ordinary background, she's a Jewish girl, she gets selected to be the queen. How? What made the king select Esther? Esther chapter 2 verse 17. The king loved Esther more than all the women and she won grace and favor in his sight, in his eyes more than all the virgins so that he set the royal crown on her head, made a queen instead of Vashti. What came first? Grace, favor in the king’s eyes then he makes her queen. It's just again and again, there is no difference. Favor in the eyes comes first, favor in the life comes second. So, my friend, you can see how important this is and what does it mean? In the case of Esther she got grace in the eyes of the king means what? He looks upon her favorably, simply put he liked Esther. He liked Esther. There’s so many candidates but he liked what? Esther. His attention went to Esther. His liking and approval was for Esther. He wanted Esther and not the others. That is what favor in the eyes means. I hope you're getting an idea of what it means. It's the way God or anybody, favor in the eyes of man, favor in the eyes of God, meaning it’s the way they look.

You can tell a lot by the way a person looks at you. Have you noticed that? Eyes have the power to speak. When somebody looks at you, you can tell whether they like you, they don't like you, they hate you or they just plain don't care about you. Going down the road people are looking at you, they don't care about you. If you get in their way now, then the look will change. If you do something wrong while driving then the look will change. Based on the eyes you can tell what the person thinks about you, how they see you, view you, what is their perspective of you. So that's what this favor in the eyes business is. What is that person thinking of you? Do they approve of you? Do they like you? Do they want you? Let me show you another example. Moses. This is a very key example because here God himself says to Moses, Exodus chapter 33 verse 17, God says to Moses, “Listen, Moses, I'll do what you want me to do. Why? Because you have found favor in my eyes.” God says it. God says it now here and becomes more important, I think. Exodus 33:17, The Lord said to Moses, “This very thing that you have spoken I will do, for you have found favor in my eyes, and I know you by name.”

Notice the word for. Small word, but important word in the Bible. For, that tells you the reason. Why is God granting Moses’ petition? Moses is asking for something God is saying, “I'll do what you have asked me.” Why? “For you have found favor in my sight.” And then He says, “I know you by name.” Do you know what Moses was asking for here? Do you know the... it was not an ordinary request. It was not like Abraham saying, “Just stay a while and go, eat and go.” Moses is asking for something much more serious, much bigger. If you know the context. I'll just tell you the context. We are in Exodus, just a few chapters before only God delivered the people of Israel from Egypt, brought them out with a mighty hand, outstretched arm, mighty signs and wonders. They saw these amazing acts of God, the power of God. They saw the Red Sea split in two. God revealed His power, glory and love to the people of Israel, like nobody else almost. And they come out, they come to Mount Sinai. What happens there? Moses goes up the mountain to receive the Ten commandments. He's gone for 40 days. Pastor Moses gone for 40 days, and by the time he comes back, everything has gone to nothing. The people have not been able to withstand 40 days without their pastor Moses. By the time he comes back, he comes back with the Ten commandments. Two tablets of stone. He comes back to find them that they've broken the first two commandments already. First two commandments, you should not have any other gods before me. They made another god. Second command, you should not make an idol or a carved image. They did that also. Moses comes down with the Ten commandments like this. And here they are breaking the first and the second commandment. Moses throws the Ten commandments. He knows it's useless now, it's all gone.

God gets really upset. This is in the previous chapter, Exodus 32. God gets really upset. He says, “How can these people do this to me, I just revealed how much I love them, revealed my power to them. The ungrateful people. Just now I brought them out, 40 days without you and they have done this kind of rebellion against me.” They looked at that other god which they made for themselves, and said, these are gods that brought you out of Egypt, these are the gods who brought you out of Egypt. And God got very tired, and He said, He told Moses in the previous chapter, He tells Moses, “I am thinking to destroy these people entirely and I'll start with you, only you and I will make you a great nation.” Go read the words. That's how He says it. He says, “I'm thinking, I'll just destroy all of these people just have you and with you alone I’ll make a great nation.” Moses says, “God, no, no, you got to forgive them.” Moses comes and stand in the gap, and intercedes. It’s one of the great prayers in the Bible from chapter 32 and chapter 33. And God says, “Okay, because of you Moses, I'll forgive them. Fine, I won't destroy them.” But then God puts one little problem there. He says, “I'll forgive them. I won't destroy them but I won't go with you. I'm done with these people.” That's what He says in the beginning of chapter 33. He says, “I'm not gonna go with these people. I'll send my angel. Let my angel take you to the promised land. I'm not going.” Moses says, “God, no, no, we don't want your angel, we want you. We want you. Without you we are not going,” Moses says.

Amazing the way Moses has a conversation with God. The back and forth is quite amazing. Go read it at home. Moses says, “Without you, we are not going. If you are not coming, we are not going,” he says. And then that's where only Moses says, “God, I need you to come with us.” He intercedes for the people from verse 12, you will see that and when he is asking for this, so you have to consider how big of a request this is. These people are the worst kind of people, ungrateful and God has forgiven them, He said, “Okay, I won't destroy them.” Now, Moses is not satisfied with God's mercy shown. He say, “You’ll show more mercy, more grace. Not only forgive them, come with us all the way.” So big request. From verse 12, he really gets in on it. I want you to see how many times he uses this word favor in your eyes, favor in your eyes.

Now what I'm going to do is read from verse 12. Watch this, how many times he uses this thing called favor in the eyes to intercede, to pray and get what he wants. Look at this, verse 12. Moses said to the Lord, “See you say to me, ‘Bring up this people’ but you have not let me know whom you will send with me. Yet you have said, ‘I know you by name and you have also found favor in my sight.’ First time, verse 13. Now therefore if I have found favor in your sight, please show me now your ways that I might know you in order to find favor in your sight. Consider to that this nation is your people.” And he said, God said to Moses, then verse 14, “My presence will go and I will give you rest.” Verse 15, And he said to him, “If your presence will not go with me, do not bring us up from here. For how shall it be known that I have found favor in your sight, I and your people? Is it not in you're going with us so that we are distinct I and your people from every other people on the face of the earth?” Four times already. Again, he’s saying, Lord, “You only said I have favor in your sight, but now you are not... You're saying like this.” Then he says, “How will others know that I have found favor, your people have found favor,” He’s including the people also, even though they have sinned.

Again he keeps this thing, favor in your eyes. Favor in your eyes. God, have favor in your eyes. Do this, do this. You know God could have said to him, “Now, Moses, stop it. What do you mean favor in your eyes, eyes, eyes? Look at the fellows what they have done. Look at their life. Look at the sin. All the favor in the eyes goes out the window. That's it, finished.” But instead, what did God say in verse 17? Look at verse 17. This is God's reply to Moses. The Lord said to Moses, “This very thing that you have spoken I will do, for you have found favor in my sight and I know you by... He’s saying, “You're exactly right Moses.” That's what God is saying. “Moses, you're exactly right. You have favor in my eyes. So I will do exactly...” Some translations put it like that. “I will do exactly as you said. I’ll do exactly as you said.” Why? “You have found favor in my sight.” This is the kind of important truth, favor in the eyes of God is. The thing that saved the people of Israel from destruction here is the favor in God's eyes. They had messed up. They’d totally messed up. They’d sinned, they’d rebelled. But Moses says, “Lord, I have favor in your eyes do this for me because of that.” And he says, “Not only I, even the people have favor in your eyes.”

Look at verse 16, he says, How will it be known that I have found favor in your sight, I and your people? Lord even the people still have favor in your eyes, Moses is saying. Even though they have sinned, they still have got favor in your eyes. Look at how important it is. It is the thing that gives success to Moses’ prayer here. Moses’ prayer gets answered because of this one thing, favor in the eyes of God. People are saved because of this one thing, favor in the eyes of God. It is behind everything, my friend. It is so important. Look at verse 16. I want to point out something here about the meaning. Meaning is what? What does that mean, favor in the eyes? Verse 16 brings out another aspect of the meaning. Moses says in the same verse he says, How will it be known to others that I have found favor in your sight, I and your people. Then he says, Is it not in you're going with us so that we are distinct? That word distinct really means special. It means what? Special. How will it be known? It will be known only if you go with us so that we are special, I and your people, from every other people on the face of the earth. Basically, there are many nations on the earth. “How will people know that Israel is special?” Moses is saying. “God, how will people know that Israel is special, Israel is distinct, separate from the others. There's something different about Israel. How will they know? They'll know only if you come with us. Basically Moses is saying, favor in the eyes means being special in the eyes of God. Favor in the eyes means being special in the eyes of God, and therefore special in the world.

So here is another meaning for favor in the eyes that comes through here, it gets clarified here. Favor means what? Special in the eyes of God. Favor in the eyes of God means special in the eyes of God. You can just write it if you're trying to remember it. Favor in the eyes of God means special in the eyes of God. Moses is special in the eyes of God. Tamil it comes out like that. Viseyshithavargal.That’s how the Bible translates it itself. Moses is special in God's eyes, and even the people are special in God's eyes. They have found favor in God's eyes, and that changes everything for them. God forgives them, they are able to live, experience God's favor in their life. So consider what an important truth this is. If you have favor in God's eyes, God will do anything you want. If you have favor in God's eyes, God will do anything you want. And of course it depends on how much favor you have. It depends of course you qualify that statement. I mean, it has to be according to God's will obviously. Certain basic qualifications apply. If you ask anything according to His will, I’m not talking about, “God, help me to sin. I've got favor in your eyes.” No.

If you've got favor, God will do anything you want provided it is in His will and purpose.  That is the power of this truth, favor in the eyes. If you have it, you have everything. If you don't have it, you have nothing. If you have it, you're special in God's eyes. God looks upon you as a special person with a special kindness and mercy and approval and liking. Very special He looks upon as very special. How does God look upon you? How does God see you? Have you found favor in God's eyes? Have you found favor in God's eyes? That is the important question, my friend. I said all this to bring it to that question. Have you found favor in God's eyes? Do you have favor in God, Moses had favor in God’s eyes. Do you have favor in God’s eyes. I'm not asking do you have favor in your life? That's not the question. I'm not saying are you experiencing a lot of favor in your life right now? No, that is not very important actually. You may be down and out in your life right now. That is not a very important thing. If you have favor in the eyes of God now very easily you can come up. When Joseph was in the pit he didn't have favor in his life operating at that very moment, in a visible manner, visible way but what did he have? He had favor in the eyes of God. Your present circumstance doesn't determine whether you have favor in God's eyes. Your present circumstance is not that important actually. I'm not saying, “How's it going? Are you getting a lot of favor now?” No. I'm saying, Do you have favor in God's eyes? Not in your life.

If you have favor in God's eyes that can change everything about your life. Your situation can easily change. I want to begin to show you that you have found favor in God's eyes. This is what I'm going to try to show you. You have found favor in God, not only Moses, you have found favor in God's eyes. It's not enough to find favor in God's eyes, you got to know about it. Let me say again, not enough to have it, you got to know it. A lot of people have it but they don't know that they have it. It's like having money in the bank but not knowing that you have the money in the bank and living as though you don't have the money. You got to know that you have the money in the bank, you got to know how much money you have in the bank so that you can live accordingly. Favor is like that. You got to know that you have found favor in God's eyes. It's not enough if it's there, you got to know it. Moses knew it. That was what was special about Moses. The people, I don't think they knew they were shivering and shuddering. They were scared, so scared you read the passage you'll see. Moses is very bold. Boldly he’s talking with God. He’s saying, “God in your eyes I'm special. I got favor.” He’s so sure that he has favor in God eyes, he is sure he has a lot of favor also. And he's boldly using that favor.

You see it makes a huge difference when you know you have favor and when you know how much favor you have and your thinking along those lines. Your faith becomes up, your expectation comes up, you're able to... like we spoke about Ruth. You're able to go with a positive attitude, things like that. Everything becomes easier when you know for sure you have favor in God's eyes. And when you know you got a lot of it. That's what I want to try to begin to show you from now. Let's begin. We want to end this, this week. We continue this next week. But it will be beginning now. How can I say you have found favor in God's eyes? I want to give you some proofs. There are plenty of proofs from the Bible. Let me make it simple. How can I say you are special in God's eyes? This truth is basically saying you are special in God's eyes. Everybody say I am special. Doesn't matter if other people don't agree with you. Other people can say you are worthless. What do you mean special? It doesn't matter. What matters is what God thinks about you. What matters is what God thinks about you. And so God thinks you're special. I want to show you that. God sees you as special, but what are the proofs that God sees you as special that you have found favor in God's eyes?

Let me begin at the beginning. That's creation. Creation. Our creation itself shows. Here's the first proof. Our creation itself shows that we have found favor in God's eyes. Let me elaborate. The very fact that God created you shows that you have found favor in His eyes. The very fact that God created you shows you are special to Him. You're sitting here before me or otherwise you're watching online, living, breathing that means you are born into this world. Came in like any other baby. How did you come in? What made you to be born into this world. Your parents’ decision? Was it their say, their power? No, my friend. Your parents can’t be credited with your birth. They don't deserve the credit. God is the one who brought you into this world. God is the one who created you. Who's the Creator, who is the only one who can give life? It is God. God is the author of life and he is the one who created you. He's the one who created you. If you are sitting here that means God brought you into this world. God created you and if He created you, He only did it because He found you special and He wanted to have you. He planned to have you, brought you in. Have you ever thought like that? The very fact you are alive shows you are special to God. The very fact you are alive, hearing my voice shows it.

Sometimes even parents, they talk a little off on this subject. They'll say, for example, for about some children, “That child was by mistake,” that child was by mistake. “We didn't plan that child. We didn't...” I’ll go on saying this and the child will pick up this. Will get into the psyche of the child. The child gets affected by those kind of say... I read a letter recently by a child who was... the parents kept on telling this child, “Oh, you're a mistake.” The child was born at a little old age when the parents had other children and then there was a big gap and then this child was born. So the parents kept trying to justify that, by saying it’s a mistake, mistake, mistake. They told the child this. The siblings started telling the child, “You’re a mistake.” They just made fun of it. The child rights the letter and says, “I'm sick and tired of being called a mistake my whole life.” I want to say to whoever's hearing this, you are not a mistake. You're not here by accident. You are not here by chance. God doesn't make mistakes. Your parents may not have planned you but God planned you. God planned you. He planned to have you. Not only planned, He wanted you. He desired you. He liked you, that's why He made you. He caused you to be born into this world because He wanted you to be born into this... So don't believe all this nonsense about how you are a mistake. No, no, no, no, no, mistake. No mistake.

God wanted you, God planned you. He had you on purpose. He says to Jeremiah, “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.” Who formed Jeremiah? God. Who formed you, who formed me? It was God, my friend. Before I formed you, He says, it was my act. Don't think about the birth of a human being as one of the greatest things. Don't think that as a very human thing, or the parents they got together and had a child. No, no, no something bigger. Before I formed you, I knew you, God said. Before I formed you in your mother's womb I knew you. God knew you before you were formed in your mother's womb. Every single person. I'm talking to every, I’m not just talking to believers here, I'm talking to every single person. This applies to believers and unbelievers to a certain extent. Before I formed you in the womb I knew you. God knew you, God formed you that's why you are born into this world. This itself shows you are special in God's eyes. God is not playing games. He's not just doing things out of plan, out of purpose. If He had you, He wants you, He likes you, you are special my friend.

Some people in some societies they even have what is called unwanted babies. Have you heard that term? Unwanted. They don't want. Even the parents sometimes, in some societies, like for example they don't want the girl child, they don't want the girl child. Because they don't want the girl child they get abortion or they even wait for the child to be born and even after that they have no hesitation to even sometimes kill the child or just leave it somewhere and go. This is happening. This is happening in many places around the world. The parents themselves don't want the child, just think about that. Amazing it is. Amazing in a wrong bad way, that is. In October 2011, there was a name changing ceremony in Mumbai for about 300 people. This was a special name changing ceremony. Almost 300 people, all girls. All girls, from very small girls to about young girls. They all had their name changed in that ceremony. You know what their names were in that, the reason they changed their names is they were given names like Nakusha, Nakushi in Hindi. Nakusha, Nakushi means unwanted. The meaning of itself is… their parents named them what Nakusha, which means unwanted. Every time they call them they're calling them unwanted come here. Unwanted go do this. All the children I think 285 exactly, this came out in news. 285 children, all of them named like this. So this organization got them together and so, “We're going to have a grand name changing ceremony. Everybody dress up.” They had very grand they dressed up like they're going to the wedding or something. They all came together. They changed all their names. Each girl was given a certificate saying,  here’s your new name. You can even go see, Google the pictures. You can see the smiles on the girls’ faces. They're so happy. They are so happy it seems. They said nobody will ever call me unwanted again. Some of them named themselves meaning beautiful, some names meant strong, resilient and all these names they gave for themselves. They even chose some names for themselves. What a powerful event that would have been.

The world calls people unwanted, even parents, it’s unthinkable. But that's what happens out there in the world. But God will never call somebody unwanted. God will never cast away someone is unwanted. He wanted you, that's why He had you born into this world, my friend. The very fact that you're born, sitting there listening to me is proof you’re special in God's eyes. Not only did He create you, He made you like Himself. Here’s another thing to think about. Not only did He make you, He made you like? Like who? You were not born a cat or a mouse. Aren't you glad? You were born a human being made in the image and likeness of God. The crown and glory of God's creation. Only about the human being it is said that we are the image and likeness of God. Only when God was speaking to the human beings He told them, “Subdue and dominate. Subdue and rule and reign.” He gave human beings that special blessing. To all the other animals He only said, “Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth.” But to Adam and Eve, He said, “Subdue and...” That was a special blessing. Why? Why, only into man's nostrils God breathed the breath of life. Read the Genesis story. Genesis 2:7, God didn’t breathe into every animal’s nostrils, that's not what we're told there. Into man's nostrils God breathed the breath of... There's a huge difference between animals and man, my friend. Our thinking ability, speaking ability, our brain power. Our brain is so small, but it's so much more advanced. It's better. It's a huge difference between animals and human beings.

But even in school, even in universities and colleges, the way they will teach is, “Man is just an animal. Man is another animal. He's a little higher animal.” That's how they'll put it, “Just a little bit higher.” I say this because your children are going to school, college, you think they're learning something great there. They're being taught, “You are just an animal.” The extent to which this goes is, in London in 2005, in a London zoo this happened really. This is not a joke. What they did in this London zoo is, they put one exhibit like they put animals in cages, they put some human beings in a confined space. I'm not joking. And yet these human beings were there, the next to them were animal exhibits. The human beings are there eating, waving their hands, just walking about like this. Everybody was stunned, “What are you doing? There’s human beings in the zoo caged up like animals,” and the zoo organizers said, “We want to teach the society here a lesson.” What is the lesson? Man is just an animal. They said, “We don't understand this because we are going about in our cars, sophisticated, sitting and doing something online, the internet and we think we are great, whatever. But when you see human beings along with other animals, you will understand, man is just like a...” Nobody understood that, I think. They all thought it was a... But you read about this, the way they speak, the way the world speaks about this, is this like this is advanced way to think. It's foolish to think that man is higher. It's not intelligent. It's not sophisticated to think that man is a class apart from animals. No, no, no, it is intelligent and sophisticated to think man is just like any other...

This is the extent to which knowledge has been perverted in this world. Just because your child is taught something in a science class doesn't mean it's true. What does Jesus think about the difference between animals and human beings? Go to Matthew chapter 10. Matthew chapter 10 verse 29 to 31. Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? And not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father. He’s saying, even one sparrow is valuable to God. One sparrow also will not fall to the ground without the Father knowing but He continues. Look at that verse 30, But even the hairs of your head are all... He's comparing the two. Watch this, He’s saying, “God knows when one sparrow falls in the ground, for you He knows when one hair from your head falls to the ground.” Next verse, Fear not, therefore, you are of more value than many ... Say this to the science people, the biology class. You are of more value than many...

Next Chapter, Matthew 12 verse 11 and 12, He said to them, which one of you who has a sheep if it falls into a pit on the Sabbath will not take a hold of it and lift it out? These people are complaining that Jesus is healing on the Sabbath day. So Jesus is saying, if you have a sheep, won’t you help it come out of a pit? Of course you would. Then verse 12, He says, Of how much more value is a man than a... Very clear. Jesus is saying something very clear. Man has more value than a sheep. It's as simple as that. Look at Psalm 8. I say this because we are living in this so called sophisticated, modern, scientific world. You got to know this, your children need to know it and you got to be aware of what is being taught. Go take your child's textbook and see, science textbook. Psalm 8. If they keep getting taught that they’re animals, they'll start behaving like... And then we wonder why they’re behaving like animals. Psalm 8 verse 5. It talks about God making man, how He made him. Look at this, verse 5, Yet you have made him a little lower than the heavenly beings or angels and crowned him with glory and honor. What comes out as angels in this verse is actually God, actually the Hebrew original says, you have made him, made man a little lower than God, than God. I don't have time to go into it. That's what it says, a little lower than God. Who is next to God on the chain hierarchy, not even the angel. Actually it is man. Angels are ministering spirits to man. And crowned him with glory and honor. Look at that, crowned him with glory and... Those are words we usually use for God, right? Lord, we give you all the glory, honor and praise. How would you like it if I used those words for a man, that's what the Bible is doing. It’s saying God you crowned man with glory and honor. Verse 6, You have given him dominion over the works of your hands, you have put all things under his feet. All things under whose feet? Man's feet. Goes on and on. And then I want you to see verse 3 and 4.  When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars which you have set in place, what is man that you are mindful of him and the son of man that you care for him? 

David is saying, “God, when I look at the heavens, when I look at the sun, the moon, the stars, the mountains, the valleys, the oceans, the rivers, when I see your creation, I am in awe of it Lord. Here I am with my mouth open wide at your creation, the sun, moon and the stars, but you are mindful of... You are not looking at that, you are actually looking at... You are not thinking about that. I am thinking about that, but you are thinking about me.” And he is saying, “Lord, what is man that you are mindful of him, that you care for him?” He’s saying, “What is so special about me that you are looking at me Lord? I think the sun, moon and the stars are more special. Why are you looking at me? What is so special with...?” David could not even fully understand it. God thinks you are special my friend. The very creation shows it. God made you as a human being. You are a man and woman made in the image and likeness of God. That itself shows you are special to Him. Let me give you another point with creation itself. He made you. He made you like Himself, but also He made you unique. He made you unique, didn’t He? He made you unique. God doesn't have any Xerox machines in heaven. He doesn't believe in Xerox. No Xerox, no copies, only originals. If God releases something, it is only... There is nobody like you on the face of this earth. Think about that. There is nobody, look at your finger. Have you ever looked at your finger? Have you ever been in awe of your finger? Just this part where they take your fingerprint, it's a unique fingerprint. There is no other fingerprint like this on the face of this earth. That's how unique you are. Not just in fingerprint, your background is unique. Your abilities are unique. Your talents are unique. Your personality is unique. Your calling is unique. Your purpose in life is unique. What you can do is unique. God sent you into this world as a unique human being, to do something that no one else can do but you. Do you think of yourself like that? The world is always pulling us to conform to its... It says, “Be like us, be like this, be like them, be like this person, be like that. Just copy this person or do whatever.”

You’re unique. You don't have to try to be like anybody else. You can be yourself. You have a unique gifting and a calling and a talent and an ability, you just have to discover it. Sometimes we don't know it. We just get into the mold, study there engineering do this, this that, that's all. You have a unique gift, a unique talent, a unique ability, you just have to discover it. That's why you need to get close with God. Have good relationship, fellowship with God so that He can show you what it is. But the very fact that you are unique shows you are special in His eyes. That you have found favor in your eyes. So creation shows that you have found favor in God's eyes, but not only creation. Let me say, the plan of redemption also shows that you have found favor in God's eyes. The plan of redemption. Plan of redemption. Have you ever thought about the plan of redemption? God planned to redeem us, maybe He could have made another plan, I don't know. But the plan He made is just amazing. He Himself comes down to earth, He Himself becomes a man, He becomes like one of us. He’s born into this world like any other baby but through a virgin and He grows up and He faces life's challenges. He lives 33 and a half years, then He suffers and dies and gives up His life, sheds His blood, dies, rises again, all this. This is the plan of redemption. That plan itself when you consider it, it shows that you are special in the eyes of God. Yes, my friend.

I'm glad we got a clap for that. Because sometimes we're so used to hearing the plan. Yes, Jesus came, did da, da, da but doesn't awe us. Some people say, “What do you mean? You think you're special and all this talk. Do you know how big the world is? If you know how big the world is, you will never think you're special,” is what they say. This is scientists, astronomers, some of them say it like that. Not all scientists speak like this but some of them do. They say, “Truly if you know how big the world is you will not think of yourself as special.” Do you know how big the world is? What they're saying is true in one way. We are so used to our small buildings, small roads, small cars, small houses, small this, smalls that. Nowadays schools, they don't even have a big compound enough to play there. Everything is small. Sometimes we forget how big the world is. Let me give you a reminder. How big is the world? Well, we are in the earth, right? The earth is in the solar system. That’s why you should have studied some geography or not geography. This is what am I even saying, right? This is not geography. Physics, astronomy. We’re in the earth, the earth is in the solar system, the solar system is in the Milky Way galaxy, correct? The Milky Way galaxy is part of many galaxies in the universe. It's like being in Chennai, in Tamil Nadu, in India in the earth. Four levels. We're on the earth, part of the solar system, part of the Milky Way galaxy, part of the universe, many other galaxies. Four levels.

Now let me give you an idea of how big our galaxy is. The fourth level. To calculate distance in space, kilometers are worthless. It's too much to be talking kilometers. You can talk kilometers when going from your house. When we say, we even have furlong and all this other talk. But those kilometer and miles are meaningless when you come to space and the distances inside the world is so big. The universe is so big you can’t talk kilometers, so they speak light years. Do you know what a lightyear is? Lightyear is if you travel at the speed of light for one year. What is the distance you will cover? Let me go step by step. How fast have you gone, do you go 100 in the highway, in your car? Have you gone 150. In the Autobahn, German highway you can go 250, maybe even. People going 150 in India they just look so proud. You can go 150. How fast does a plane go? Passenger planes usually go around 1000 kilometers an hour. So that's like 10 times what we can go on the road. 1000 kilometers an hour. The fastest military plane can go about 7000 kilometers an hour. Okay, I'm just going to keep going up. The space crafts,  they go about 50,000 kilometers an hour. They can go around the earth in one hour. You can go from here to America in that spacecraft, if that were possible, you can go in like five minutes, maybe. Something about that, I don't know. 20 minutes forgive me if I'm not exact. 50, why I'm saying this is, I'm going somewhere, my friend. The fastest spacecraft that man has ever made and at the fastest speed it has ever gone is about two and a half lakh kilometers an hour. Two and a half lakh kilometers... Can you even think that fast. Two and half lakh kilometers an hour. Somewhere in Jupiter's galaxy it seems that spacecraft went, it's the fastest man made object.

l say all this to simply tell you what is the speed of light. Do you know what speed of light is? Three lakh kilometers, not per hour, per second. Man can never match God, can he? Never, no chance. Man's fastest is two and a half lakhs per kilometer, per hour. Three lakh kilometer per second. That is the speed of light. So, if you go at the speed of light, if you are going three lakh kilometer per second, just imagine you're going at the speed of three lakh kilometer per second. And you keep going for one month, one year, and you keep going two years, 10 years, 20, 50, 100 years. Keep going for 100,000 years. Can you imagine that? You will go from one end of the Milky Way galaxy to the other end, 100,000 years if you go at the speed of light, you will go from one end of the Milky Way galaxy to the other end. The distance is 100,000 light years. Now that's only one galaxy. There's 100 billion galaxies, at least they say in the universe. I don't know if you can even imagine that. For us the elephant seems big. Here it is, Milky Way is so big than 100 billion galaxies. Now let's back up. So to really see... they've not really seen it, they're estimating all this.

To know more about space and universe, they sent out this spacecraft called the Voyager in 1977, the spacecraft was sent out on a one day mission, never to return. Just go as far away from earth as possible. See as much of the universe as possible, take photos, send the photos back to us, so that we can learn about it. So Voyager goes, it's traveling about 45,000 kilometers an hour. 13 years later, after it goes, it has gone so far, 6 billion kilometers at that point, if it crosses that it can no longer take photos of earth. So what they do, the fellows controlling it from here, they send a message 13 years into the journey, they say, “Turn back one last time, take a photo of us.” We want a photo of… a selfie. So the Voyager turns back one last time before going off into deep, further deep into space and takes photos. It takes it like the 60 frames they say, chuck, chuck, chuck, chuck, chuck, just 60 frames, and one of those frames catches us, earth. I want you to see the photo of earth, our selfie. That's the photo. The rays you see are the light from the sun, sun rays. Now, do you see it Earth there? earth is there. It is a photo of earth, my friend. Where is earth, do you see that little dot over there?

One famous writer called it the pale blue dot. This photo became very famous, came out in 1990, the pale blue dot. That's how big the earth is. So this writer, Carl Sagan, he says, “Look at that pale blue dot. That's where you are. That's where your friends are, your family are. That's where everybody you know is. That's where everybody you heard is. That's where your joys and sorrows are. That's where the king is, that's where the beggar is also. That's where the so called superheroes are. They're all right there in that pale blue dot.” He calls it the little mote of dust suspended on a sunbeam. He says, “It’s amazing isn't it? In this little speck people are fighting for, it's already a dot. In that dot they're fighting for a fraction of a dot. Wars are happening but they're shedding blood over it and they're taken great pride, they want this and that all in that dot.” He says, “The earth is a very small stage in a vast Cosmos, vast universe.” He says, “When you look at this dot, you come to the realization you are not important. You are a nobody. You are in the middle of nowhere. That itself is a dot. You cannot find yourself even on the dot. After seeing this, how can you tell me you are...” These guys they say, “When you know how big the world is, you realize how unimportant and insignificant you are. What are you talking about? You're special.  You're special.”

I agree how big the world is? Who made the world? Have you ever thought about why the world is so big? We don't need such a big world to live in. All we need is that dot there. In fact they have not found life in any other place. In the universe. So why such a big world. I believe God made such a big world to show His glory, how big He is. Not really necessary. But He made such a big world to show how big He is. These scientists don't see that sometimes. Carl Sagan, these guys, they don't see that. They fail to see the glory of God. So they failed to see that and then they also come to the conclusion, we are nobodies, we are insignificant. And Carl Sagan he ends it like this. He says, “It's foolishness to think that we're going to get help from anywhere. We're lost in the middle of nowhere.” He says. If you keep looking at that photo, that's the conclusion you'll come to. That's all knowledge you will get. That's why you got to look at the Bible.

When you look at the Bible, when you look at the gospel, when you look at the plan of redemption, what does that say? Yeah, the world is so big. God only made this world so big. The Creator who made it so big, what did He do? He came to that pale blue dot only. Where did the Creator go, my friend? He could have gone anywhere. He made such a big world, vast universe, but He came where? To that pale blue dot. To the people living inside there. For you and for me, He came. He became a man. He was born into this world took on flesh, grew up, faced the kinds of challenges we face. Who did it? God, my friend. The Word was made flesh. The second person of the Trinity, this is Jesus, I’m talking about Jesus. This is the word. This is Jesus. This is the Son of God. Who is He? He's creator. In the beginning was the Word, Word was with God. Word was God. All things were made through Jesus. He came all the way looking for that dot, entered it, lived, suffered, died, shed His blood. Are you saying after all this we are not special in His eyes? We may be small but we are very, very...

The same signs which they use to say we are not special shows all the more how in the world in such a big vast universe such a small dot and God comes seeking for us, seeking and saving us who are lost. Jesus became a man and Jesus is still a man, although with a glorified human body. He's fully God and He’s fully... He’s not shed away His manhood. He has glorified it, transformed it, taken it to another level, my friend, but He's not shed it away. This is how much God has honored the human race and if you are part of the human race, if you are living in this world, if you're alive and breathing, hearing the sound of my voice, I'm saying to you, God thinks you're special that's why He came all the way here to redeem you, to save you, to wash you from your sins. This is not just for believers. This message is not just for believers. I'm speaking to anybody and everybody who's a human being. This is for everybody. You are special in God's eyes. The plan of redemption shows it. Next week, I'm going to show how believers are special in God's eyes. We’ll continue next week. Everybody, let's all stand up.

So as you're going through your problems, you may not have favor working very greatly in your life at this moment, but you've got favor in the eyes of God. Don't doubt that. You've got favor in the eyes of God. And so you pray like Moses. Say, “Lord, I have favor in your eyes. So I know you will deliver me from this. I know you will heal me. I know you'll show me the way. I know you’ll grant me this very difficult thing that the world is not willing to give me. I have favor in your eyes.” You're special in God's eyes. Let's give thanks to God for this glorious truth of this amazing truth.

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